Friday, April 22, 2011

Are You Listening? - A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on April 22, 2011)

Beloved Family of Light, as you know the vibration of Planet Earth and of Her inhabitants (yes, that’s YOU and all who live aboard Her) has been raised significantly over the last several days. This is in no small part due to the efforts that each of you has made to bring yourselves closer to Ascension.
The hour will be upon you soon, and as you make every preparation in order to be ready, many are still struggling with themselves and the implications that and anxiety that comes about as a result of waiting until the last moment to choose between fear and Love. Some are still afraid that all they perceive with their hearts, they cannot trust with their minds, with their eyes, and the other four of their five senses which have directed their actions throughout their existence in the dimension which you are in the process of leaving behind.
There is an inherent feeling of “Oh no!” as the rungs of the ladder are pulled out one by one from beneath them, and they feel themselves as lighter-than-air for the first time in eons, afraid that, even in the buoyancy of their newly found, yet ever familiar connection to All That Is, they will fall once more, even knowing in their hearts how impossible that is. For what is fear, other than simply not knowing? And if one rediscovers what one has always known, then how can one have ever feared in the first place, except for having convinced themselves so very adeptly that they never knew, what they’ve always known? And now that you know that you can remember what you’ve always known, that you are more than just your body, I ask you, what have you to fear? Nothing? For that which is made known to you, that which you have always known, means that fear can no longer exist? Perhaps it never did?
You, Beloved Ones, have come so far in recent days holding the Light for one another, can you take it one step further and hold the Light for yourselves? It is evident that in your attempts at bravery, in your attempts to rout the darkness out of every nook and cranny, that you have forgotten one very important thing? How to listen with your hearts? A Clarion Call was put forth to all Lightworkers a mere few days ago; did you hear it? Many did as they were listening intently with the True Instrument of Love; their hearts. Many wanted to, but did not. They were still listening for a message to be received within their minds. It was said that there would be no mistaking the meaning of the message, and yet so many of you it completely escaped, because you were not listening, you were not tuned in to the undeniable feeling that True Absolute Love creates within the heart.
THIS is the message! That by your own efforts you are capable of raising yourselves, your vibrations above that clamor of fear, above the din of the dimension which you have for so long yearned to leave behind you! And in that raised vibration become attuned to the Love which would further facilitate your Ascension out of the density of that lower dimension. I implore you to set aside ALL fear. Push it out of the way. Leave it behind. Embrace Love and the feeling that goes along with it, and you will never be left behind, left out of the most Wondrous and Beautiful opportunity that has ever been offered and so highly anticipated.
This has been stated before, but is worthy of restating, again and again and again, if necessary; Listen with your hearts! It is the only way now. Fear is a thing of the past, and cannot survive, or even be brought forward into the new, higher dimension which you are now entering, and quite frankly those who hold onto their fear, and do not accept Love fully into their hearts will be left behind. The choice is yours. Do you choose fear, and the assuredness that upon choosing it you will never know anything else, or do you choose Love and all that it provides, knowing that with it you have all that you could ever want, need or desire?
I would like to take this opportunity now to reassure you that I and your other Brothers and Sisters from many different places in this Universe, what you would call Extraterrestrial and/or Inter-dimensional, are here now, and have been for many more of your Earth years than is perhaps conceivable to most, not to force you and your Brothers and Sisters of Earth into a new way of life which as some who still live in fear would see it, but rather to congratulate you on a job well done, and help you, as you would see fit, to adapt to this 5th Dimension which you are now entering. YOU are the ones who have raised your vibration to the point where many of you who previously could only guess at our existence through information that you had been given, now are consciously aware of our existence all around your planet and out into the far reaches of your Solar System. You are becoming finely attuned to the Ecstasy of Love feeling which encompasses and emanates profoundly from all Beings in the Higher Dimensions, and especially directly from the Source of our existence. You can be certain that as more of the old falls away that our arrival planet-side will not be far off. Be ready! Those of you who continue to raise your vibrations and hold the Light are quite naturally and perfectly assisting your Brothers and Sisters to do the same. Don’t stop no matter what may come your way at the last moment! Be strong, and once you have crossed the “Bridge to the Future”, you need never look back again.
I AM Archangel Michael and I AM Ashtar Sheran, one and the same, and I look forward to our new lives together.

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