Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heaven Is Singing Tonight - A Message From Archangel Ariel

(author's note: please feel free to share this message far and wide, all I ask is that you be sure to keep all original content and credits intact. Thank!)
Heaven Is Singing Tonight - A Message From Archangel Ariel

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis Dec. 21, 2010)


Heaven is singing tonight. The stars are shining brightly as the moon falls into shadow and all around are affected by the subtle pull of Love. It pulls you in and won’t let go. It shows you how good you’ve always been meant to feel. Love casts away all fears in the face of adversity and embraces All That Is in arms of warm acceptance.

The Future is here. Your new lives are at hand. Reach out your hand and accept the precious gift that you have been given. It is there for all so that Beauty, Peace and Joy will become your way of life. And Love, that luscious thing that you all crave will be something you will no longer feel the need to search for as it will be easily found right inside your own heart; so plentiful that you will quite have all that you think you can take, and then realize that there is plenty more to spread around. There is plenty of Love to give to everyone you encounter. No more will you live your lives requisitioning material things to try and fill the space which you had always believed was left by the one thing you thought you didn’t have; Love. No longer will you search endlessly, not even knowing what you are searching for. The Secret is up. The Cat is out. And the real secret is that there has never been a secret, only a lie. A lie that told you that you were never whole. A lie that told you that you were less than worthless. A lie which suggested that the only way to salvation was through suffering.

The truth is that you have always been a priceless jewel in the crown of All That Is. You have always been Love begotten of Love, and that Love which you are made of, which resides within your very heart is the Love which ties you directly to your Source, directly to All That Is. You are a part of everything that ever was, IS and ever will BE. How could you not be such a precious thing in all of our eyes?

Oh my Beloveds, My Beautiful Ones, come back to Love! Come back to the Love which is in your hearts and souls; that of which you are made! Your long slumber is over. The nightmare is done with. It’s time to awaken and start living your dreams; no longer dreaming your lives. Reach out as you never have before and bestow your Love on those near you. With just a look, or a whisper, or a gentle touch you can profoundly change a life that might not have mattered to you before, but just as you are, is a rare and precious thing. Make a difference that becomes contagious and show everyone just how easy it is to do something that you were made to do; Love.

And in the morning, when the sun rises on a new day, you will walk out into the Light and know that YOU helped to Make It possible. What a wondrous gift!! What wondrous Love!!

I AM Archangel Ariel, sending you such Beautiful and Profoundly Glowing Rays of Love Light to fill your Hearts and Souls!

(author's note: please feel free to share this message far and wide.  All I ask is that you be sure to keep all content and credits intact.  Thanks!)

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  1. Aaaah, sweet, sweet Truths, my Beloved Angel Sister. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, and thank you for the beautiful, beautiful, Loving tender wording. So obviously inspired!!!


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