Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(following is an account of a recurring dream that I began having in my early 20’s ~ the dream had several different presentations and always ended the same - with me waking up LOL - but was always about the same subject; Disclosure)

It was early evening time, in the mid part of summer as the sky was clear and the temperature was still comfortable for shirt sleeves even though the sun was quickly making its exit behind the western horizon. The trees were clothed in their typically robust coverings of foliage. I stood with my father and three older brothers in the driveway of the house I had grown up in. We had all gathered for some reason ~ Mom was curiously absent; I think she’d already left us for the other side.

We stood there talking casually amongst ourselves. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other as the conversation centered around things which I found less than interesting. The stars were beginning to peek
through the ever darkening blue fabric of the sky.

Just then four aircraft, which silhouetted against the sky looked like conventional fighter jets, flew over at breakneck speed, heading East to West, firing some sort of “laser pulse” weapon on an unseen enemy.
Well, that was something you don’t see every day! One of my brothers - the oldest who had been in the military - made an exclamation, wondering what on Earth was going on, and spewed some kind of rhetoric about national security. All I could do was stand and stare. And then a small group of quite different craft followed up close behind as if in pursuit of the jets.

These craft weren’t much bigger than the jets, appearing as illuminated discs glowing pastel shades of orange, blue and pink. Well now, THAT was REALLY something you don’t see every day!! My oldest brother ceased his rhetoric and we all stood quite speechless as the jets, one by one each winked out as if someone had flipped off a light switch. Poof, poof, poof, poof! Gone! Just like that!

And then the real show began.

From the West, sauntering across the sky like big lazy balloons came the rest of the fleet.


Thousands of them by the look of it; in every size shape and color you could imagine. Some were illuminated like the little ones we’d seen just a few moments before and some were clearly of more conventional construct, still others were a curious hybrid, but all were clearly not of Earth. As the armada proceeded a few more military jets tried to intervene but were merely herded out of the way and disappeared as the first four had - into thin air.

Gradually the sky was filled to all four corners with ships of every shape, size and color, and as they processed they began to slow down until they all gently came to a stop and just hung there in the sky, completely silent, and completely motionless except for the occasional wink of lights on the underside of some of them.

We all stood there looking up with our mouths gaping open, unable to say a word.

But there was one word that I was thinking,


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  1. YEAH!!! FINALLY!!! Yeeeeehaw. I can see this as vividly as though I had been present. Perhaps I was? LOL


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