Friday, April 1, 2011

On Radar

Hmmmm … these little blips on the radar intrigue me.
It would seem that I am being monitored in some way, but how and by whom I have no idea as there are no indicators other than “United States” in the stats. Now THAT’S unexpected! REALLY?! LOL 
The “blips” don’t seem to come from anywhere (no referring sites), are not being aimed at anything in particular (there is no indication that posts are being read). I might be inclined to think that I myself had caused the blips, but alas, I haven’t been visiting my own blog, except to check it out last night to see how my own visit might be recorded. Interestingly, upon doing so the other blips ceased for several hours, but now I see they’re back. Interesting. There have been no fewer than twenty little blips like that over the past almost 72 hours. I wonder who it is and what they’re looking at/waiting for. I guess that we’ll see.
And in the meantime… more messages to receive, more prose to write, more articles to scribe… and the History of the Universe too perhaps. We’ll see what I have “time” for… oh but wait… we don’t measure using those standards anymore do we! Okay, then, we’ll see what I can manage! LOL

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