Thursday, February 4, 2016

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My my how the passage of "time" reveals hidden truths about just about everybody... things you maybe never really wanted to know, but now you do, and you feel like you have to make hard decisions about what you're going to do with that information - or do you really have to do anything at all?

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ready For Energy! Giddy Up!

By Ariel DeAngelis
December 29, 2015

Are you ready for a very special energy that we are receiving for the first time ever in this perceived life experience; the One that will make ALL the difference? Yes?

Then “giddy up”! Let’s go! This energy is a very high frequency and guaranteed to make you feel happy positively to the point of giddiness. Like someone’s tickling you on your insides!! In fact, you feel like you want to giggle or laugh. So go ahead, giggle, laugh! Laugh out loud. Let it be contagious, because it is anyway! Most importantly, when you feel this energy, and I know that some of you already do, we’re being invited to stop what we are doing; concentrate on the feeling. Really FEEL it; let yourself be immersed in it. Allow it to permeate your entire being.

We’ve been gifted this special energy as our “leg up” to the “final level”! This is the assistance that we’ve been asking for, and when we really tune into it, it increases exponentially across the globe. No one is left out. So when you feel the urge, let yourself bust out laughing in front of everyone because everyone will be feeling this and everyone will be laughing out loud with you. Let’s all feel and share each other’s Joy!! And when you begin to see everything around you edged in a sort of blue-violet glow, just know that it’s working, and that we ALL have been touched by something very, very special!

Now, go take that ride!! Giddy up!! Let’s go!! 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

NEW POST for September 2015 ~ on "WAKING UP 2015"

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by Ariel DeAngelis

"Have you, like me, been feeling lately like you’re walking through a dream; feeling truly disconnected from your body? Have you felt like you’re in two places at once? Have you had “dreams” while you sleep at night that seem more real to you and which you feel more “at home” in than you do your “waking moments”? Have you, also like me, felt most of your life, practically since the day you were “born” that you don’t belong here, that you are from, and belong, somewhere entirely different than where you currently find yourself?

This is why -

It’s a fact: we’ve been asleep [in stasis] for a long “time”. Some might refer to it as “suspended animation”. And this world which we currently experience, though modeled originally from an actual planet, is only an illusion; a massive collective conscious dream designed and implemented to keep our cognitive synapses healthy and functioning normally until such time as we come out of stasis and resume our lives as they were before we went into stasis..."