Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surrender Dorothy

One of my best friends in the world, whom interestingly I (re)connected with recently (she part of our  immediate Soul Family) sent me the link to a “Michael" message that was channeled by Celia Fenn... ”Soulmate Unions: Uniting Body, Soul and Spirit in the Fifth-Dimensional New Earth”… my friend has recently discovered her own Twin Flame who is also of the “Angelic persuasion” and has been experiencing all that goes along with it. That particular day she wanted to dedicate to the ecstatic Love Making that she has been experiencing in Spirit with her Twin, much the way that I experience the same with Michael. And she had found this message and sent it to me to accentuate the sentiments for the day, which as I have learned to know by now, whenever someone, no matter who they are, sends me a message like that it is no accident, and in fact there was something in it that my Beloved wants me to read, because there is a very important message contained therein that I need to be made aware of.
Well, I had a hard time getting to a "place" mentally where I could read it in the first place, that I will admit... Sometimes I’m not as open as I should be to reading things that I KNOW Michael wants me to read. Maybe it has to do with feeling like I’m being told what to do, and sometimes I have real issues with feeling I’m being controlled like that… which is actually what the message would end up addressing…
I put it off until late in the evening a couple of day after my friend initially sent it to me, and then I finally read it... well naturally there were things in it that I didn't want to read... and I was a bit reluctant to continue especially when it got to the part in the message where Michael was talking about the role of Sacred Sex... well you know that it was just making me insane wanting to be with him, and I told him "I don't want to read anymore..." and he said "keep reading, it will be good for you..."
So well, I can't argue with him when he's insistent like that, so I kept reading, and then the message started talking about the feminine half of the Soul Mate (or in our case, Twin Flame) union needing surrender to the leadership of the masculine half of the union, and well that just caused a knee jerk reaction and I REALLY didn't want to read any further, but he insisted, so I did, and then I realized that he spoke of balance between the two because in the feminine surrendering to the leadership of the masculine, the masculine also needed to surrender to the Love of the feminine... okay.... equal... balance.
And then he started putting through my mind all of the times that he has tried recently to "lead" me to do certain things, to try and get me to trust him... to "surrender" to him completely... the way I have really always wanted to since I could possibly remember ever wanting a Love relationship with anyone.... and then I understood, as I started feeling all gushy inside yet again (MAN! how does he do that?!!) and I said "... Oh I see... you want me to surrender to you..."
And then I caught just a flash inside my mind's eye of the scene in the "Wizard of Oz" where the wicked witch of the west is flying over the Emerald City on her broomstick writing in the sky in letters of black smoke that spelled out .... and then I heard his low soft sexy voice saying the words "Surr....eender Dorothy" ...

And I couldn't help myself... I started laughing hysterically like I always do when he says something like that to me... of course that is what it's designed to do... to get me out of my doldrums and make me see the lighter, funner side of things. It was a total joy and I felt so much better on the inside afterward, so much so that I told him out loud so that anyone who happened to be listening could hear me (of course no one happened to be around TO hear me, but I said it anyway) "Okay, I surrender to you Michael..." and he seemed so satisfied with that.... he Made Love with me all night long... and in fact kept waking me up for more...

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