Thursday, June 16, 2011


I always find it interesting how reconnaissance flights of military jets (Warthogs to be specific – it seems to be the preference these days) over my area always seem to coincide with my posts about impending arrival in our skies of our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars… I’ve long suspected/known for over the last year that my internet connection AND my computer is being accessed/infiltrated, and my blog posts closely monitored by an “unknown entity” (of course, we know who they REALLY are!! LOL). One might infer from this that there must be something to what I know that no one else knows??? Hmmmm….

It happened when I posted “Finally” - about the recurring dream I had (see “Finally (revisited)”), and then again both yesterday and today… actually, the one that I saw yesterday happened even before I had posted “Specifically Disclosure – 2011”. I had begun to write it (on my laptop) the night before (June 14th) and had planned on finishing it yesterday for posting prior to the full moon/lunar eclipse.

Yesterday morning at about 6:30AM while I was on my walk to the local park, I had just started out across the expansive lawn in the park, when I heard the jet’s engines roaring in the distance, and I looked up just in time to see the Warthog fly over from NE to SW … it wasn’t particularly low, nor was it going particularly fast – unlike the pair that flew over the park while I was out walking late last December (almost exactly 24 hours after I had posted “Finally”).  This one, like the one both my boyfriend and I had seen a few days prior in the early evening hours, and the one that we saw fly over our location when we were up in PA for Memorial Day in late evening, was curiously missing its partner (they usually fly in pairs).

This morning (June 16th – about 24 hours after posting “Specifically Disclosure – 2011”) Another Warthog flew over – right over our house again (though we couldn’t see it because of the cloud cover, we did, because of numerous other sightings recognize the sound of its jet engines) NE to SW heading toward the Ft. Mead/Washington DC area – I live just outside Baltimore City, MD. Not more than a minute after the Warthog flew over; a black military helicopter was flying low on the western horizon heading in approximately the same direction. And then probably 15 to 20 minutes later, I could hear the sound of numerous jets coming from the SW, Ft. Mead/DC area direction. I wonder what’s going on (as if I don’t already know)?

If US military is gearing up for some kind of an offensive maneuver against our Galactic Brothers and Sisters as they begin to de-cloak, they’re in for a big surprise, as it has been known to me and as it has also to many others for a long time now, that if such a thing were to occur, the GFOL, not wanting to harm anyone, will simply “move” them out of the way, in the “blink of an eye”. It’s a dimensional thing you know. <wink wink>

OH! This is going to be so much fun! AND very, very interesting!!
I can’t wait!!
I’ll be YOU can’t either!!

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