Friday, February 18, 2011

Archangel Michael - The New Dimension of Limitless Possibilities


Archangel Michael ~ The New Dimension of Limitless Possibilities

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis, February 18, 2011)

Greetings My Dear Ones! Blessings upon you and tidings of Great Peace and Joy to All people of Planet Earth as we enter this Era of Unconditional Love and New Dimension of limitless possibilities!

I, Archangel Michael, as Ashtar Sheran, wish to convey to you what you might expect in the days to come in preparation for our arrival planet side. You have already been welcomed to the 5th Dimension but as we get things under way some things need to be brought to your attention.

Some of you, no doubt already feel the Great Shift in perception which has occurred recently; that powerful feeling of Love Energy that now courses through you, and you realize that quite emphatically, things have changed. You see things in a different light, very literally, and your lives have taken on a new flow which you are familiar with but which you have not felt in this lifetime. This is now the norm and you can look forward to enjoying its continuance knowing that you will never have to look back.

Even now civil unrest rises in accompaniment to new chords that are being struck within your Hearts and Souls, and the resounding echo heard throughout the lands is one of Peace. At last. Soon you can rest your weary heads at night knowing that in the morning when you awaken, it really will be a brand new day, filled with the promise of New Life and New Prosperity with the ease of a way of life you have known only in the far distant past, far beyond your current ability to recall. But you will recall, and when at such a time as your lives reach a point of absolute, unlimited creation and manifestation derived from the potential you have always possessed it will become clear to you that you have always known. You have always known all there is to know, and in growing and learning and experiencing all there is to experience, you will always know all there is to know. All That Is.

Life! Energy! Abundance! All these and more are yours for the asking; an idea simply made known will be met in the blink of an eye. And all of your own accord. You will remember in “time” how to create all that you will ever need to thrive and live out your Joy based existence in Absolute Divine Love. How will you know that it’s Love?

Deep within your heart, in that place that was once hidden for so long, is a seed, a Ray of Light so powerful that it burns through the darkness. With it comes a feeling, a palpable feeling unlike any other. You will know it when you feel it, and for feeling it know exactly what it is because it FEELS GOOD! Yes, and this is the way that Love has always been meant to be perceived. IT FEELS GOOD! Please get used to it because there is going to be a LOT of it to go around! Limitless supplies, and, in fact, this is what everything in your New Lives will be based on ~ Everything Powered by Love! We understand that this is a concept that will be new to most of you ~ or at least one that is not so readily remembered by the majority. What you can expect to happen next will assist you in once again understanding how all of this works.

It is for many already common knowledge that I, along with many of your Brothers and Sisters of Light are due very soon to make an appearance on your Beloved Mother Earth. She has so graciously accepted our assistance throughout these initial stages of Ascension and will continue to welcome our presence as we begin to assist Humanity through the process. After our arrival, as Earth governments begin to settle into their new routines and as people continue to awaken to the Beauty of the new way of life that is being presented to them, your Galactic Brethren will be on hand to assist in educating you in the ways of life now common to most civilizations residing above the old Earth 3D Space/Time continuum which you are in the process of leaving behind. You can relax knowing that your Brothers and Sisters, for the most part, look and act just like you within the parameters of the highest regard for Unconditional Love, which translates to ultimate respect for you and your comfort and ease. In fact, as has been mentioned before, many of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters already reside on the surface of Earth, intermingling amongst you currently unnoticed or undetected as anything but native inhabitants of the planet. You will be relieved to know that many of these individuals will be the ones giving you instruction/education and insight into the new ways of life you will find yourselves participating in. In many regards the educational process has already begun and seems quite naturally already a way of life.

This will continue to feel natural as we incorporate many advanced technologies and processes into your society to begin the ease of your lives toward prosperity. And by prosperity, I am not referring to monetary gains, as currency, by and large will eventually be phased out of your existence in favor of learning how to manifest all that you need as I have mentioned earlier, by simply deciding what it is that you need or desire and set about making it so, through the action of your own thoughts; the Energy of your own Love as Love Energy from Source. You will learn how to manipulate Energy into matter and vice versa to meet all your needs, all your desires. You will once again be the Creator Gods you’ve always been but have forgotten how to be since your decision to experience duality - the perception that you were separate from the Source of All That Is - in the 3D existence which you are now leaving behind.

Once you have been assisted in your recall of how to access Love Energy directly from Source, you will realize that nothing is outside the realm of possibility ~ though keeping in mind that your new frequency vibration will make it impossible for you to do harm to yourself, to others, or to your home in your Mother Earth. You will become aware once again, as has always been even in your 3D existence, that you are only limited by what you can “imagine” yourselves doing!

Now, what will you create first? It’s not too soon to start planning! Dream big! What is it that you’ve always wished you could do? Well, very soon you will be able to do just that!

All hands, prepare to engage landing craft. Destination; Earth’s surface, to commence disembarkation!

I AM Archangel Michael as Ashtar Sheran. I will be greeting you in person very soon.


  1. Beautiful channeling with very hope giving message Ariel! Thank you!

  2. ღ✰ ☼。◦°✰ ☼。◦°✰ ☼。ღ ღღ ღღ ღ ✰☼。◦°✰ ☼。◦°✰ღღ
    Oh! What beautiful resounding channelled words! Filled with so much love, light and truth. I wholeheartedly love this and can't wait until the eventual realities of this new paradigm outcome. Thank you so very much Ariel and Archangel Michael. Beautiful Bright Blessings to you now & always =)
    ★♥*¨¨*:•☆. ღ ★♥*¨¨*:•☆. ღ ★♥*¨¨*:•☆.


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