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Specifically Disclosure - 2011

Lunar Eclipse, December, 2010
There is a full moon and total lunar eclipse today, both commencing at 4:13 PM, Eastern Daylight Time, according to the calendar hanging on the wall in my kitchen. One of two we’ve been treated to in just the past almost 7 months. Is that unusual? I don’t know… perhaps more unusual have been all of the astronomical events over the last couple of months up to and including Summer Solstice a little less than a week from now.  All of this together of course portends and will deliver to us huge, huge energies which we can utilize for upcoming events.

I DO know that this whole last year, and then some has been very unusual for me in particular. But that’s actually a good thing. Life was getting pretty stagnant there for a while, and I’m glad that I now have something that truly resonates with me that I live for. Many others feel the same way, I know that. And now, as I write this I think about all the of people I’ve talked to lately, who don’t really know me, and don’t have any idea of my own personal history within this wondrous thing that we are leading up to in the evolution of humanity on Earth, that they still sense that something wonderful and beyond our previous ability to comprehend is about to happen. Though most of us, even if we aren’t consciously aware of what it is that will take place shortly, have at least been exposed to the idea, the concept, in some fashion, that even to those for whom it will be a total surprise, will not produce the reactions of shock and terror that some would have us believe it will. There are reasons for that which I will go into in more detail in a bit.

So what is it that I’m talking about here? Well, it’s something that some people believe, and they would be right about that, has been ongoing over the last couple of years, at the very least. It is something that some don’t think will come to the spectacular conclusion that some of us know it will… rather opting for a gradual turn over, accepting new ways and incorporating them gradually, as we’ve become accustomed to in our existence in 3D life on Earth.

But times have changed. In fact times have changed so drastically that we are now fully within a new timeline, a few steps inside the entrance to the 5th Dimension in fact. And as a result of things having changed so much, they actually happen much quicker than they used to, especially with regard to moving toward a more Joy filled existence based in Love. Those who once feared that December 21st, 2012 would herald the end of the world, culminating with the catastrophic cataclysm of another astronomical body careening into Earth, can relax now, knowing that no such thing will happen. Those who feared that the Illuminati would successfully create their New World Order destroying over 90% of human life on the planet and enslaving all but a handful of the rest, can rest assured, that such a thing will never happen. We are, in fact, now free of all tyranny, because we, in fact, have freed ourselves through the process of our change of heart. We now look forward to a future filled with Love and Peace, Joy and Happiness, and why; because we realize that Love is the only thing that is real, and is the only way to Peace, Joy and Happiness.

So, what IS all the recent build-up of excitement about? Well, if you’ve ascertained that it is about us finally finding out once and for all that we, the People of Earth are NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN alone in this Universe of wonders, that in fact we are only a tiny part of the whole of Humanity which spans far beyond our known Galaxy, then you’d be on the right track. And it’s really about much more than just us not being alone in the Universe, but I’ll elaborate more on that also in a bit.

We have more often than not lately seen it being referred to simply as “Disclosure”. And I’m inclined to agree, as I’ve hinted at above that this is something that has been a gradual thing; our consciousness and awareness being brought up to a level where we could comprehend what is about to take place through strategically choreographed “gradual” revelation of “what’s up there”. Well, what IS up there?

Quite simply put; millions of beings comprised of representatives of several hundred thousand different Star Nations.  Yes, you read correctly “Star Nations”.  These are comprised largely of beings who are in a 5th Dimensional vibratory existence, meaning that up until recently – when the balance on Earth was tipped and a majority of Earth Humanity had raised their consciousness and vibration to a high enough level  – were only able to interact with us either by way of channeled messages sent through telepathic adepts, or by lowering their own vibration for short periods of time to conduct meetings and such for purposes of reaching agreements with Earth governments on how to approach the immanent disclosure of their existence, and why they are here.

So… why ARE they here anyway?

Some who are aware of these beings’ presence, but who also still live within the fear that is promoted by the propaganda of certain exiting (shall we call them) “shadow governments”, which implies that immanent disclosure REALLY means immanent “invasion”, claim that those of us who know otherwise, believe that these beings are here to save us from a rather uncertain and probably (from their point of view) unsavory future. However, those of us who know better, know that they are REALLY here for a couple of other reasons, not the least of which is to congratulate us on a job well done with regard to raising our awareness/consciousness, and hence our vibration. They have been here for a long, long time also, to protect us from outside influences while we go through this process of raising ourselves up and freeing ourselves once and for all from a fear-based existence.

So what does it mean; raising ourselves up? Well, to put it bluntly, we’re preparing to Ascend, much in the same way that we have come to know that the various Ascended Master who we are familiar with did (Jesus [commonly known these days as Esu, or Sananda] his wife Miriam [Mary Magdalene/Lady Nada], Quan Yin, El Morya, St. Germaine, Kuthumi…the list goes on and on). Only at this particular point in time, it is not just a few who would make the journey to the higher dimensions, but the whole planet, if we so choose. And, in fact, Planet Earth, or Gaia, as some prefer to call her, is a living breathing being also (now THERE’S something to write home about!), and she will also be making the ascent into the higher dimensions, first stop the 5th Dimension where life is infinitely easier, facilitating an existence based in the pursuit of Joy and Happiness – all of our wants and needs will be provided for simply because we desire it.  

Ascension to the 5th Dimension; it sounds like Heaven on Earth! And indeed that is what our world is slowly turning into. I don’t think that there are many people left who aren’t aware that something is changing about the way we live our lives. Yes, many still see the struggles that we go through, but these struggles are ending, and rapidly. There is much “news” that is promoted in an attempt to keep us in fear; telling of all the tragedies and atrocities that are still going on in the world, and I don’t deny that bad things still happen – or what we term as “bad” because of the way we perceive them; in actuality, the Source of our Creation (or “God” as many prefer the label) totally embraces ALL experiences, and does not judge us at all, ever! This is very necessary in order to maintain the perfect balance that is currently experienced throughout All Creation; it’s the Yin and the Yang, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, as above so below. So how does this balance out within the 5th Dimension? Everything that we are leaving behind, all the wars and bloodshed, poverty, slavery, starvation, all the “bad” stuff, can only exist in the lower dimensions where the vibration is much lower/slower, and all matter is much denser. That which we typically deem as “negative” emotion is also slow and incredibly dense, and also can only exist in the lower dimensions. As we Ascend into the 5th Dimension (which we already have a foot in the door of and are getting ready to heave the rest of ourselves fully into) we will experience, as many of us already are, a peeling back, and falling away of the old paradigm. Things and thoughts and feelings that cannot exist as a part of the New Earth in the 5th Dimension will, for the most part, seemingly cease to exist. Do they really cease to exist? I don’t know, though I have been witness to some situations in recent months which would seem to indicate that yes indeed, some things are simply disappearing from our current existence/reality, almost as if they had never existed.

Now I want to go back for a moment and talk some more about people who are aware that things are changing in our world; you’d almost have to be “dead” (rhetorically speaking of course; if you were REALLY dead in fact you would know by default because you would know everything), I think, to NOT be aware of it on some level. I know that there are those of us who are VERY consciously aware of what is going on, and this is where the term Lightworker comes in; we work to gather and hold the incoming Energies from the center of the Universe (or the Great Central Sun) in the form of “Light”, which could also be translated as “Love”, in order that those who are beginning to stir can be facilitated to awaken to the greatest gift ever offered by way of an opportunity to Ascend at this time, and to allow those who are still sleeping to begin to stir. Now, I’ll expect you’re wondering who will make it to Ascension? If this is the first you’re hearing of it, and I’m nearly certain that there are still many who have never heard of this and have no idea what I’m talking about who are considering if they are a candidate for Ascension, then I have some good news for you.

Let me make it clear to you; EVERYONE is a candidate for Ascension, even those who are still caught up in the rhetoric of the old ways; violence, hatred, bigotry, etc., etc., etc. WHAT? How can that be, you ask? That can be because on the inside we are all the same: Beautiful Beings of Light – Human Angels, quite literally. This is what many commonly refer to as the Soul. Spirit is in there too… that is your Godspark, that part of you that is God Essence directly from your Creator – it is what makes you infinitely connected to and a part of, hence NEVER having been separate from, the Source of your Creation, or effectively God. In actuality, because of our connectedness to God, we are no different than God, because we are a part of God, and therefor in our truest state of being, which is Pure Love Energy, we have all the aspects of God, including Omnipotence and Omniscience, as integral parts of our being. So effectively, we are All Creator Gods in our own respect, with regard to our True Nature and what we are capable of. It’s just that when we opted to experience life on Earth in the 3rd Dimension, part of the protocol for doing so, was to leave behind our memory of who and what we are, and what we are really capable of.

So, where does this leave us speaking in terms relative to Ascension? You got it; EVERYONE is a candidate for Ascension. And here’s the thing; I’ve heard SO many “enlightened” individuals claim that in order to Ascend, it has to be a conscious choice on the part of the individual who would Ascend to make that journey.  In my opinion, and I’m saying this because I know it in my heart to be true, in reality, it will be the journey of EVERY Soul, whether a conscious decision on their part is made or not, to Ascend at this time as long as there is Love within the heart, and the heart understands that Unconditional Love is the most powerful Creative Force in the Universe, and that heart lives by that ideal. I know that there is plenty of room in this next higher dimension for All if it should turn out that All Souls currently incarnate on Earth today and in the very near future should Ascend. There is no need to be consciously aware of making a choice to that end, if Unconditional Love is already a way of life for an individual. The choice in this instance is made by default. So those of you who are worried that you will make it and someone that you Love won’t; don’t worry, because I am already aware that more will “make it” than some might tend to think!

So, we are collectively, along with Gaia (Mother Earth), and All Her Inhabitants (yes that includes ALL the plants and animals as they have been innocent bystanders throughout this drama and have built into them the code for Ascension) are destined for Ascension into the 5th Dimension. How does that work? Well, you’ll note the aforementioned reference to an Ascension “code”… and that is merely a DNA sequence which when exposed to True Unconditional Love Energy which is being beamed at us from the center of the Universe – the Center of Creation – changes our DNA from its currently corrupt  form (and I’m not going to go into great detail on how it became corrupt; suffice it to say that Earth has been like a giant Cosmic petri dish in terms of DNA manipulation, and somewhere along the line, our DNA was degraded from it’s original 12 strands to its current 2 strands) gradually back into its original form (12 strands), upon which the changes in DNA also result in changes in our physical bodies, changing us gradually from our current carbon based physiology, back to a silicon based physiology. This is essential in order for us to exist within the higher vibratory rate of the 5th Dimension. Without this change in physiology, if we were to attempt to enter the 5th Dimension, because the vibration there is so much higher/faster than it is here, we would simply burn up.  But not to worry because no one can go there on their own without the appropriate preparations.

And if you’re wondering, well, wouldn’t that kind of change of your physiological structure include some mighty uncomfortable symptoms…after all you’re talking about a COMPLETE change over from one chemical base to a completely different one, isn’t that going to hurt? Well, yeah!! We call them “Ascension Symptoms” which consist of any unexplained symptom including, but not limited to migraine headaches (especially if you’ve never had them before), digestive upsets (nausea, diarrhea, gas, bloating, indigestion), hot flashes/night sweats even when you’re not menopausal (i.e. this occurs in men as frequently as it does in women), muscle and joint aches and pains, blurred or shimmery vision, dizziness/vertigo, ringing of the ears (which is often your Angels or Spirit Guides trying to get your attention), feeling of displacement  or being literally “beside yourself”, shortness of breath, chest pains that are not a heart attack (especially centered in the back, between the shoulder blades). Yes it IS true that many of these symptoms can be attributed to onset of illnesses that are commonplace in 3D existence, however, many, many people who experience these symptoms are otherwise healthy individuals and upon being examined by a healthcare professional, can find nothing overtly wrong with them. However, these symptoms, when you begin to understand the enormously stressful changes that are going on within a body that is changing from carbon based to silicon crystalline based, you also understand how it can result in these often extremely uncomfortable symptoms. So what can be done about it? Not much unfortunately, other than to make yourself as comfortable and wait for the symptoms to pass. And they will. And as a result of having endured and withstood them, you may notice some quite miraculous results in terms of regenerative processes taking place within your body.

Take my own case in point; I was diagnosed as being hypothyroid over 30 years ago. I have taken some  form of synthetic thyroid replacement therapy for all of those years in varying doses (it’s currently inconclusive whether or not I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis). I don’t mind telling you that Beloved Archangel Michael, with whom I have regular conversations ;-), told me several months ago that I could expect my thyroid gland to come “back on line”. I’ve lived with the hope of never having to take supplements again since he told me that, but didn’t know what to expect until recent blood test show that even if I WEREN’T taking supplements at this time, my levels were still so high that I could technically be considered hyPER - rather than hypo – thyroid! Wow! Now, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that I have Hashimoto’s, but I’d never been under the impression that being in a remissive state of Hashimoto’s could result in hyperthyroidism… though I suppose I could be mistaken about that.

I’m not  the only one who is experiencing these miraculous regenerative processes… and even for those of you whom this information is completely new to you, you’ve never heard about it before, if you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms for no particular reason, and/or have experienced seemingly miraculous recoveries/or regenerative events in the past several months to a year, then consider the possibility that because you hold Love within your hearts, and you Joyfully anticipate a future that is filled with Peace and Happiness, and you no longer live in fear as a “normal” part of your life experience, you may wish to consider the probability, even if you haven’t made a “conscious choice” to do so, that you are going through the transition and transformation which will lead you to Ascension. Now, as is the case with All That Is, you still are imbued with Free Will, so if it is not your wish to Ascend at this time and move into an existence where life is infinitely easier, more pleasurable, and devoid of all the “negative” aspects of what you currently experience, then don’t worry. No one will force it upon you, and if you are happy right where you are, then there is where you can stay, if that is your choice. No? I didn’t think so! <smile> Welcome to the 5th Dimension!

So, alright, I’d mentioned previously that one of the reasons why our Galactic Brother and Sisters (otherwise commonly known to many of us as The Galactic Federation of Light, and Ashtar Command, and to most of the rest of Earth inhabitants who are aware of their presence as Extraterrestrials, or more simply, ET’s) is to congratulate us on reaching 5th Dimensional consciousness and vibration/frequency, in addition to protecting us from outside influences while we go through this process. They are here to help us through these next stages leading up to and including our Ascension fully into the 5th Dimension (though not to be confused with “saving” us…the “saving” part we have already accomplished on our own; they only merely intend to give us a “leg up” on the rest of the journey). With them they have brought (what will seem like to us) advanced technology which will now be shared with us, not hoarded by the military factions of various Earth governments (especially that of the USA) as it had been for over 70 years after the little Grays crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.  (That is a history that I won’t go into right now… it’s in the past and soon there won’t be any advantage in remembering those facts.) These technologies, among which are free energy, providing for basic everyday needs for food, clothing and shelter through means of molecular synthesis (yes, just like the food replicators on Star Trek!! LOL), will be accompanied by the equal distribution of “wealth”, and the eventual abolition of the current monetary/financial based system. Eventually as we move further into 5th Dimensional reality our Galactic Brothers and Sisters will assist us in “re-learning” how to manifest the things which we want and need simply by “thinking” them into existence ~ as had always been within our ability to do so, until we intentionally forgot theses abilities when we became incarnate in the 3rd Dimension. This is all so that emphasis can be put on our time and energy being used for the pursuit of Joy and Happiness in complete freedom (instead of barely eking out a living beholden to a privileged few) all in preparation for Ascension into the 5th Dimension, and our inclusion and induction into the Galactic Federation of Light. We are on the verge of becoming Galactic Citizens.

You may be wondering to yourself at this time, “Why is she bringing all of this up now?!” And my answer to you would be, because we are about to embark on this new reality.

Many, in fact, are now aware, though they can’t quite put a finger on what exactly, that something quite profound is on the verge of happening. There is an excitement building toward this event that is quite palpable, more to some of us than it is to others, but still quite discernable. And for those of you who are still wondering what it is, I will lay it out for you quite succinctly; Disclosure.

Quite frankly, we are on the eve of the most important moment in our current history, and that is our introduction, up close and personal to our Galactic Brethren. There has been a protocol in place which had to be followed, one of “non-interference”, up until such a point as I’ve already mention, the balance was tipped and the majority of Humanity now incarnate on Earth sided in favor of Love as a way of life, leaving behind the fear-based existence we had known for so very long. Having reached that tipping point, our beneficent and benevolent Brothers and Sisters of Light now have a green light to introduce themselves to us in person. And the go ahead has been given to begin the introduction by the appearance of a huge armada of their Star Ships de-cloaking in the skies above our heads. Enough people are now aware of their existence through smaller exhibitions, that certain governments, who erringly believe they still have some say in the matter, can be bypassed, and in fact it would appear that the whole “official announcement” through the MSM will be bypassed in favor of more subtle announcements like the one that I am making to you today. I have read others’ opinion on this and they all seem to come to the same conclusion that I myself had made some time ago; that the ships will simply appear suddenly and quietly, unannounced in the skies over every part of the globe.

There will be no mistaking what is taking place, and all people, even those who currently fear this turn of events, will be overtaken by the most wonderful feeling of Love and reassurance emanating from our Beloved Brothers and Sisters, for this is what they feel for us. Pure, Unconditional Love and Infinite Respect for what we have gone through and what we have overcome. Fear will be gone in an instant upon their appearance, and all those who have predicted rioting and looting upon our Star Family’s arrival and unveiling in our skies, will be pleasantly surprised to note that ALL will stop in their tracks, completely smitten by the Love emanating from those ships and their occupants, as All eyes are fixated on their now-perceived-by-All presence in our skies.

I know that your next question is going to be “So, when is all of this going to happen?” and my answer to you is, VERY SOON! It is probably no secret to you that some are already “predicting” and in at least one or two cases, guaranteeing that June 21st, the Summer Solstice, is the deadline. In my conversations with Archangel Michael (aka, Ashtar Sheran), he had stated to me 10 days ago that he now knows the exact date, however, he would not share it with me citing that still “it could change at a moment’s notice”. So we might infer from this that June 21st very well COULD be the day, or at least the deadline. My own gut feeling, coupled with the enormously intense lighting up of Love within my heart Charka, is telling me possibly sooner. The fact remains that we won’t know until it happens, though to as a gauge, if you experience the feeling of butterflies and excited anticipation that you currently have inside of you suddenly explode into an intense feeling of Light and Love within your heart that propels you into an Ecstasy unlike anything you have ever experienced, you can be certain that we are moments away from … Disclosure!

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  1. This resonate 100% with me. Maybe they will massive decloack on winter 2011. Thank you for everything you are doing Ariel.. Im very grateful for your existence. Much love and light


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