Sunday, May 29, 2011

Say Hello...

Tonight (Saturday, May 28, 2011) I was sitting with my laptop on the coffee table in front of me. I didn’t have any real agenda. Officially “off” of FaceBook for the holiday weekend, I had exhausted my only reason for going there much earlier in the day; to visit with Dear Charity, our Beloved Chamuel’s Twin Flame.

I had read Meredith Murphy’s newest channeling of Naeshira earlier in the afternoon, after receiving a notice in my inbox that she had posted it on her website. THAT was encouraging because I read something there that I had not previously seen her reference in any of her channeled messages that I have read. At first I was a bit disappointed, because while the message was a very positive one, admittedly I’ve been on pins and needles the last few days looking for some sign that “Disclosure” is coming soon. Naturally, since I had told Michael a while back that I don’t want to know, he’s not telling me. But I keep hoping that someone will be forthcoming with information at some point that suggests that it is not far off. You see, I’ve just been having this nagging feeling – okay, it’s Ecstasy!  - it’s like this wonderful feeling of Love Bliss right in the middle of my chest that expands throughout my whole being that says “SOON!! AND VERY SOON!!”  in great big shouted words that I just cannot ignore any longer – that Disclosure, and maybe not in the way that we may have been anticipating (by way of announcement from our governments first) but rather by simply arriving and unveiling in the skies, very similar to my account of the same in the dream that I described in my blog post entitled “Finally”, is very near indeed.

Well, I read through the first couple of paragraphs of Meredith’s message from Naeshira, and was kind of thinking “Aaaah, darn! This is just more of the same kind of stuff that everyone else is saying… “ and I actually considered not reading the rest of it, but Michael piped up and said “Keep reading… Go on, keep reading” and I said to him “Aaaah….. there’s something here that you WANT me to read isn’t there?” and he said “just keep reading” as he was grinning from ear to ear and bouncing up and down like a little kid getting ready to open birthday presents. I’m not going to post the whole message here, though I will provide a link so you can read it in its entirety if you like.  It’s called The Light of the New Creation Flows Forth” and my favorite part of it is this:

“The Earth will no longer exist as a sectioned off/portioned off aspect of the galaxy.  The biosphere will dynamically transform to sustain and allow life forms from distant stars to be fully present here and participate in a learning/growing process of collaborative co-creation and to experience from and through you that which is uniquely human and divine!” 

Woohoo!! Now THAT’S what I’m talking about… and Michael is still grinning from ear to ear and bouncing up and down!!

Another of my friends called me a while after I had read this, and I shared it with her… read it to her over the phone, and she seemed enthusiastic, but then just after I got through reading it to her I stepped outside to enjoy the last traces of sunset barely left in the sky, she said “Oh my God, OH MY GOD!” and repeated that phrase a couple of times and told me that she needed to call me back… and so I hung up the phone thinking to myself “yeah with my luck she probably just saw a Lightship or something and had to use her phone to take a picture of it… and just as I was thinking that to myself, right in front of my eyes, about halfway up in the sky, a bright spot appeared and grew really bright for just a couple of seconds and then faded out again. And I considered it for a moment, and being that the sun had just gone down and the angle the light was in the sky, well it could have been a jet, except for one thing; I had a communiqué with the occupants. I said “Hi! Is it time?” and ‘they’ said “It’s time” and I laughed and laughed with utter joy! You see one evening about 2 months ago, when I had gone to the park and was sitting on my favorite park bench, Michael tried to tell me I should go home as it was getting late, and being that it was still early spring, starting to get cold outside and I hadn’t really dressed for cold (because earlier in the afternoon it had been Lovely and warm). And I had told him that I was hoping to “see” something, maybe one of the Lightships before I left to head back home??? And no sooner had the thought come into my head, than a very similar bright spot appeared in the sky in the exact spot I was looking. It grew in intensity, faded in and out a couple of times, and then disappeared. There have been other instances like that too, but I never really thought anything of them at the time they happened.

Well, my friend didn’t see a Lightship, but she called me back she told me that she did use her phone to take a picture of a neat cloud formation she had seen. Then I told her I had seen a Lightship and the communiqué I exchanged with the occupants…  When we hung up again, I thought about a similar thing I had seen the night before last when I was sitting out in the yard on my chaise lounge at about 11:30PM (I like to do that; just sit out under the stars, hoping, hoping just maybe I’ll catch a glimpse…). I had been sitting there for about 15 or 20 minutes just looking around the sky, and at one point I was looking up and again exactly in the spot I was looking a bright spot appear – looking for all practicality like a star, but it was moving… south to north - keep in mind that it was 11:30 at night, so if it was some kind of craft reflecting the sun, it was WAY up there – I think it was way up there anyway, but I don’t think it was reflecting the sun and here’s why; when it went over and headed off further north, I got up out of my chair and followed it with my gaze.  After it had gone quite a ways past where I was standing – it was at about 35 to 40 degrees above the horizon, I was thinking at it “You’re so beautiful!” and not more than a second after I thought that it grew in intensity so much that it almost resembled the brightness of the landing lights on a passenger jet, but there was no other resemblance to a passenger jet… it didn’t have any of the characteristic blinking or strobing lights that you typically see on a passenger jet… it was just a steady star-like luminescence until I had thought at it and it grew many times in intensity from what it had been, stayed like that for about 5 seconds then slowly faded back to its previous brightness and continued on its northerly direction until it went out of sight.

The thoughts of that night escaped me as I headed back in to the house after finishing the conversation with my friend. I puttered around, fixed myself a small meal, and set about trying to find something to do on this “do-nothing” evening.

Being that I had nothing “better” to do, and that I didn’t really want to do anything else, I was going to look up pictures of “Archangel Michael” on Bing images, but since Michael seemed to think that I could spend my time “differently”, I told him that I decided to look up pictures of “Ashtar Sheran” instead. Yeah, I know, what’s the difference, right? Well, not much really. I was being “bad”. Heeheehee. And though Michael objected a bit I commenced to looking up pictures of Ashtar Sheran… and interestingly found a French website that had all kinds of different artistic renderings of him. Also interesting was the number of them I HADN’T seen before and how much they truly resembled him as I know him, clear down to the goofy grin like in the portrait I sketched of him a couple of weeks back. One had him in a very sexy pose looking quite buff! Very interesting indeed… 

Mmmmmm... yummy! :-D

So, I searched and searched and finally reached the end of the results for pictures of Ashtar Sheran, and Michael said to me “you know, you could be doing other things instead of that… something more constructive?” and I kind of ignored him… I was getting ready to conduct another search on something equally silly. I don’t happen to remember what it was though because about that time Michael said to me “Why don’t you put that up and go outside, there’s something I want to show you…” and I thought about it for a moment, considering all the times he’s said that to me that I bit, and nothing happened (but then I didn’t really have faith that anything would), and then I thought that since I wasn’t doing anything really important, hey, why not? “Okay, I said… “ and I got the distinct impression he wanted me to go out the front door this time… now that was different. So I said to him “You want me to go out the front this time don’t you?” and he said “Yes I do, go out into your front yard”.

So I got up and headed that direction and realized I needed to pee really bad, so I told him “hang on I have to pee really bad” and he said “then go pee and when you’re done go outside”…

So okay, I went into the bathroom, and you know it’s really easy to continue the conversation with Michael even though I might be otherwise indisposed … he’s been with me all my life, and especially over the last several months I’ve kind of gotten used to him “being” everywhere I go and so it’s not unusual for me to carry on a conversation with him while I’m doing  “other things”… So as I sat there in the bathroom, doing what I was doing I said to Michael, “So, is this going to be the Big Event?” and he said “No, just a preliminary …. Something just for you, Daan, just for you”. So I finished in the bathroom and as I left and stepped into the hallway, in a moment of doubt the thought crossed my mind “what if I go out there and nothing happens?” again recalling the times when Michael had me go outside (sometimes in the middle of a cold winter night) and indeed nothing happened … but then I also thought, “no, I’m done with doubting, so I’m just going to go outside like he asked me to without questioning and see what happens”.

I went down the hallway, turned into the living room and headed for the front door, turning off the outside light before I turned the doorknob, opened the door and stepped out onto the front porch. It was a beautiful night, not too warm, not too cool, just perfect really. I went down the steps and stood on the sidewalk for a moment and then walked out into a more open part of the yard where the trees didn’t obstruct the view of the starry sky. I stood facing west as I usually do when I’m looking for some kind of “action” up there. I looked up into the sky and said, “Okay, I’m out here now, what did you want me to see?” and Michael said “turn around, you’re facing the wrong direction…”. So I turned around and walked a couple of feet and stopped, and said “okay, I’m facing the other direction, now what did you want me to see?” …. Nothing…no answer. Great!

I stepped back onto the sidewalk and turned toward the house, noting how perfectly the two huge cedar trees that grow on either side of the house perfectly framed the Big Dipper. And then looking straight up I saw just a hint of a circular area that was slightly brighter than the rest of the night sky, almost glowing a bit. Well, I have seen this before, and in fact last summer (2010) I had discovered that there was a Mother Ship in geosynchronous orbit about 40 degrees above the horizon in the western sky close to where the house I live in is located (it’s not there anymore – it moved… I’m not sure where to). I would often see this kind of barely-there luminescent glow whenever there was a Lightship either leaving or coming back to the Mother Ship, which I had witnessed many times. Tonight I looked at this sort-of bright spot in the sky, and I asked Michael if this was what he wanted me to see, as I went over and sat on the next to bottom step of the front porch so I could lean back and lay my head on the top step as it was making my neck hurt to crane my head back to get a better look at it, and he asked me “what does it look like to you?” and I told him “it’s a vaguely round  sort of glow-y thing not unlike the Mother Ship that used to park off over there a ways, but maybe it’s just a cloud” referring to the area the Mother Ship had been in last Spring. And then I noted that what I was looking at tonight almost resembled a free-standing “punch cloud” … you know, one of those perfectly round doughnut holes punched in an otherwise solid cloud cover… this was almost more like a ring, like there was something round that was invisible except for mist that was forming around the edges betraying its circular shape… it began moving off to the east… to my left, I could see stars through the center of it. And then just at that moment, exactly in the spot it had occupied just a moment before, a pinpoint of light, like a star, materialized right before my eyes and began trekking northward. And just as it was very nearly right overhead I thought “You are so amazing!” and right at the point that it WAS directly overhead it luminesced and got really bright for a couple of seconds and then went back to its star-like brightness as it continued north over the roof of the house, and as I stood up and watched it go it faded out completely right before my eyes.

Of course, in my heart I realized what had just happened, that I had been waved “hello” to, and that it, in fact, had been planned out that way, so that once again, I would know that this is and has been, all very real, and a glimpse of what we have to look forward to in the very near future… the VERY near future. When exactly that will be, I can’t say, because I don’t know. I just can’t wrap my mind around it, and my heart being centered in Love doesn’t care; it simply knows that it WILL be, and that’s good enough for it. But upon making this realization, once and for all, that here, on this night, right before my eyes, something very special had been orchestrated and pulled off flawlessly, and the implications made me start giggling uncontrollably. In fact I giggled all the way up the steps and into the house, and I kept on giggling until I finally found my boyfriend, and commenced to tell him what I had just witnessed (he’s still a bit skeptical, so his reaction wasn’t as excited as was my own but he did acknowledge it that I was telling the truth about what I had experienced/seen). I’ve been falling victim to giggling fits off and on for the rest of the night, and now that it’s getting late and I’m thinking that after I finish writing this I will turn in, I’m wondering what kind of “dreams” I’ll be having tonight…

Get ready to say hello, to our Brothers and Sisters from the stars, and Higher Dimensions… they are here and we will be meeting them in person very shortly!

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