Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tears of Joy

November 7, 2010 7:01PM EST
Tears of Joy

Sometimes I wonder if these tears I cry are tears of Joy…. or are they sadness which I am unable to feel for the Love inside my Heart?

I have said that Love transmutes all negative emotions - so why is it then that I still cry over you?? Could I conclude that perhaps not all sadness or pining is negative, that perhaps in sadness for missing you I am reminded of you and that is always such a sweet, sweet thing? Should I then, try to avoid these tears which so readily fill my eyes and slide down my cheeks to meet their end on the fabric of my shirt, in the fabric of time?

Lots of questions I know My Love, but valid still, nevertheless. And would that I had no questions left for you it would mean one of two things; either I had fallen back asleep, or I am with you, where you are. Since, in perception anyway, I am neither of those things then it is questions that I must ask, to learn, and learn again of the finer points that will bring me nearer to you.

So I will cry. There is no doubt left that these are tears of Joy, no matter how you look at them. And I will rest assured in the knowledge that you would approve no matter what they were, you Love me that much, and I know... And once again you will know, my tears of joy on your shoulder…

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  1. How very beautiful my Angel Sister. Thank you for sharing your Heart with us. Much Love from your Angel Sister.


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