Friday, November 26, 2010


The pure white feathers of their wings reminded him of hers; slender graceful things sent from Heaven.

In the blue shade of the trees he waited by the dove cages… hoping. She had always told him in musical tones that only she could master “Doves and all things with wings were meant to fly free … Why do you keep them caged?”. Then she would take off as if to give him an example of why winged creatures should be let to fly free. She was beautiful. Sun glinting of the pure white of her own feathered wings was sheer elegance in motion as she glided to land beside him… like the doves she always flew back to him… she always came back…

He looked at the row of cages set into the hillside, wisteria-like blooms hanging all around, also blue in the shade of the trees - they were her favorite and their heady fragrance again reminded him of her. His own pure white wings rustled gently at the thought of her. He closed his eyes.

“Dove…” the term of endearment suddenly formed on his lips… and instinctively he listened for the expected reply “Yes My Love…”, but even after several moments no reply was to be heard. He opened his eyes, knowing he would not see her standing there; she had gone off to experience the New World. How irresistible she’d found it when heard mention of it and all that it promised to offer. Everything of this world and more!

“You see”, he thought aloud “I do know how to set the winged creatures free”.

And with that he reached out and pulled the bolt to release all the cage doors at once, and upon hearing the beckon of freedom the doves all at the same time took off into the sky circling together en masse as he’d often watched them do when released at many a celebration in their community. He wondered what they were celebrating this time…

Then he turned his attention toward the next item on the agenda; bringing the fleet together to go look for her, and upon finding her, then never letting her out of his sight again, even if it meant going with her next time…

“Dove…” he said aloud this time, feeling the word inside his mouth, that he never forget how to say it, preparing for the day she would hear him call her by it again… “Dove…”

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