Monday, November 22, 2010

We Know Who They Really Are

November 8, 2010 9:18PM EST

(Disclaimer: in the interest of waylaying fears and preventing phone calls from frantic friends wondering why I didn't tell them I'd been abducted, the following story is a recounting of a dream I had, or was it?... I find it hard to tell the difference sometimes these days... LOL)

Driving North on the beltway, inner loop, I looked up and spied the marquee of a familiar retail store, marking the progress of our journey.  Just a few minute separated us from here and our destination.  It was just past dusk; a remnant of blue-gray light hung in the air and the clouds that dotted the sky were like small cotton balls that had been soaked in watered down blue ink.  

The marquee whipped on past as I drove on, my passengers were quiet.  The traffic started to slow and as I looked up at the space that had previously been occupied by the marquee I noticed some sort of movement in a tiny portion of the sky there; as if a fluorescent light were beginning to flicker on.  And then there it was, just as if it had always been there. 

A beautiful ship, seeming to be made entirely of and powered by light. 

One of my passengers exclaimed “Oh Look!!  A space ship!!”

And then as the traffic slowed to a near stop and I and my passengers were looking up through the moon roof, which the cover had been quickly slid open to reveal the sky, another, then another, then another, blinked into view.  And I replied to the passenger,

“Yeah, it looks like a squadron…”

Traffic was at as dead standstill now, and I know that everyone on that highway was looking up, wondering “what in the world?!”  Well, no, not “in the world”, actually quite out of it…

The next morning arrived - and I don’t know how we got from the highway to home or how we got through a whole night without any of us noticing that it was suddenly daylight and there we were having our morning coffee as if nothing had happened – there was a knock at the front door.

I opened it and standing there neatly dressed in their expensive and official looking black suit coats, were about a half dozen “gentlemen” presenting credentials and holding notepads and devices for recording conversations.

“We know what you saw last night,” said the one who seemed to be in charge; a black man of average height, average build and average age.  His stern expression spoke volumes about his demeanor.  I looked back into the house at my companions and we all looked at each other… we knew what we’d seen too…

“Oh yes,” I answered, “Yes, the “aliens” I was slightly amused, until I heard a familiar voice inside my head tell me “You shouldn’t refer to us as “aliens” you know…”  Oh yes, quite right.  “Yes we saw the Extraterrestrials…the ships”

“You know we’re going to have to ask you some questions,” the man in charge said as if he knew something that we didn’t. He looked briefly down at his notepad and then back up at me with a bit irreverence in his eyes.

The gentlemen were still standing on the steps to the front porch… I hadn’t invited them in.  And the one who seemed to be in charge stood two  steps below me; we were at eye level with each other.  I leaned forward toward him as far as I could without quite touching my nose to his, stared him squarely in the eye… the fine array of too evenly spaced freckles on his face and a strange smell like burnt plastacine modeling clay that emanated from him told me everything I needed to know about his – about all of their - true nature.  And with the delight of a child who has finally been given permission to divulge a cherished and long held secret I said with a smile on my face and a giggle, in soft caricature of a voice,

“We know who they really are…”

Then I stood back and watched for the expected reaction.  He glanced quickly at those who accompanied him, like someone who’d been caught in a lie.  The down-turned corners of his mouth betrayed the strong emotion he was feeling at the obvious delight I took in my defiance.  And I just stood there smiling, and waiting for them to get on with it, knowing there was nothing they could do but turn around and walk away…

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