Friday, January 7, 2011

Where the Butterflies Fly

Michael came to me as I sat at my computer.  He embraced me and kissed me… kissed me passionately and then took my hand and said “Come with me”. 

I said “Okay” and as I went with him I asked along the way “so where are we going this time?”  and he replied with his usual,

“You’ll see…” This has become a running joke with us…

Out into the vastness of Nature we flew ~ I say we flew because we weren’t walking; we just seemed to float along smoothly on a cushion of air.  Up over a grassy hillside and into the forest we flew as time stood still for us once again.

The light shining through the trees and the woodland thicket was a peaceful and diffuse shade of green – almost like watching a dream sequence in a romantic fairytale movie. 

Deeper and deeper we traveled into the woods until finally we came to a stop in front of a huge tree.  It was at least a hundred feet tall and had a circumference that was so massive that ten people, hand in hand would not have been able to reach all the way around it.  It must have been there forever. 

At the base of the tree was a deep impression; a hollowed out spot where time and the elements in combination with small creatures that lived in the woods had found and enterprising opportunities to make use of the massiveness of the tree.  The impression; the hollow spot in the tree was so deep that it appeared pitch black, even to eyes already accustomed to the lower light levels under the forest canopy.  Try as I might I could make out no distinguishing features within the great black maw in the base of that tree. 

It looked dark and scary.

And then Michael said “Follow me,” he stood there waiting for me, ever patient.  But all I could do was just look at the blackness of the hole…

He had done this with me once before, with intentions of working on matters of me trusting him ~ he had taken me down through the winding and narrow passages of an underground cavern, which wasn’t too bad considering that it was fairly well lit most of the way (I don’t know how he accomplished that… but he’s an Angel, so well, say no more…).  That is until we got to a set of rickety old wooden steps that was more like a ladder leading down into a deep, dark pit, the bottom of which was no where in sight ~ a cold drafty wind groaned up through it further intimidating me. 

I came back to the present after my momentary reverie, and even remembering how I had successfully traversed the rickety ladder and darkness of the other dark place without anything bad happening to me, I just couldn’t move forward with this one.  Something about the “unknown-ness” of that big black hole in the base of that tree was something like what nightmares take place in.  I couldn’t move forward – couldn’t budge.

And he stood there still looking at me patiently waiting and asked me “What are you waiting for?”

And of course I was too paralyzed by fear to even answer him.  And try as I might, even though he went ahead and jumped down into the scary black hole himself I couldn’t do it.  I afraid of… what WAS I afraid of?...  and then in that moment I realized that this was something that I needed to face.  The unknown.  Not worry about how it would turn out, because ultimately, nothing can hurt me in this state of Being anyway. 

And so I said to myself “What the hell…”  and jumped into the scary black hole on the heels of my Beloved.

I found myself falling, slowly and gently, more like floating.  There was a gentle, warm breeze blowing up from underneath me… and this wonderful feeling like coming home and falling into the open, waiting arms of my Beloved.  And as I neared what served as the bottom of this realm I knew that there were other souls there who had been awaiting my arrival, and they cheered and rejoiced when I alighted.  And I realized that there was nothing to fear.

And as I stood there, an enormous butterfly with wings in every color of the rainbow, but colors that you don’t see here in this dimension, took off from amongst the gathered souls and flew upward.  And as it flew I realized that the butterfly was Michael.  I reached out and lifted off to go and greet him and be with him and fly with him, and as I did so I realized that I too was a butterfly.

And so we flew, flitting and fluttering in a way that only butterflies can, up and up an up, back into the forest and up through the trees all the way to the top of the canopy, until we burst out into the sunshine.

And with the blinding flash of sunlight the vision was over with, and I sat there astounded at that amazing way that I felt.  Completely freed of the fear I had been paralyzed by only moments earlier.  And feeling quite light as, well, a butterfly. 

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