Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Lesson

(This story is dedicated to my Beloved Teachers, Michael and Sananda)

The Teacher found his student frolicking in a sunlit meadow.

She laughed sweetly as she danced among the butterflies and wildflowers. The lengths of her pale pink gown and her slightly darker pink mantle trailed behind her as she skipped lightly along a path that had been cleared through the tall foliage.

The Teacher called out to her from some distance away, and then in an instant stood next to her and holding out his hand said, “Take my hand and come with me”.

The student looked at him quizzically. She’d heard these words from her Beloved recently, who also had a lesson to teach her. “Alright” she said “where are we going?’

“You’ll see…” once again came the now familiar answer. Did they all use that as a blanket answer every time a question was asked about the future, whether near or far, she wondered?

She took his hand and they walked through the meadow toward the mountains in the distance. She blinked once and they were already there, climbing the path that would lead them to the top.

Up and up and up they climbed, through the familiar forest, into the timberline and continuing on up past the snow level, all the way to the top of one of the highest peaks where they stopped. The Teacher stood still and looked across to the next peak and the sun glinting off the pristine snow cap, as he waited for his student to look around and get her bearings.

She stood next to her Teacher feeling good and quite privileged that HE had been the one who chose to teach her the lesson today, for although she was totally in Love with and was learning to completely trust her Beloved, her Beloved was almost always the one to deliver the lesson, and it felt good to have things mixed up a little. Besides she thought, being that often she was a difficult student, perhaps her Beloved deserved a break…

With her hand still in the Teacher’s hand she looked out across the valley, following her Teacher’s gaze, “Oh, it’s so Beautiful!” she exclaimed.

“Yes it is,” he replied. “You should try looking down, it’s quite a view from up here”.

And so she did. But much to her surprise, she realized, as she shrieked in terror and clamored to get a hold of her Teacher with both arms clutching frantically at him and his robes, they were both standing in mid air, with nothing but a few wispy clouds between them and the valley floor thousands of feet below.

“What are you doing?!” she managed to gasp with as much demand in her voice as she could muster through her utter panic. “You KNOW I’m afraid of high places!“ She felt her hands slipping and feared she might fall to her doom.

“No… you’re not afraid of high places” the Teacher stated calmly, “you’re only afraid of falling”.

As she continued struggling to hold onto the Teacher he said to her, “You’re not going to fall… you see me standing here with nothing but air under me don’t you?”

“Yes, but you’re YOU!” she virtually shouted at him, and she could hear his familiar words ringing in her head These things that I do, you can do … and greater! But THIS?! THIS was optimistic at best!!!

By this time she had allowed herself to slip far enough that now she was hanging onto his knees, her arms wrapped around them in a death grip, and her own feet dangling out into space. The Teacher slowly shook his head and then reached down and grabbed her by both shoulders, pulling her back up until she was at eye level with him. He looked her in the eyes and said, “You can do it too, you’ll see, and if you start to fall, I’ll catch you, just like I’ve done many times before…”.

She looked back at him and queried in a confused tone, “You have?”, and as she looked into his golden eyes they sparkled the answer back to her “Yes”. Then holding onto her left hand he turned her so that they were standing side by side again. Though she wanted to trust him her instincts still had her grappling for him with her right hand too, but he gently pushed it away and made her let go. She refused to move from his side however. Then he said to her, “Take your right foot there and step away from me a bit… put it out and see if you don’t feel something “solid” to stand on…”.

And so, wanting to prove that she trusted him (or at least wanting to make it look as if she did), she stretched out her right leg a bit, her pink gown and mantle whipped wildly in the wind around her calf and ankle as she felt for a solid spot with her foot. And sure enough, just as if someone had erected an invisible platform right there in mid air, she detected a smooth, solid, and amazingly steady area which she could place her foot on and bear weight. Okay, one down, one to go. She could still feel nothing under her left foot, but hanging onto the Teacher’s hand with a grip that was now starting to hurt, she inched her left foot away from his side and onto the “invisible platform” which her right foot now occupied. The wind had really picked up and her gown and mantle now trailed out behind her like a flag on a flagpole, her long golden hair looking like streamers, and yet she felt strangely calm, even with the wind whistling around her.

The Teacher smiled looking very pleased with his student, and she smiled back at him with her eyebrows raised, nodding and thinking to herself “Yay! I did it!!”

Then he said to her, “Now, take ten steps forward and turn around and come back”.

She looked at him like he’d surely lost his mind, but she knew she didn’t dare argue with him, and besides, look at what she had already accomplished. So, she let go of his hand, and just stood there a moment, almost losing her nerve. Then she put out first her right foot in front of her, and slowly putting weight on it, took a step, and then the same with her left foot, and again and again until at last she had taken ten steps out away from her Beloved Teacher and the safety of his arms. Then quickly she turned around and flew back to him, no stepping… she was starting to feel that somehow this was all too good to be true, but still felt some sense of accomplishment for having taken the steps. She flew back to him so fast that she ran right into him, but he embraced her anyway for the good job she’d done.

Then he turned her around facing away from him again and said, “Okay, now take ten steps out and then turn around and face me, and then count to 30 and then come back”.

He was pushing it, she knew, but again she didn’t dare argue with him, and so she took ten steps out, even though she was feeling quite shaky at the prospect of having to stand there for 30 seconds in mid air, until she could come back to his safety.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten… turn. Alright she’d made it! She was facing him. And then she started to count,

“One, two, three… AAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” her voice trailed off as she began to fall. The Teacher made a grab for her but it was too late, as she fell back into her body in the safety of her bed.

She could almost feel the impact as she opened her eyes and realized what had happened. Oh, she felt ashamed as she lay there in the dark, all safe and sound underneath her blankets. And then the familiar sound of her Teacher’s voice inside her head,

“Why do you doubt?”

Miserable, she replied “Because I’ve never experienced anything in this lifetime that could convince me that…”

“It’s real???”, he finished her statement for her.

“Well, yes, actually…”, she continued

“It wasn’t REAL?!! Just like your last lesson which your Beloved taught you wasn‘t REAL?!!”, he continued on in angry, incredulous tones making her feel really silly. She instinctively backed away from his angry voice and he went on, “You allowed him to lead you down a dark and foreboding hole, which after jumping into, to your delight came to a soft landing in a valley of Joyful Souls where you then both turned into giant butterflies and then fluttered back up into the forest canopy??? And it wasn’t real! Of course it was real!!! But you wouldn’t believe it! In fact I recall when he asked you why you don’t trust him now like you did then, you told him something like I know why I wasn’t afraid to jump ~ it’s because it was there and not here… I wasn’t in my body and so I knew that I couldn’t be hurt; nothing bad would happen, that’s because it wasn’t real!!! The only reason it didn’t seem real to you is because you weren’t perceiving it with your five senses which you have become so well conditioned to believe are the only thing that can tell you whether or not something is REAL!!!”
She could almost feel his hot breath as the angry words flew out of his mouth. The worst part of it all, she hated to admit but she had to, was that he was right. Just as her Beloved always was, her Teacher was also always right.

Just then her labored coughs from the cold she’d been fighting rang out into the dark room, and her Teacher suddenly realized that perhaps he’d been a bit hard on her in her weakened state. His demeanor softened a bit. She instinctively knew that she had just as much “power” in end of her own little finger as he had in the end of his, but she had no idea how to access it, and had actually always been afraid to try. She thought casually to herself that she wished she could use some of that restrained “power” to cure this nagging cough and cold.

“Perhaps we could try something different”, the Teacher said in a gentler tone, “You have in the past tried and failed, I know, to effect a cure on your ailing body. Will you try again if I help you to bring Spirit into you sufficiently to bring about the desired effect on that cold of yours? And perhaps we can address some of your other physical issues while we’re at it?”

She agreed, and so he had her lie flat on the bed with her arms and legs straight to effect a better flow of Energy, and much like her Beloved had taught her, instructed her to begin drawing Spirit into her body. She could feel that Lovely sensation as it traveled up from her feet and into and throughout her entire Being; pure Source Love Energy coursing through her. It grew and grew until, feeling as though she was nearly bursting at the seams, it was magnified to many times what she had ever felt it before. That familiar Ecstasy she had first experienced when she had reconnected with her Beloved was now streaming into her at an incredible rate. The Teacher then directed her to allow the flow of Energy to permeate all the areas of her body that needed healing with the intent of bringing about a complete cure. Her entire body began to pulsate with subtle vibrations and as she stared up at the ceiling, even though the room was completely dark, the air was scintillating with glittering light in every bright Techni-color of the rainbow… and then bright white Light began to fill her Being and she could detect the bright glow and subtle flashes of it all around the edges of her field of vision, inside her eyes.

Slowly, little by little, starting first with her congested lungs she could feel the discomfort melting away and the urge to cough ceased. Then moving to other parts of her body, she could feel years of aches and pains being soothed and tissues regenerating and going back to a state they hadn’t been in since she was a teenager. And then going back even further, to when she was eight, and then five, and then four years old; the last time she could remember feeling really good and totally well ~ normal.

She lay there a moment luxuriating in the feeling of well-being, and then she thanked her Teacher for helping her to heal her body.

He looked at her for a moment, as if he knew something she did not.

“You’re welcome”, he said, “but you should be thanking yourself, not me. You did it all on your own…” She thought about that for a minute and realized that he was right, he had only talked her through it, and she had done the rest…. Or had she? Was this real, or had she just imagined it all?

She felt like she wanted to roll over and go to sleep, it being late night by this time, but realized that she needed to use the lavatory and complete a few other routine things before she turned in. So, feeling like a million bucks, she sat up, swung her feet over the edge of the bed, and stood up.

It was after a few steps that she realized, all the aches in her joints had returned, along with all her other discomforts AND the nearly overwhelming urge to cough up half a lung.

Curses!! She cursed as she went in to use the lavatory, and all the while she was in there, and on the way out. As she made her way in toward the kitchen to take care of the rest of her bedtime routine, her mind was screaming “Lies! Lies! All Lies!! You lied to me!! None of this is real!!! You‘re all figments of my imagination!!!” even though she knew it was real, and so were they. She wanted to cry big, hot, angry tears because she felt she’d been hoodwinked, snookered into performing a “trick” for his amusement, for THEIR amusement (she now lumped her Beloved in with the gang of false prophets she now viewed them as), but she couldn’t. She knew her pride wouldn’t let him see her that way.

He waited ever patiently for her to return to the Sanctuary of her bedroom. As she crawled back into bed and pulled the covers up over her he asked her,

“Why are you so angry?”

“Because it didn’t work!!!” she yelled back at him.

“Are you so sure it didn’t work?” he asked her.

“Look at me!! My body is just as achy and sick and decrepit as it was before!! No cure was effected! I just imagined the whole thing!!”. She coughed hard as if to emphasize her point.

“But up on the mountain… I know that you lost your nerve, you began to doubt and fell as a result… but before that, you did so well when you walked out from me ten paces and then turned around and came back… in mid air I might add”, he said nodding at her.

“But that’s because THAT was SPIRIT! THIS” she referred to her body, “is physical!!!”

“THAT!! That WAS Spirit!!” the volume and pitch of his voice was significantly raised and she could tell that he was getting angry again. “THIS!! THIS HERE!!” he gestured wildly, referring to her body as well “THIS is Spirit ALSO!! And so is THIS!!”. He slapped his palms on the bed on either side of her as hard as he could, “THIS is Spirit too!!”. He hit the bed again as if to emphasize HIS point. He waved his arms in the air.
“Everything aROUND you is Spirit!! EVERYthing is Spirit!!” his voice was very loud and his gestures animated.

“But I’m not you… I could never do all those things that you’ve done…”. She could see that he was very angry.

“My Dear,” he said sternly, “The only difference between you and me, and the reason I could do all those things, is that I have Faith!! I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can!!! You can too, but you don’t have Faith! You don’t trust me and you most certainly don’t trust yourself!!” His words bit into the air like fingernails on a chalkboard. She cringed. He was in her face now and although she didn’t like that one bit, she couldn’t escape him because he was also in her head.

“You still doubt!! And as long as you doubt you will NEVER be able to manifest!!”

“But it didn’t work…” she whimpered at him.

“I ask you again, are you so sure it didn’t work?! Did you give it enough time to see if it worked? Or did you expect instant results?”

“But you always got instant results”

“I did, but did I doubt?”


“How do you expect to make it work when you don’t have Faith that it will?”

“I don’t know…” She somehow knew that her Beloved was waiting nearby for the lesson to be over with so he could take her in his arms and comfort her… she’d like that right about now...

The Teacher slowly faded into the night, and she fell into her Beloved's waiting arms knowing that she had indeed learned a very valuable lesson.
Five and a half days later the student sat typing her story out for the whole world to read. As she typed she thought about her Teacher, and how his “tough” Love, but such endearing Love at that, had imprinted on her, and how she realized that he was right, especially after noting that her persistent cough was now nearly gone, her energy was returning to normal as was her demeanor. The aches and pains that were a typical accompaniment to her life were all but gone and her sore shoulders, which had been sore for about the last three years felt almost normal.

She had forgotten to take into consideration that results don’t happen so easily in this dense dimension. It especially takes time to have the desired effects when the one trying to effect them isn’t really sure that she can affect anything.

Her doubts were being replaced by Faith and trust; trust in herself, and trust in her Teacher and her Beloved.

They are real. This is all real.

This really happened… This is really happening.

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