Friday, April 22, 2011

Are You Listening? - A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on April 22, 2011)

Beloved Family of Light, as you know the vibration of Planet Earth and of Her inhabitants (yes, that’s YOU and all who live aboard Her) has been raised significantly over the last several days. This is in no small part due to the efforts that each of you has made to bring yourselves closer to Ascension.
The hour will be upon you soon, and as you make every preparation in order to be ready, many are still struggling with themselves and the implications that and anxiety that comes about as a result of waiting until the last moment to choose between fear and Love. Some are still afraid that all they perceive with their hearts, they cannot trust with their minds, with their eyes, and the other four of their five senses which have directed their actions throughout their existence in the dimension which you are in the process of leaving behind.
There is an inherent feeling of “Oh no!” as the rungs of the ladder are pulled out one by one from beneath them, and they feel themselves as lighter-than-air for the first time in eons, afraid that, even in the buoyancy of their newly found, yet ever familiar connection to All That Is, they will fall once more, even knowing in their hearts how impossible that is. For what is fear, other than simply not knowing? And if one rediscovers what one has always known, then how can one have ever feared in the first place, except for having convinced themselves so very adeptly that they never knew, what they’ve always known? And now that you know that you can remember what you’ve always known, that you are more than just your body, I ask you, what have you to fear? Nothing? For that which is made known to you, that which you have always known, means that fear can no longer exist? Perhaps it never did?
You, Beloved Ones, have come so far in recent days holding the Light for one another, can you take it one step further and hold the Light for yourselves? It is evident that in your attempts at bravery, in your attempts to rout the darkness out of every nook and cranny, that you have forgotten one very important thing? How to listen with your hearts? A Clarion Call was put forth to all Lightworkers a mere few days ago; did you hear it? Many did as they were listening intently with the True Instrument of Love; their hearts. Many wanted to, but did not. They were still listening for a message to be received within their minds. It was said that there would be no mistaking the meaning of the message, and yet so many of you it completely escaped, because you were not listening, you were not tuned in to the undeniable feeling that True Absolute Love creates within the heart.
THIS is the message! That by your own efforts you are capable of raising yourselves, your vibrations above that clamor of fear, above the din of the dimension which you have for so long yearned to leave behind you! And in that raised vibration become attuned to the Love which would further facilitate your Ascension out of the density of that lower dimension. I implore you to set aside ALL fear. Push it out of the way. Leave it behind. Embrace Love and the feeling that goes along with it, and you will never be left behind, left out of the most Wondrous and Beautiful opportunity that has ever been offered and so highly anticipated.
This has been stated before, but is worthy of restating, again and again and again, if necessary; Listen with your hearts! It is the only way now. Fear is a thing of the past, and cannot survive, or even be brought forward into the new, higher dimension which you are now entering, and quite frankly those who hold onto their fear, and do not accept Love fully into their hearts will be left behind. The choice is yours. Do you choose fear, and the assuredness that upon choosing it you will never know anything else, or do you choose Love and all that it provides, knowing that with it you have all that you could ever want, need or desire?
I would like to take this opportunity now to reassure you that I and your other Brothers and Sisters from many different places in this Universe, what you would call Extraterrestrial and/or Inter-dimensional, are here now, and have been for many more of your Earth years than is perhaps conceivable to most, not to force you and your Brothers and Sisters of Earth into a new way of life which as some who still live in fear would see it, but rather to congratulate you on a job well done, and help you, as you would see fit, to adapt to this 5th Dimension which you are now entering. YOU are the ones who have raised your vibration to the point where many of you who previously could only guess at our existence through information that you had been given, now are consciously aware of our existence all around your planet and out into the far reaches of your Solar System. You are becoming finely attuned to the Ecstasy of Love feeling which encompasses and emanates profoundly from all Beings in the Higher Dimensions, and especially directly from the Source of our existence. You can be certain that as more of the old falls away that our arrival planet-side will not be far off. Be ready! Those of you who continue to raise your vibrations and hold the Light are quite naturally and perfectly assisting your Brothers and Sisters to do the same. Don’t stop no matter what may come your way at the last moment! Be strong, and once you have crossed the “Bridge to the Future”, you need never look back again.
I AM Archangel Michael and I AM Ashtar Sheran, one and the same, and I look forward to our new lives together.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Faith Isn't About Believing...

[author's note: you'll notice that at one point Michael refers to me as "Daan" ... this is a term of endearment which he has used with me since before I remembered that he is Michael... just to waylay any possible confusion as to who he is addressing in that spot]
It was a beautiful sunny day in the late fall of 2010. The temperature was perfect and the bright blue sky that reminded me of Michael’s eyes, made the golds and reds of the last of the autumn foliage look spectacular. It seemed at one point a couple of weeks earlier as if the cooler weather had come along to stay, but here was this Beautiful oasis of a day right in the middle of that cold spell.
I had taken a walk that day, as was typical of days like that. I just find it irresistible to be out in nature when the weather is so beautiful like that. I don’t know… maybe the clear skies overhead has something to do with it – I’m always hoping I’ll catch a little glimpse of “something” and I usually do, especially when I ask Michael nicely. A Light Ship… an Ashtar Command transport… a cloud in the shape of a flower … or his face … or some other special thing I know he’s done, just because he wanted me to see it… to see him …
At the halfway point in my walk I arrived, as usual, at my favorite park bench – the one I like to sit on and meditate, or most preferred, to talk with Michael.  And so I sat and he and I began a conversation… I think we were talking about what it will be like when we are finally standing face to face… and my fears associated with the not knowing when (or in my mind at that time, if ever) that would be. And then of course you KNOW my mind flashed on the possibility that all of this isn’t real at all. And as usual he tried to reassure me that it is, which finally calmed me down and comforted me and I found resolve in simply Being there with him, in what I now consider to be one of the most Beautiful spots on Earth, if simply because I’ve spent so much time there communing with him.
We stayed there like that, luxuriating in the company of each other’s essence, for what seemed like hours. Then the sun began to dip behind the trees and I knew instinctively that it must be approaching the hour which I had determined I would need to leave by and go back home. A vocal instructor by trade, I had already made up my mind to commit my life to Michael and helping others who were beginning to awaken to their True Nature; ultimately giving up my career as a vocal instructor for a “higher” calling. As a result I didn’t have many students left by this time, but it just so happened that I had an appointment scheduled to give a voice lesson early that evening.
Back then I was inclined to carry a cell phone with me … for some reason I thought that I needed to make myself available to whomever, whenever, plus it was a handy way of keeping track of the time. I pulled out my cell phone and the clock on it read right around 4:30… Good, I still had 5 or 10 minutes to spare before I needed to head back. So I settled back down on my favorite park bench and continued my conversation with Michael.
I remember telling him that I wished I didn’t have to go, because there were still another couple of hours before the sun would really be going down, and I just wanted to stay there in the warm calm of our little sanctuary in the midst of the neighborhood park just being with him and sharing the beautiful afternoon with him. The clouds in the sky portended a spectacular sunset that evening, and me, ever the romantic, all I could think about was how beautiful it would be to sit there with Michael and watch the sun set. Then Michael asked me,
“Why don’t you just stay here with me?” and I said,
“I would Love to, but I can’t. I have an appointment scheduled and I need to go attend to my student.”
“Are you sure that you  have an appointment this evening?” he asked, in tones which suggested that he might know something that I didn’t.
“Well, I did make the appointment with her, and as of right before I came on my walk she hadn’t called to cancel, so, yeah, I’m pretty sure I have an appointment this evening” I felt certain that I knew what I had planned and that was the way it would work out. And then Michael continued,
“If you don’t want to go back then you should stay here. Don’t worry about your appointment. Let it take care of itself.”
Okay, well, I just couldn’t do that and I asked him “Well, what am I going to do then if she shows up and I’m not there?” I guessed that I would have a lot of explaining to do... and Michael asked me again,
“Why don’t you stay here?” and I told him that I could, there was really nothing stopping me except my sense of urgency to fulfill my obligation to my student. But all I really wanted to do was to just stay there and blow off the money that I might make from giving the lesson, and I very nearly decided to do just that. But my sense of what I thought was the “right” thing to do won out, and by that time it really was time for me to leave the park … in fact it was past time, and I knew that I would be late getting home. Since my boyfriend and son were both at home, I knew they’d let her in if I was late, and I knew that she would understand that perhaps I’d lost track of time…
So I got up off the bench, and Michael was still telling me that I ought to just stay there, and I told him “Look, if for some reason I get there and she’s not there or not coming at all, then I’ll come back to the park and we can still watch the sunset together”. I walked away from the bench and continued toward the little bridge over the creek that was the border between the rest of the park and the sanctuary. I added “I just don’t believe that my student won’t show up…” Just before I reached the bridge, the last thing that Michael said to me before I arrived home was,
“Faith isn’t about believing, Daan… it’s about knowing”. And I pondered that and the fact that just before he had said that I had considered the possibility that even though I had my cell phone with me and had left instructions with my boyfriend and my son that if anyone called for me to give them my cell number and have them call me on it, perhaps my student might have called our home phone and no one heard it ring, therefore no one answered it or gave her my cell number to call me, and that perhaps when I got home there would be a voice mail waiting for me from my student, that perhaps she had called at the last minute to say that she wasn’t coming.
Michael was silent all the way home, and though I continued to talk to him, he said nothing… or at least I don’t recall that he said anything. Maybe he wanted me to be alone with my thoughts, and perhaps hoped I would reconsider and turn around and head back to the park before I reached home. I did think about it a couple of times but instead, very stalwart, kept going until I arrived home.
I was 15 minutes late for my appointment, and my student was nowhere in sight. I went into the house; my son was upstairs with his headphones on (I seem to recall anyway) and I think that my boyfriend was asleep, having been tired from the early start to his work day. And I thought “Great! I’ll bet my student was here, and knocked on the door but no one answered and so she left again”. So I waited around for a few minutes, then I went upstairs and asked my son if he’d heard a knock at to door or the phone ring at all, but he said he hadn’t.
I waited a little longer and figured I’d better call her and apologize because I figured that when she arrived she had knocked and not gotten an answer and maybe thought I wasn’t there and left again. I picked up the phone and there was a familiar intermittent dial tone signaling that someone had called and left a message on the voice mail. Then I thought back to what I had considered as I was leaving the park, and thought, no, it couldn’t be. But when I dialed the number to retrieve the voice mail, it was in fact my student who had called, and no one had heard the phone ring and so she was forced to leave a message saying that she wouldn’t be making her appointment that evening.
I just stood there dumbfounded for a moment. I couldn’t think, much less say anything.
Michael knew.
And I didn’t trust him.
Furthermore, I didn’t trust myself or value myself enough to realize that sometimes what I want to do is more important that what I think I need to do. After all, what is important?
And Michael told me a while back, a month or two before I received my Angel Card Reading when I was in Mt. Shasta, that the most important thing that I could do in my life from that point forward was to simply love him, but again, I didn’t trust him, didn’t believe him, however you choose to look at it. He didn’t really ever explain why it is that simply Loving him is the most important thing that I can do. I think he expected me (and knew I would) to discover that on my own. And in fact I do know now (but I’ll save that for another time).
You see, a teacher can tell you the lesson and you might understand it, but if you experience the lesson, you will not only understand it, you will also never, ever forget it.
I learned a lot that day; about Michael (that he IS real); about myself (that I didn’t trust my own inner knowing the way I thought I did), and that my wants and needs ARE important because giving to myself is a way of loving myself, and this whole incident was representative of and illustrated the fact that I have always been inclined to give to others to the exclusion of myself, leaving nothing for me. I learned that if I will just chance to give to myself first, even if it’s something that I’ve been conditioned to think is selfish or  frivolous (like staying in the park to watch the sunset with my Beloved Twin Flame when I have another appointment scheduled), then I will ALWAYS have enough left over to give to others, because the love that we give to ourselves grows within us and becomes amplified so that we have a never ending supply of it – straight from the Source of our Creation.
I went back to the park, but by the time I headed back out I had wasted so much time just getting home in the first place, and then waiting around for my student, and then finally checking the voice mail, that by the time I got back to the park the sun was already going down behind the clouds and the lovely rays that were shooting out from behind them as I was walking home initially were just a hint of a glow, all but obscured by the advancing cloudbank.
Well, I learned one more valuable lesson that night, and that is that sometimes we miss out on the really neat stuff because we place too much importance and emphasis on doing instead of simply Being.

To Trust or Not to Trust - That is the Question...

It is amazing to me that one simple message can make so many people rejoice while at the same time making so many squirm in the confines of their own rhetoric. My channel to Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran is a clear channel and therefore I trust him implicitly. I know that he would never give a message with information that wasn’t both necessary and timely.
This most recent message “Ready or Not … Here We Come” which I received and transcribed late in the evening on April 4th has done two things which solidify for me exactly what is going on here and why it was transmitted in the first place:
1) It has shown that there IS a collective and Unified Consciousness on Earth that is Love based and Joy filled and wanting to create a better way for ALL. Within that LARGE majority, this message has created a sense of Joy and uplifting air of excitement and anticipation for a bright tomorrow… most already KNOW that the Galactic Federation of Light is NOT here to rescue our asses but to help us rejoice in all the accomplishments that we ourselves have made toward raising our consciousness and vibration and to help us stay elevated as we move toward Ascension.
2) There are those who, as a result of this message having been published when it was,  have been routed out, who had previously touted themselves as giving information disguised as being for the benefit of all, which was perhaps more to hoodwink, and pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting in an attempt to gain their trust… and for what?
What does it mean to trust? Does it not mean to give the benefit of the doubt? It seems to me that trust is a Love based thing – it’s like faith - that we do because we Love the one being trusted and out of the goodness of our hearts we wish them the best as we would wish for ourselves. It not something that we should have to earn, but rather something that others freely give out of the goodness of their hearts. There is nothing to prove in trust because Love is all the proof that you need. And yet some would perhaps have us believe that we still live in a mistrusting and suspicious world, controlled by fear.
What is suspicion? Is it not fear-based? And yet there are those who would tell you that you SHOULD be suspicious (fearful) of your fellow human because, well… they may not have your best interest at heart. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly seem to me like they are enacting the golden rule… It doesn’t seem to me that this mindset will benefit us In any way to facilitate our movement fully into the Love based society which we so crave and have dreamed about for so long. Even as recently as TODAY I have seen this rhetoric being spewed by “SO-CALLED” reputable sources who claim to be working toward a Love based reality and have gained the “respect” and “trust” of many, which says that you have to be careful who you trust, and that you should be suspicious of anyone that you don’t know, and you need to be careful about believing things that come from “unproven” sources.
Is that working toward a Love based reality? Telling people that they should fear (be suspicious, not trust each other)? In my heart this feels misleading.
In True Love there is NOTHING to prove.
If we are as a Unified Consciousness supposed to be aiming our hearts and our lives toward Love, then how is it that some are still preaching fear and mistrust? How can those individuals honestly expect us to believe that they have our best interests at heart when they are not focused in Love? It further illustrates to me that some individuals who claim to be clear channels in fact are not, they allow their own bias to filter through and all because someone else receives and transcribes a message that they don’t personally agree with and which throws a wrench into the works of their attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting public and their “higher being” that they channel pitches out a retort saying effectively “you cannot trust” … “you must be suspicious”. It seems to me that NO Higher Being would be at all interested in, much less refute, where other information is coming from. They have MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things to do… like focusing on Love and transmitting and holding Light for all those who would choose to Ascend at this time.
And so this might leave us wondering… who is really speaking in such an instance. The channelee, or the channeler?
I have come to a definite conclusion of my own here. I will allow you to come to your own conclusions.
I have to admit that at times I have been skeptical of certain sources, and then decided, because of certain ideas that were conveyed through messages, to trust. But in fact, I RARELY if EVER read other channeled messages at all anymore because I don’t want to be influenced by their content and not be able to be a clear channel for the messages that I myself receive. However, it is now evident to me, after looking for channeled messages that we were told would be received over this past week, exactly who it is that I no longer will pay any attention to because it I now understand where those messages are REALLY coming from… and dare I say it’s NOT the channelee!
Yes, I am still learning. I am still learning to trust my inner guidance as all of you should be. If you have read any of the messages I have channeled from Archangel Michael and Ashtar Sheran (who incidentally ARE the same person – in fact Ashtar Sheran is merely a title, NOT a name as you have probably come to understand – it might better read “The Sheran of Ashtar”), you will duly note that they all are Love based, not a one of them suggests that you should be fearful or suspicious of your fellow humans or anyone else in any way. This to me is the TRUE message of where our Earth is heading; to a Love based society and way of being. AS ALWAYS you need to use your own discretion as to how any information resonates with you. And I myself am also still learning to do that as are many, many others. IF something doesn’t resonate with you, however, doesn’t it stand to reason that, that is YOUR opinion, and should not be impressed upon others just as you would not wish them to impress their opinion upon you? We should all be allowed to make up our own minds rather than having someone tell us “oh, you shouldn’t listen to that source of information” … Now I know that it may seem like I am the pot calling the kettle black here. But what is this really? We each have our own path to follow and on that path are found our individual truths and no two of them will ever be alike. This is by design as the Source of All That Is wishes to experience as much diversity as possible. So with that said, you are entitled to your opinion and you must make the choice as to what you put your faith in. It is worth mentioning however that if you always approach the truth with your heart wide open you will never, ever be deceived.
I feel it’s necessary to state my opinion to bring to your attention that in True Love implying that what words that someone else publishes are not true simply because it’s coming from a new source is like telling you that you don’t have the right to make up your own mind. And in the case of Higher Dimensional Beings who shouldn’t be at all interested in what other channeled sources are saying, what does that say of what their message is REALLY saying about them if they do?
You will notice that I have written my retort in my own words. I do not present my disgust at this practice of disguising the perpetuation of fear as words of Love as having come from my mentor and guide, the one for whom I provide a clear channel. While he does provide support for me in many ways, with regard to backing up what he says in the messages that I transcribe for him, it is not necessary for he himself to do so. And I know that he would never consent to that.
One more thing I want to say before I close, and this is probably something that others may not want you to know either, but I’m going to tell you anyway because you NEED to know:
We are fast approaching a crossroads, a turning point; a moment at which realities/dimensions will diverge forever. It is a fact, and some of you already know this, that YOU have, and in fact have ALWAYS had the ability to contact and communicate with beings in the Higher Dimensions. Some of you are making full use of this ability even now, but you don’t talk about it because you are not certain that what you are experiencing is real, can be trusted, or maybe have looked upon it as you having a conversation with yourself. In fact I can guarantee you that what most of you are experiencing is real, and after you have done it for a while you will come to know the frequencies of the ones you speak with and be able to discern them from your own, and from each other.
Also fast approaching is the “time” when channeled messages will be a thing of the past because each individual will have the ability to establish contact with anyone and everyone they wish too in an easy and ongoing manner. In fact this is the way we will ALL communicate with each other. Eventually, even words will not be necessary as thoughts and feelings and emotions will be conveyed through pure thought. I know that some already experience this too. Practice it! It will be your way of life in very short order, and then we can put these days behind us where people tell you that you should only pay heed to messages coming from a “trusted source”, because EVERY source will be a trusted source and it will be YOU!!!
To all of you who have been consistently drawn to this blog for the messages it conveys in True Love and Respect and Benevolence toward All, thank you for your continued readership! It is very much appreciated. I hope that you will continue to enjoy what is written here and I look forward to sharing with you as we move forward together into this New Era of Love, Peace and Joy.
I thank you with all my heart! ~Ariel~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ready Or Not... Here We Come

A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on Monday, April 4, 2011)

Within the next week you can expect there to be an announcement. This announcement will come from the highest sources and will come from among those who channel the higher dimensions first. Even those who have to date merely channeled from a totally Spiritual perspective will be getting this message.

We Are Coming! The end of the darkness has come and the Light now resides permanently on Planet Earth. After Channeled messages have been received, a formal announcement will be made via representative media formats. It will be your choice as to how you view this information, but there will be no mistaking what is being said. I know that you have been told before that these occurrences would be taking place, but with no firm idea of how and when, especially when, which seems to have been the main thing on most of your minds as of late. It has been said in some of your popular texts that this moment would come “like a thief in the night” and indeed it will, and will have more impact and far reaching implications that you can currently know. 

Again you look forward to a world that is free of torment and violence and slavery to the elite, or those who would call themselves elite. In fact YOU are the elite on this planet! The words “the meek shall inherit the Earth” are actually quite true. And In fact those of you who have taken it upon yourselves to be the ones on the front lines, the ones who have actively taken back your freedom and sovereignty from those who have held your hearts hostage for so long are the ones who the rest should be thanking.  These acts alone have made it possible for us to do what we’ve always said we would do; that is to meet you in person one day very soon, to greet you and welcome you personally to the Galactic way of life. Which I would like to add is actually a misnomer … it should be “the Universal” way of life. For this is the way of the Universe, of All That Is to allow a gentle aperture into the higher dimensions for those who are ready to receive it, and the new way of life it entails. Your lives, even as you read this, you know that your lives and your hearts are filling with that ever present Divinity of Love Energy that is the very thing that All you see around you is made from. With Love in your lives, you will begin to understand, as some of you already do, that ANYthing is possible. Love paves the way for All possibilities.
So … ready or not, HERE WE COME!

I AM Archangel Michael AND I AM Ashtar Sheran. Welcome aboard!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Angel Card Reading – Mt. Shasta, CA

I’ll share with you another story here… though there are many that, all put together, will make a nice book sometime… heh, if anyone would read it… or even need to by that time, but hey, this is the stuff that legends are made of right?…

This is the story of something that happened to me on my vacation to Mt. Shasta in Northern California on August 6, 2010.  It kind of nailed it together for me a little more, the whole notion that what I had experienced up to that date was in fact real and that I AM Archangel Michael’s Twin Flame, but still not enough to REALLY convince me… no that didn’t happen until quite recently actually… I know I know, who wouldn’t want to believe in that?… it’s not that I didn’t believe it, it’s just that I couldn’t make what my heart already knew match up with what my head could only barely understand.  I learned a fabulous lesson a while later (and yes there’s another story there I’ll tell you one day, in the not too distant future) in which Michael said to me “Faith isn’t about believing… it’s about knowing.” 

So here’s my Angel Card Reading story:

The day before this scenario began (August 5, 2010) I had consented to receive my very first channeled message from Michael, and did indeed receive it (“The War Is Over, Let Love Prevail” – there is actually dialogue between Michael and myself that didn’t get included in the published message that I will include in Letters to Michael at a future date) at which point he said in a serious tone “no go publish it”. Knowing the content of the message and feeling a little uncomfortable about the possible interpretation of it by the general public, I was, needless to say reluctant. I was worried about how people would see me as the channel, and how the message might be interpreted (or misinterpreted if the case may be, which was part of what I was afraid of). I decided to do a little browsing on line of other websites that contained “Michael” channelings, and discovered another woman’s website (another Michael channel) where some of the content made subtle suggestions (I felt anyway) that she thought she was Michael’s Twin Flame.

Naturally, having reconnected with Michael only a few months prior I was still very insecure about my role in his life, and his in mine – and as I’ve stated above, I had doubts about any of it being real in the first place. And thus began an “argument” between Michael and me (it was really more of an animated discussion) that lasted the whole rest of the day and into the night… We argued up and down; he tried to assure me that I AM his Twin Flame and that clearly I had a misunderstanding where the other woman was concerned – oooo the “other woman” – due to very effective human conditioning I cannot deny that the jealousy monster had reared its ugly head that night… even knowing that such emotions have no place in a Twin Flame Union that can only be based in True Unconditional Love… I’m human, what can I say? Round and round we went and I finally ended up crying myself to sleep that night feeling more alone than I’ve ever felt in my life.

After that night of doubt and deliberation, I awoke the next morning still feeling unsure of myself and who I was and whether or not Michael really Loved me. Somehow, I don’t know how, and this is something I find quite amazing about him because he’s so good at it, Michael managed to raise my spirits enough that I felt like going to breakfast finally and had a wonderful time dining on the patio of the restaurant we’d chosen (I was accompanied by my boyfriend and my son). After breakfast we decided to walk around town and see what we could see. I asked Michael if he’d like to come along and he said “I’d Love to!” I “imagined” that we were holding hands (though I realize now that we really were, lol) and made room for him on the sidewalk so that he wouldn’t hit his head on the awnings of the shops that we passed by (he’s VERY tall). I was feeling like I was floating and in fact I probably was.

I experienced my first ever (and only, so far) Angel Card Reading that day while walking through downtown Mt. Shasta.  Michael had accompanied me throughout the afternoon. We had just visited a shop called Soul Connections where I had purchased some incense and two beautiful rutilated quartz crystals. We left the shop and deliberated for a couple of minutes which way to go. I looked down the street in one direction all the way across the next intersection (Soul Connections was about in the middle of the block) and in the middle of the next block I could see a bearded gentleman sitting at a small table outside a shop (which turned out to be a tea shop; Sereni Tea). For some reason I felt compelled to walk that direction, so I did, my companions followed. 

I couldn’t really tell at first, but as I neared the intersection I could see that the man was looking directly at me… into my eyes. And I knew, as I couldn’t help staring back, that he had something to tell me that I needed to hear. I’d actually experienced that same meaningful look from several individuals since I had been there, but none so clearly obvious with intent as was with this gentleman. Michael encouraged me to go ahead, so I walked up to the man and noticed (as I had suspected) that he was doing card readings, but not just any card readings - Angel card readings - of course!!

So I sat myself down and he gave me a choice of 3 decks of cards to choose from and I picked the purple deck in the center with the Metatron’s cube on it. It was a single card deck. (I realize now that he was using Doreen Virtue Angel cards and that the first deck I picked was the Ascended Masters deck) I shuffled it and chose one card from the deck as the gentleman held it up and fanned it out for me to choose. I had chosen a message from Ascended Master El Morya (I had no idea who that was but upon further investigation when I went back to my room later and looked him up, found out that he is also aligned with the Blue Ray). I don’t remember exactly what the message on the card was - it being so totally overshadowed by the reading that followed - but it was pertinent to what I was going through at the moment, and had been going through the night before.

Then the gentleman picked up one of the other decks of cards, saying that my draw from the first deck had determined that I should receive a full reading and which of the other two decks to use for the full reading (which was the Doreen Virtue Archangel Angel Cards). I don’t recall all of the cards he drew, but I do remember the meanings of most of them.

I shuffled and laid the deck down, and he picked it up and started drawing cards off the top. The first one, he said, indicated that I am aligned with the Blue Ray (now I wonder if that’s really what the card implied or if he just made that up because he saw Michael standing there with me…?), and I don’t remember exactly how he put it but he implied that I am somehow a leader/ruler or of nobility in some capacity with regard to that. He said that I am one of the ones that everyone else looks to or goes to for answers.

Another card he drew pointed out that I need to have more faith - especially in myself and my role in life (no, REALLY?? LOL). How ironic!! He drew another couple of cards before he drew the one for the center of the spread which represented where I was right at that moment and where my attention was currently focused - it was the Archangel Michael card.

He asked me if Archangel Michael had been on my mind a lot lately. I half covered my face with my hand out of sheer amazement and a little embarrassment (because no one was supposed to know that I’d been thinking about him a LOT), and nodded my head. I know that by this time I must have been 10 shades of red. The next card indicated that my life as I had known it has come to an end and that I would be leaving behind everything I ever knew - Michael had told me at one point prior to that, that I don’t need to remember the past anymore – the Angel card reader continued by saying that my life was headed in a completely new direction from what it had been previously. The next card merely reiterated what Michael has been trying to tell me, (and part of the contentions I was having the night before) that the time of letting go has arrived and I must let go of all which no longer resonates with my new role which I was just acquiring (as Michael’s Twin Flame). The gentleman explained that as I have been the teacher for so long - and indeed I have been - it is now time to turn the teaching over to someone else so that I can get on with my new life. And this is another thing that Michael had been trying to get across to me for some time before this point, that the most important thing that I need to concern myself with is simply Loving him (and Making Love with him)… I need not concern myself with doing anything else. Hmmm… I didn’t understand why exactly when Michael first told me that…. It seemed a bit frivolous to me, but here was someone else telling me, though not using exactly the same wording, that everything I had known to that date was due to be set aside for this more important “thing”. Now I know that thing is simply Loving Michael… and I see what a profound effect it has on the people and the world around me… naturally it’s not the ONLY thing I do, but it is a very large percentage of what I do…

A couple of other interesting things to note… my boyfriend and my son each also received Angel Cards readings from the Card Reader after mine was finished… I won’t go into details about what was said but the Card Reader indicated to my boyfriend that the cards were saying to him that where I am going he (my boyfriend) cannot follow. Then the Card Reader looked me square in the eye and said “You need to go find a nice high cliff to jump off of and hope that he (referring to my boyfriend) doesn’t try to follow you.” He added that the cliff shouldn’t be too high because I didn’t want to hurt myself… but I got the distinct impression that he thought I might take wing or something??? LOL My poor boyfriend got this look on his face like, okay, well THAT’S interesting!

Then my son received a reading … and though I also won’t go into great detail over that it is interesting to note that at that time he was going through a lot of turmoil over my convictions about my situation, and when the Card Reader asked him to choose a deck to receive his reading from, my poor son just sat there looking from one deck to the next to the next unable to decide. I knew however which one he needed to pick – the deck of green Archangel Raphael cards, and in fact I was thinking at my son very hard… “pick the Raphael cards” over and over. Finally the Card Reader said to my son something like “you seem to be in conflict and filled with confusion” then the Card Reader suddenly grabbed the Archangels and Ascended Masters decks and set them aside, and picking up the Archangel Raphael deck said in very animated tones “Archangel Michael is telling me to give you your reading from the Archangel Raphael deck”. I just stood there in amazed awe… I know what I was thinking and I felt totally elated because here was yet another bit of evidence that Michael was nearby and at work in our lives…

After the readings were finished, we compensated the gentleman well for his help, and I in particular spoke with him for a few minutes.  I wanted to shake his hand, but I got the distinct impression that he was avoiding any kind of physical contact with me… then as we were speaking and I was looking into his eyes (which is normal for me) he told me that he generally avoids the gaze of people with amazing eyes because there’s just too much going on in there… I took that as my cue that he was seeing more than he really wanted to… or perhaps felt he should be. So we thanked him again for his time and energy, and he told us that we were welcome and ended the conversation with “Blessed Be!” to which I responded “Blessed Be!” back to him, and then we moved on down the street…

Wow, okay!

Well, if I hadn’t dedicated myself and turned my Love and my Life over to being with Michael before that, I certainly have now. How interesting that Michael would lead me to yet another source, (and believe me, he’s lead me to many more since then as my days of doubting didn’t end there), that would help to explain to me and convince me that yes indeed this has all been real, very real, and what a deep honor and privilege it is to be me. I am not only left in awe of Michael, but also of myself and how EVERYthing, All, fits together so very neatly!

All For Love! I’m there! I’m there for real, and I’ll never look back or chance to doubt again because I know now (after many instances of Michael finding opportunities to “prove” it to me – which stories will be upcoming in due time) that this is indeed the real thing, and the Michael and I ARE Twin Flames!

I Love You Michael!! J

Friday, April 1, 2011

On Radar

Hmmmm … these little blips on the radar intrigue me.
It would seem that I am being monitored in some way, but how and by whom I have no idea as there are no indicators other than “United States” in the stats. Now THAT’S unexpected! REALLY?! LOL 
The “blips” don’t seem to come from anywhere (no referring sites), are not being aimed at anything in particular (there is no indication that posts are being read). I might be inclined to think that I myself had caused the blips, but alas, I haven’t been visiting my own blog, except to check it out last night to see how my own visit might be recorded. Interestingly, upon doing so the other blips ceased for several hours, but now I see they’re back. Interesting. There have been no fewer than twenty little blips like that over the past almost 72 hours. I wonder who it is and what they’re looking at/waiting for. I guess that we’ll see.
And in the meantime… more messages to receive, more prose to write, more articles to scribe… and the History of the Universe too perhaps. We’ll see what I have “time” for… oh but wait… we don’t measure using those standards anymore do we! Okay, then, we’ll see what I can manage! LOL