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To Trust or Not to Trust - That is the Question...

It is amazing to me that one simple message can make so many people rejoice while at the same time making so many squirm in the confines of their own rhetoric. My channel to Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran is a clear channel and therefore I trust him implicitly. I know that he would never give a message with information that wasn’t both necessary and timely.
This most recent message “Ready or Not … Here We Come” which I received and transcribed late in the evening on April 4th has done two things which solidify for me exactly what is going on here and why it was transmitted in the first place:
1) It has shown that there IS a collective and Unified Consciousness on Earth that is Love based and Joy filled and wanting to create a better way for ALL. Within that LARGE majority, this message has created a sense of Joy and uplifting air of excitement and anticipation for a bright tomorrow… most already KNOW that the Galactic Federation of Light is NOT here to rescue our asses but to help us rejoice in all the accomplishments that we ourselves have made toward raising our consciousness and vibration and to help us stay elevated as we move toward Ascension.
2) There are those who, as a result of this message having been published when it was,  have been routed out, who had previously touted themselves as giving information disguised as being for the benefit of all, which was perhaps more to hoodwink, and pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting in an attempt to gain their trust… and for what?
What does it mean to trust? Does it not mean to give the benefit of the doubt? It seems to me that trust is a Love based thing – it’s like faith - that we do because we Love the one being trusted and out of the goodness of our hearts we wish them the best as we would wish for ourselves. It not something that we should have to earn, but rather something that others freely give out of the goodness of their hearts. There is nothing to prove in trust because Love is all the proof that you need. And yet some would perhaps have us believe that we still live in a mistrusting and suspicious world, controlled by fear.
What is suspicion? Is it not fear-based? And yet there are those who would tell you that you SHOULD be suspicious (fearful) of your fellow human because, well… they may not have your best interest at heart. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly seem to me like they are enacting the golden rule… It doesn’t seem to me that this mindset will benefit us In any way to facilitate our movement fully into the Love based society which we so crave and have dreamed about for so long. Even as recently as TODAY I have seen this rhetoric being spewed by “SO-CALLED” reputable sources who claim to be working toward a Love based reality and have gained the “respect” and “trust” of many, which says that you have to be careful who you trust, and that you should be suspicious of anyone that you don’t know, and you need to be careful about believing things that come from “unproven” sources.
Is that working toward a Love based reality? Telling people that they should fear (be suspicious, not trust each other)? In my heart this feels misleading.
In True Love there is NOTHING to prove.
If we are as a Unified Consciousness supposed to be aiming our hearts and our lives toward Love, then how is it that some are still preaching fear and mistrust? How can those individuals honestly expect us to believe that they have our best interests at heart when they are not focused in Love? It further illustrates to me that some individuals who claim to be clear channels in fact are not, they allow their own bias to filter through and all because someone else receives and transcribes a message that they don’t personally agree with and which throws a wrench into the works of their attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting public and their “higher being” that they channel pitches out a retort saying effectively “you cannot trust” … “you must be suspicious”. It seems to me that NO Higher Being would be at all interested in, much less refute, where other information is coming from. They have MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things to do… like focusing on Love and transmitting and holding Light for all those who would choose to Ascend at this time.
And so this might leave us wondering… who is really speaking in such an instance. The channelee, or the channeler?
I have come to a definite conclusion of my own here. I will allow you to come to your own conclusions.
I have to admit that at times I have been skeptical of certain sources, and then decided, because of certain ideas that were conveyed through messages, to trust. But in fact, I RARELY if EVER read other channeled messages at all anymore because I don’t want to be influenced by their content and not be able to be a clear channel for the messages that I myself receive. However, it is now evident to me, after looking for channeled messages that we were told would be received over this past week, exactly who it is that I no longer will pay any attention to because it I now understand where those messages are REALLY coming from… and dare I say it’s NOT the channelee!
Yes, I am still learning. I am still learning to trust my inner guidance as all of you should be. If you have read any of the messages I have channeled from Archangel Michael and Ashtar Sheran (who incidentally ARE the same person – in fact Ashtar Sheran is merely a title, NOT a name as you have probably come to understand – it might better read “The Sheran of Ashtar”), you will duly note that they all are Love based, not a one of them suggests that you should be fearful or suspicious of your fellow humans or anyone else in any way. This to me is the TRUE message of where our Earth is heading; to a Love based society and way of being. AS ALWAYS you need to use your own discretion as to how any information resonates with you. And I myself am also still learning to do that as are many, many others. IF something doesn’t resonate with you, however, doesn’t it stand to reason that, that is YOUR opinion, and should not be impressed upon others just as you would not wish them to impress their opinion upon you? We should all be allowed to make up our own minds rather than having someone tell us “oh, you shouldn’t listen to that source of information” … Now I know that it may seem like I am the pot calling the kettle black here. But what is this really? We each have our own path to follow and on that path are found our individual truths and no two of them will ever be alike. This is by design as the Source of All That Is wishes to experience as much diversity as possible. So with that said, you are entitled to your opinion and you must make the choice as to what you put your faith in. It is worth mentioning however that if you always approach the truth with your heart wide open you will never, ever be deceived.
I feel it’s necessary to state my opinion to bring to your attention that in True Love implying that what words that someone else publishes are not true simply because it’s coming from a new source is like telling you that you don’t have the right to make up your own mind. And in the case of Higher Dimensional Beings who shouldn’t be at all interested in what other channeled sources are saying, what does that say of what their message is REALLY saying about them if they do?
You will notice that I have written my retort in my own words. I do not present my disgust at this practice of disguising the perpetuation of fear as words of Love as having come from my mentor and guide, the one for whom I provide a clear channel. While he does provide support for me in many ways, with regard to backing up what he says in the messages that I transcribe for him, it is not necessary for he himself to do so. And I know that he would never consent to that.
One more thing I want to say before I close, and this is probably something that others may not want you to know either, but I’m going to tell you anyway because you NEED to know:
We are fast approaching a crossroads, a turning point; a moment at which realities/dimensions will diverge forever. It is a fact, and some of you already know this, that YOU have, and in fact have ALWAYS had the ability to contact and communicate with beings in the Higher Dimensions. Some of you are making full use of this ability even now, but you don’t talk about it because you are not certain that what you are experiencing is real, can be trusted, or maybe have looked upon it as you having a conversation with yourself. In fact I can guarantee you that what most of you are experiencing is real, and after you have done it for a while you will come to know the frequencies of the ones you speak with and be able to discern them from your own, and from each other.
Also fast approaching is the “time” when channeled messages will be a thing of the past because each individual will have the ability to establish contact with anyone and everyone they wish too in an easy and ongoing manner. In fact this is the way we will ALL communicate with each other. Eventually, even words will not be necessary as thoughts and feelings and emotions will be conveyed through pure thought. I know that some already experience this too. Practice it! It will be your way of life in very short order, and then we can put these days behind us where people tell you that you should only pay heed to messages coming from a “trusted source”, because EVERY source will be a trusted source and it will be YOU!!!
To all of you who have been consistently drawn to this blog for the messages it conveys in True Love and Respect and Benevolence toward All, thank you for your continued readership! It is very much appreciated. I hope that you will continue to enjoy what is written here and I look forward to sharing with you as we move forward together into this New Era of Love, Peace and Joy.
I thank you with all my heart! ~Ariel~

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  1. Beautiful, heartfelt, highly informative message, Beloved Angel Sister. Thank you for sharing with ALL with your open Heart!!! Eternal Love to you, Dearest One.


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