Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who DO They Think They’re Kidding? (chem-trails or Big Movie Screen in the Sky?)

Sometimes when I’m not feeling well and I have nothing else planned for a particular day, I like to sleep in until the afternoon… usually around 1 or 2 o’clock. So today, since I wasn’t feeling too well when my alarm went off at 7AM (on account of having picked up a cold virus waiting for a friend to be examined at the ER in our local hospital a couple of days ago), I turned it off and went back to sleep … woke up around 11AM still feeling like a truck had run over me, so I went back to sleep and woke up around 2:15 in the afternoon, at which point I decided to get up, have a cup of coffee and a little “breakfast”. I decided that today, since the sun was shining, I would have my breakfast outside on the back patio.

Not a big deal; until I stepped outside that is.

You see, I’ve noticed that on days when the weather is particularly nice - blue skies, sunshine, moderate temperatures, not much breeze blowing (which admittedly is a little rare around here and usually only happens in the late Spring and Fall - today is October 30th, 2010) - the blues skies part of the scenario doesn’t last very long. Today was no exception…

For a good two or 3 months in the springtime 2010, there was a lot of “chem-trail” spraying … everyday that they could, those planes were up there spraying away… I had recently read some stuff suggesting what it was and with confirmation from other “sensitive contacts” that I have, learned that what they are spraying is a fine aluminum particulate - so fine that it disperses and spreads out very easily in the upper atmosphere, but doesn’t drift too far (unless nudged by a nice strong wind - ehem, wink wink) from itself, and eventually coalesces into a thick layer (due to spraying taking place at several altitudes at once) of highly reflective, yet barely-detectable-by-the-naked-eye sheet perfect for projecting onto like a movie screen that spans the entire sky.

Over the summer months of this year, 2010, I had noticed that spraying had subsided. Not sure of the reasons for that, although I do have my theories, but I’m not going to bring that up here. This fall however, in fact the first time was a couple of days before the Autumnal Equinox… spraying resumed on a massive scale… of course much homage had been paid in the spiritual communities to the incoming influx of energy that would be beaming in from the Universe on and around that date - a perfect time to draw distraction through perpetuation of fear… Then on October 11th, exactly two days before a date projected by former top US Air Force official -

I’d like to pause here and point out that as I’m typing this my husband came in from outside, seconds after I heard military jets fly over it‘s about 3:40 in the afternoon, to confirm that indeed two military jets had just done a low fly by over our house… interesting… We are located within a 50 mile radius of the Washington DC area… something appears to be getting ready to happen…

October 13th was a projected date for “ET disclosure”, and indeed over several major cities worldwide there were “UFO sightings“, however I deemed these to be quite UNremarkable as compared to what I’ve been told that the actual event will be like. Two days before October 13th, on the 11th, the planes were busy up there spraying away with their aluminum particulate “chem-trails”. Of course, being in the know, I knew that could only mean one thing. There had been at least a couple of days in between October 11th and today, October 30th, that spraying was under way in the skies above our heads… other have noted this phenomenon happening over cities all over the world.

It could only mean that the shadow government who has been behind the spraying all along were indeed getting ready to try and pull of a “fake disclosure” via Blue Beam (or at least try to convince those of us who know about it that they are - though I know something that many of the rest of you don‘t - of which I can only hint at in a minute).

So what is this thing called Blue Beam? In case you don‘t know, I’ll tell you about it briefly now. Some people who HAVE heard of it, I know, put it in a category of fantasy/sci-fi made up conspiracy theory stuff that is so far fetched that it shouldn’t be paid any attention to - but I would like to point out to you that THAT is exactly what they want you to think. Who are “THEY” you ask? The global “shadow government” - the huge conglomerate dictatorship that stands behind, and controls all other world governments - sometimes referred to as the New World Order. They control the World Bank, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and just about any other institution that has to do with World Government - they like to think of it as “One World Government”. They really don’t know however (or maybe they do by now, since it should be pretty obvious that the shit is getting ready to hit the fan in a BIG way), that they themselves are being coerced and manipulated, in fact CONTROLLED by yet another faction; malevolent Extraterrestrial/Extra-dimensional beings that they have partnered with in order to gain advanced ET/ED technology in exchange for human genetic test subjects (another subject for another story I’ll share with you sometime).

Let’s concentrate on the human factor here:

What they had decided years ago, because they KNOW that disclosure by individual countries’ governments of the existence of Extraterrestrial and Extra-dimensional beings - on and around planet Earth in particular - is imminent; enough people would eventually come into this information that ETs/EDs really do exist - and that there are predominantly good ones, and well as bad ones (the “bad” ones being the ones that the NWO has opted to “work with”/be controlled by) that they would try to supersede that disclosure by creating a disclosure of their own. After all, the worst thing possible for the general population of the Earth to know is that there are two sides to this story - as there are to ANY story - and that in fact there is a group of friendly ETs/EDs out there who actually want the best for the people of Earth; they WANT to see us excel toward a future filled with prosperity for all and Unconditional Love expressed as an everyday attribute toward all of Earth Humankind. The NWO doesn’t ever want you to know about these kind benevolent ETs and EDs so they set about finding ways to cover it up - to keep you, the average citizen, from knowing the truth, so that when the time came, they could just “pull the wool over your eyes” and feed you lies that the ETs that THEY were working with, were the only ones that there are… Enter the Blue Beam Project.

And what is the purpose of this Blue Beam Project and how does it work?

Well it’s an idea that was incepted which, by utilizing advanced ET technology incorporating holographic projection, sound and mind control devices (which it has been determined is one of the true purposes of HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), would instill panic in the general global population (by simulating a hostile “alien” invasion - or for some of a more religious persuasion, the Rapture as predicted in the book of revelation in the bible) so that worldwide martial law could be declared, and thus the projected NWO take-over of the governments of the world could be completed, with the world population under control and the watchful eye of the World Armed Militia (- yes, militia because the World Government intends to hire its soldiers from the private sector, thus bypassing individual governments criteria for raising a call to arms).

There has also been a theory the “fake disclosure” would cast (the malevolent) ETs in a friendly light (which the ACTUAL disclosure which is coming up in the not too distant future will be made by benevolent ET/ED beings, so don’t get them confused - I’ll talk about this more in a bit), so as to fool the general population into believing that they can be trusted, and at some point down the road load unsuspecting citizens into the malevolent ET craft, under the guise of wanting to protect them from Earth events and natural disasters leading up to December 21st, 2012, and cart them off to their deaths like leading sheep to slaughter… yet another possible plan that the NWO has up their collective sleeve to “thin the herd” as it were in preparation for the “end of the Mayan calendar”. I think that the former idea is probably closer to the truth for what they would like everyone to “think” that they have planned - much easier to convince people to file into (concentration) camps under the guise that they will be protected from the enemy by government military forces. However there are members of a group that is administered by minions of the NWO who actually believe that the latter will take place… though it’s important for you and everyone else to know that both of these scenarios are no longer viable.

Originally the Blue Beam Project was going to utilize the Sodium Layer in the upper atmosphere to project the holograms onto, but I think they figured out that they couldn’t get a good enough 3D effect from just a single thin layer so high up in the atmosphere. That was when they decided to utilized existing technology that they have been using for years to spray disease organisms and toxins into our air to rain down on top of us and make us sick, and modify it to spray the fine aluminum particulate, which isn’t that different than the aluminum particulate that is used to coat actual movie screens with… hmmmm. Works really well to project light media onto. And anyone who has ever been to a laser light show knows how well it works to get maximum impact when the room is filled with smoke - this is the same idea, only on a much grander scale.

I think that just about anyone reading this, whether they believe in conspiracy theories or not, can attest to the fact that on more occasions than we can count, the skies have been cluttered up with these white lines of jet “exhaust” crisscrossing the sky like a tic-tac-toe board in some cases, that slowly come together in one big white-blue mass, in some cases so completely blocking out the natural blue of the sky that a “cloudless” sky looks almost white instead of blue. This is happening all over the world, ESPECIALLY in highly populated, large metropolitan areas.

So now you know the truth about why these types of chem-trails initially came about.

There is information available however (if you know who to talk to) which suggests that it’s all a ruse, an attempt by TPTB (the Powers That Be - aka NWO) to instill fear in those of us who have had an idea of what exactly it’s all about, because what most of you DON’T know is that the NWO’s capacity to pull off such a display has been severely crippled and possibly totally incapacitated. Hence the absolutely pathetic display that occurred on October 13th, 2010.

I have to ask: Who DO they really think they’re kidding???? I mean really, come on… and you KNOW that I’m not the only one who knows this by now, that the Benevolent Extraterrestrial/Extra-dimensional forces out there - known to many out there as [the REAL] Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command - and have preempted the NWO from doing this … there’s really nothing the NWO can do now other than keep up the false flags and fear mongering…

Give it up NWO. It’s finished. You know that you’re done for and yet you are so deeply steeped in your own lies that you cannot admit to yourselves that you’ve LOST!! The war is over and you’ve LOST!! Love and Light DO prevail and will from this point forward.

Actual disclosure is just a breath away. We all know that. Every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth has the right to know the TRUTH about what has been going on on Planet Earth for the last 70 or so years and that the existence of our Benevolent Galactic Brethren has been kept from us by the NWO and their allies in hopes of carrying out a despicable plan that has been in the works for millennia.

And why would they want us to perish you might ask yourself? Better that, and be able to feed off of whatever fear they can fill us with up to the very last minute, than to allow us the opportunity of a lifetime which via the way of the Universe and Divine Mechanics, Earth Humanity as a whole is being offered a chance to step up in dimensional vibration, not once, but twice, to a 5th dimensional existence. It is greatly desired by certain dark entities (those aforementioned in this article) that Earth Humanity as a whole stay in 3D existence living in fear and negativity so that they can utilize us to “feed off of“ being that they are unable to tap into the latent energies of Source (i.e. Love) in order to survive and prosper the way that benevolent entities do. Since it would be preferable in any case NOT to allow those Humans who would choose to do so, to “Ascend” to the 5th dimension, where because of the high vibration and lower density things like fear and negativity CANNOT exist (and neither can the dark entities who would like to promote them) they would rather see us all dead than ascended. Hmmmm…. seems a little counterintuitive if you ask me, but not the first time that someone has cited that “If I can’t have it then no one can” and commencing to destroy whatever it was that was what they desired…

All this said, what has and continues to stand in their way, and now has completely subverted any hope that their plans could EVER succeed, is the Immense and Undeniably Massive Spiritual Awakening that has been taking place over the last several months - which in just the last few weeks (and I know I’m not the only one who is aware of this as I’ve heard MANY people who I don’t even know exclaim this fact) has skyrocketed in an almost exponential manner. YES a Global awareness of the profundity and Eternally gratifying nature of Unconditional Love is spreading like wildfire all over the world!! AND it FEELS GOOD!!! So GOOD in fact that we are all understand what we have to look forward to in a 5D existence, and we now know that there really ISN’T anything better!!

I would like to point out that we need to be aware of what is going on in our world, and we should take heed of the opportunities that await us. Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters await our impending Awakening with excited anticipation for it will mean a long awaited spiritual awareness of the majority of Earth citizens will have been reached, and an opportunity for them to step in and aid us in our Ascension will undoubtedly be granted. Until such a thing takes place, their hands are essentially tied because of what we might refer to as a “Prime Directive” which is like a “non-interference” clause in a contract. The sooner we as a species reach spiritual awareness of the fact that Unconditional Love IS the Galactic Way, which again I point out is VERY rapidly approaching, the sooner we will be able to count on “help from above” however you choose to define that phrase.

The last couple of channelings I’ve done (which you can view at Feel The Love and Listen With Your Hearts ) pertain very strongly to what I’ve discussed above. I trust these two entities (Archangel Michael and Ashtar Sheran) implicitly - with my life if necessary - and I hope that you will duly note what they have had to say, and also what I have had to say. We do need to be aware and vigilant in the days to come. Watch the skies, for something wondrous IS about to happen. You will KNOW it when you see it if you know that feeling of Love inside your heart, and that will signal to you that what you are seeing IS in fact the REAL THING, and as Ashtar Sheran cautions us to listen with our hearts “If it doesn’t ring true deep within you then it probably isn’t”!

And as I sat there in my back yard this afternoon, I chanced to imagine myself high above my neighborhood, up at the level of those snowy-white trails in the sky. I inhaled a nice big breath, formed my lips in the shape of and “O” and blew out gently for as long as the breath would last, then back in my body sitting on the patio, watched as the winds in the upper atmosphere picked up and blew the trails off across the sky. It’s amazing how fast those winds can get up there! LOL Say no more…

May the Wisdom of your Soul/Higher Self connect with your heart and instill in you the All-knowing of Unconditional Love that is Source/All That Is, which is available to All, if we’ll just remember how to access it. May Eternal Love and Light be with All of you.

In Love and Light, Ariel DeAngelis

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