Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dreaming Again...

November 6, 2010 11:49PM EDT

… and as is so common the ambience of the dream was serene… a calm sense of assurance permeated everything, and that little tickle of something wonderful to come flapped at the back of my mind… infusing itself into my heart.

She stood there before me with tears in her eyes, unable to speak… the last rays of the evening sun glinting off her pure white gown, and the soft gold of her hair. A glint sparkled like a tiny new star forming as one single droplet fell to the marble tile on which she stood, her eyes cast downward. I rushed to her as any mother would and implored her “Oh My Dear Child whatever is wrong?!”

No words would form on her quivering lips, but the look in her eyes told me all I needed to know…

… she had found him dreaming again.

Blithely sleeping amidst the reality of his life; gone away to some realm she could not reach nor even fathom. This was his way, and though she had long ago come to accept it, this time was so different, so important… yes whole worlds were being formed on this moment… and there he was creating his own - without her - again.

I embraced her tenderly and then with one arm still around her, gently coaxed her to where she could sit and take some of the weight of the world off her shoulders. In that moment a torrent opened up, and when it was over, I looked deep into her eyes and said all she needed to know without uttering a word,

“My Dearheart, let him sleep. He’ll awaken again as he always does, but this time there will be no more dozing off again, and you’ll have him to yourself and you’ll forever dream together such wonderful creations as the Universe has not yet known”.

And with that she returned my embrace, got up and walked slowly toward the door. She chanced to cast a furtive smile back at me as she went, as if to say, “You always know just what to say… I know it will be alright Mother. I know it will be alright”.

Bright orange glow lit the room briefly; the trailing edge of her gown had caught the sunset on the floor as it whipped around the doorframe and she was gone… off to watch him dreaming again…

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