Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Message From Creator/Source via Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

Love Everything!

A Message from Creator/Source transmitted through Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on March 15, 2011)
My Beloved Sons and Daughters/Brothers and Sisters/Family of Light,
Earth continues to change as you proceed into this new dimension. Time fades and disappears. Land moves and sea shifts creating new shorelines and new temperaments, new zones of experience and undisputed beauty which you have yet to perceive. The old still overlaps the new and though there is much to look forward to, you remain with your gaze fixated on what was.
You know why these changes are occurring and yet even as you understand them innately there is still blame laid.  Know then that it is not that these things happen as a result of any one thing, but simply that they ARE. You have always known that Earth would change. It does not matter how those changes happen. You knew coming into this life at this time that change was imminent.  Let it be.  Allow it for it simply IS. You have prepared yourselves beautifully for these changes you have been expecting, and now it is appropriate for you to move forward into your new experience.
You are a reflection of the Love that resonates from deep within ME; a mirror which shines bright Light out into your world; which reaches far beyond the known Universe and far beyond what you think of as “time”.  It goes out and in its travels collects more Love resonating from deep within ME, magnifying it incomprehensibly, and bringing it back here to you. All for you, and your Brothers and Sisters who are here with you, and scattered throughout the Universe. This is the stuff from which you are made. This is the one thing that you thirst for. This is the only thing that will quench your thirst and feed your soul from now throughout Eternity, just as it always has.
Each time you look into the eyes of your Bother or your Sister, you look into your own eyes. You look into MY heart. When you see fear in the eyes of your Brother or Sister, know that you see fear in yourself also, but look into MY heart within you own heart and see the Love that resides therein. Allow the Love inside your heart to transmute the fear, and change it into Love, then send that Love back through your own gaze into the hearts of your Brothers and Sisters so that they will know your Love, your understanding, your compassion, which is also MY Love, MY understanding, MY compassion. When you know this Love, then you know everything. You will know that you have an unending supply of this Love; you will know that you have access to everything you could possibly want, need or desire.
Fear is not knowing. To Love, and experience Love is to know that these moments you now exist within have been planned for since the beginning of Creation. Yes some of you may perceive them now with your eyes shut, your memory clouded, and experience great fear as a result, but those of you who know, because of the Love in your hearts that is reminding you; help those who do not understand, to know that all is well. All is Love. All is occurring exactly as it is supposed to, no matter what you may be tempted to believe.  Believing is not knowing. Faith is knowing. Have Faith that each and every one of you will soon know the Love that you came here knowing you would know, because you already know it. You have known forever.
Earth continues to change for the better, as does this star system, as does this galaxy, as does this entire expanse of Creation. We know what we are doing, as do you. We All know how it will be; beautiful, as always. It is the only way it can be, for All is welcome in our hearts.
Bounteous Love, Peace and Joy is already yours, but I send it to you now especially so that you will know what is just around the corner, and that you need not fear any longer.
I Love You My Precious Ones.
Mother/Father, Goddess/God, Creator/Source; I AM All That Is. I AM the Love that you seek. I AM the Love that you know. I AM You.
I AM Archangel Michael as Ashtar Sheran and I bring you this message of Love and Knowing from Creator/Source


  1. Hi Ariel,
    Thank u for Michael's posting. Tell me, do u believe that all of us are Gd? It seems to me that Michael does. I know we are all One and everything is ONE...but how do we create the world, with it's nature etc.? It seems to me that we are not powerful, as human beings, to be able to stand in the face of some calamity..such as what happened in Japan..I'm so upset about that..what do u/Michael have to say specifically about it? I love you and miss u, Ruthee

  2. My Dearest Ruthee,

    There is much sadness in your words… they tug at my heart so… I hope that I can help you to understand. Almost all of what follows was channeled directly from Michael… if I could take full credit for it I would, but it seems to me that these are mostly his words… you did ask. :-)

    We are to Source as are candle flames to a great bonfire. The flame of a candle when lit from the bonfire retains all the characteristics of the bonfire from which it came. It produces light, it produces heat, it is still capable of burning down an entire building… it is still capable of lighting the flames of other candles… and together, all those candle flames could keep us warm on a cold winter’s night… or could do a multitude of other useful things?

    You see, it is not inasmuch what it is, as it is how we look at it – how we perceive it. In the grand scheme of things whatever it is, is what it’s always been – a part of Source – All That Is. And in that grand scheme of things Source wishes to experience it All – there is no distinction in Source’s “mind” between “good” and “bad” … as far as Source is concerned it is All good… it did All come from Source, did it not? And if Source is the epitome of what is good and what is right … of what is Love… then how can we – even though we are a part of Source - by our own definition of how we think things should be, purport to “rob” Source of its much sought after – and necessary – experience of everything?

    If you look at it from Source’s point of view then you begin to understand that a “destructive” force IS a “creative” force – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – you cannot create that something was not destroyed as a result – you cannot destroy that something was not created out of the ruin. Even if it is merely our perception of what IS that is created or destroyed. From this we can draw the conclusion, and understand that Creation is in constant motion. Matter coalesces, stars form, planets are created, life begins, the planet ages, heaves and groans, life is destroyed, the planet heals, life is restored, the star ages, blows itself and its planets and all life back into Adamantine particles, which eventually through Source, through Love, coalesce back into stars, planets, life…. It is the never-ending cycle; the endless embrace. Could it be any other way? Would you want it to be any other way… especially knowing that Source would not, could not want it to be any other way?

    I know it doesn’t seem fair… so many lives lost. But are they really? It seems to me that something which has always been can never be lost. What have we forgotten about our True Nature and that from which we come? Source? Are you not still an Eternal Flame, a part of Source, no matter what happens to this physical existence?

    You do not remember that the reason you came here was to experience… for Source. You forgot who you are and where you came from so you could have these experiences, so that when All was said and done you could return to the Source of your existence with new appreciation for the Absolute Love of which you are a part. That IS All it is. That is All it will ever be, but what a truly wondrous thing is that?!!

    I hope you will find some comfort in knowing these things.

    I love and miss you too My Sweetheart!

    Loving you forever, ~Ariel and Michael~


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