Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some People Call Me Ashtar Sheran

Some People Call Me Ashtar Sheran – A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis June 1, 2011)


Allow me to introduce myself: I AM Archangel Michael. Some people call me Ashtar Sheran. I AM one and the same. This period that Earth is now going through, begun long ago, is one that required extraordinary measures in order to anchor the Light and assure the outcome, though I assure you; the outcome has always been assured. [smile] Such extraordinary measures of which I speak have included, no less, the necessity and free will choice of many of us who have never been incarnate before, to become incarnate in order to help facilitate in the best ways possible, the Ascension of Planet Earth and All Her In Habitants.

My own incarnate “identity” is as Ashtar Sheran. This physical body has been party to a blended Soul – or the state of being known as Soul Multiplicity – though recently, over the last year, the other Souls who were in residence within this physical body have vacated leaving only my own vibration, that which you are familiar with as Archangel Michael. In the upper echelons, the higher dimensions, I have no spoken name, for spoken language made of words is not used, but rather I can be recognized by my frequency/vibration, or as some refer to as, my “aura”. This is the way that we recognize All of you also, for within your Soul you encompass your own unique frequency of Light, your own unique color that distinguishes you from all other souls. Each of you are also part of the extraordinary measures of which I spoke earlier, for without your prior arrangement and planning to be here at this time, the outcome, although as always has been assured, may have been quite different, and may perhaps have taken longer than it has. As it stands, through your steadfastness and your stalwart demeanor, All has actually come out ahead of schedule.

The vibration of Planet Earth and All her inhabitants has been successfully raised to a degree that those of us who came into being, became incarnate, in the Higher Dimensions, most prevalently this, the 5th dimension, which you have so diligently been aiming yourselves toward, are now fully compatible with and can now interact freely among you and with you. This opens up all kinds of possibilities, not the least of which is Earth’s full inclusion into the Galactic Community, of which you have heard so much about. Information will be disseminated to you; which up until now some have known about, but which was kept from you. All secrets have come to an end now, however, and full disclosure is now at hand. There is nothing that can stop this process now, even though some still believe that they maintain ultimate power where Love now prevails. They will be dealt with, firmly but gently, so that there will be no doubt left in them which direction the world has turned, and the decree of the majority of the population of Planet Earth, that this is now a “fear free zone” will go up in a great cheer of Freedom for All based in True Unconditional Love.

We of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command would like to extend deep gratitude to All of you for working so diligently holding the Light here and making possible what now will take place. We would especially like to commend all of you who have come here to be reunited with your Twin Flames, as it is through this connection of Deepest True and Unconditional Love that huge amounts of Love Energy have been created on behalf of Planet Earth and All Her In Habitants, to assist in holding the Light and raising the vibration ahead of what was anticipated. Yours has been a difficult undertaking and is greatly appreciated and respected by All. Of course All Souls who are here now will continue collecting, holding, transmitting and generating Love and Light to continue on toward the culmination of this Ascension process when you are fully within the 5th Dimension and all traces of the 3rd Dimension have fallen away.

The Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command greatly look forward to assisting you in the next steps you will take in becoming full members of your Galactic Community. It is our honor to bring to you knowledge of ways that will make your lives infinitely more enjoyable, and you will be living them in pursuit of that which brings you Joy and Happiness, instead of  eking out a meager existence or feeling the need to try and amass as much material wealth as possible to keep ahead of “the game”. In your New Earth, the amassing of great wealth will not even be a consideration to you, as you will come to understand that attaining what you want, need or desire, is as simple as conceiving of it, and you will learn unequivocally how to provide yourselves with All that you require to make you happy.

I would like to take opportunity now to bring up a point of contention that many of you who are still on the dividing line have had over recent developments and received messages pointing to certain events that will be taking place shortly. While it has been evident to us that the intent and meaning of these messages has been undeniably clear, still it appears many had misinterpreted what was said, either through not fully understanding what is necessary in order for these events to take place, or because of their own doubt and fear of what is slated to take place, or the doubt that any of it is real, or will ever take place. We want to reassure you, once again, that the outcome is assured, and though, as there are still “hold-outs” within some of your governments, ehem [throat-clearing sound], and undoubtedly you know who they are,  we are still waiting patiently for them to secede and move aside so that we may enter your airspace and reveal ourselves directly to you, the People of Earth, the majority who truly want to take this next step. We also want to assure you that “push” IS coming to “shove” and soon we will take matters into hand whether we would receive a warm welcome from your hold-out governments or not. We also want to assure you that this WILL happen SOONER rather than later, as the majority has spoken and Freedom from tyranny, and movement toward a Joy based existence which is founded in Love is now desired. It is, after all, your Divine Right, and is the way that your experience has always been prior to your becoming incarnate in the 3rd Dimension.

As I have iterated and reiterated within this message, the outcome is now assured, but let me stress that your diligence in holding the Light for those who are still awakening is vital. It is necessary for you to continue to do all you can to bring Earth into Ascension, so don’t stop now because you are aware that the desired outcome is guaranteed. Remain Heart Centered and Love-filled so that through your compassion toward your Brothers and Sisters who still have yet to awaken, Love will continue to prevail and your Journey and destination ultimately fulfilling. You once were careening toward a future of uncertainty, but once within the Light gained momentum toward the future of your dreams, finally escaping the nightmare that your lives had become. You are still gaining momentum which will bring you to your rightful place in the Divine Plan ever quickening if you will but maintain that increasing momentum. This will also assure the smoothest ride to your destination as the added Energy will tend to prevent anticipated “bumps” in the road. Your arrival fully within the 5th Dimension will be virtually guaranteed free of major disasters and catastrophic Earth Changes as your Light and higher vibration assist Earth with attaining and maintaining Her own Light and higher vibration.

All is well.  All is going according to Divine Plan.  All will be announced shortly and All will be known once and for All.

I AM Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran. I have been planet-side for some “time” now making arrangements for unveiling of the fleet in your skies, though I now return to orbit to make final preparations for full disclosure at which time I will return to the surface for the extended stay which was mentioned in a previous transmission. I look very much forward to greeting you then! Until then I send my Love out to each and every one of you, that you have a glimpse of what you will be feeling non-stop in the coming days. Blessings of Love and Joy to you All! [smile]


  1. I believe! Everything in love is possible
    I'm with you Ariel, I feel this message genuine and 100% light.

  2. Dear Ariel,

    I loved this message! Especially this part:

    "In your New Earth, the amassing of great wealth will not even be a consideration to you, as you will come to understand that attaining what you want, need or desire, is as simple as conceiving of it, and you will learn unequivocally how to provide yourselves with All that you require to make you happy"

    And like Juan Miguel, I too believe that everything in love is possible. Sending you MUCH love! (((((((((hugs))))))))).

    Love always!

  3. Blessings love and energy from a new believer !


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