Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Knee

You appeared to me and said, “Come with me!”

So I took your hand and off we shot across the sky like two stars falling up.  Up, up and over in a Grand Arc northward we flew, coming to rest in the sky, over the top of a glorious, deep blue lake. 





High Granite cliffs as a backdrop and the sun setting in the sky, glowing through the clouds casting delicate shades of peach and pink across them.

I felt so peaceful there with you; the soft breeze that should have froze us where we stood, blowing gently through your hair, making wisps of the soft golden waves, and the folds of your ivory poet’s shirt ruffled and played against your bare skin.  The thin gold circlet at your brow glinted in the fading rays.

You paused a moment then reached up and plucked the Evenstar from the sky and fashioning a dainty crown out of it, placed it on my head and said “I want you to be my Queen”.

I nodded graciously, not knowing what to say, except “I will be your Queen”.

Then you genuflected, and holding my right hand in both of yours, so soft and warm, you said “I want you to marry me”.

And I answered, “But My Love, we are already married,” and you said “I know, I still want you to marry me”.  To which I replied “Alright, I’ll marry you.  I would love to marry you”.

Strong arms and Angel wings enfolded me and time stood still in our embrace.  A moment forever, an everlasting instant, etched forevermore into my memory. 

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