Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Little Fish

If I’m not paying attention to someone does it mean that I don’t Love them?

If I feel the same equally for everyone that I know, then how can I in good conscience play favorites? Doesn’t that directly contradict the concept that we are supposed to Love everyone equally well? And what does that say about our dependence on needing to know that someone else Loves us in order to feel that we are in fact Loved? Does not our very nature in being a part of Love itself mean that we are Loved, deeply and profoundly, at all times? Why are we so dependent on needing proof of that Love from each other then? If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to witness it, did it? And yet, there is the fallen tree right there as proof. So why do we need to see the tree fall in order to know that it indeed has fallen?

Someone can say that they don’t want to be needed, that they’d rather be wanted, and yet betray their true feelings by allowing themself to be hurt by their perception that I evidently didn’t need their friendship. Quite frankly, that particular behavior, in my opinion, falls into the category of co-dependency; that is, when a person needs to be needed and if they feel they are not needed by someone that they “care” about then their own sense of self-worth ceases to exist. I have known a lot of personalities in my time, but none confuse me more than this.

The concept that I must be willing to share the Love of my own Beloved with the whole Universe has been brought to my attention, which I concur is right and proper, because that is what True Love is. With regard to myself, however, when I openly show Love for everyone I encounter, which is the way it is and is as it should be, then I am somehow spreading myself too thin, and need to “rein in” if in my humanness I am distracted away from showing “more” Love to any one individual than another?

I don’t think that is the way it is supposed to be. If I am expected to share my Beloved with the whole Universe, then why doesn’t the same thing apply to others who Love me? How is it that they might feel they cannot share me with everyone, and vice versa? This I find very confusing… although I understand. What a paradox!! I find it confusing because it is a way of being contradictory to the way I have come to know that Love should be treated and revered. And yet it is a notion that some hold fast to that what is good for the gander is not necessarily good for the goose. Yet I understand, because I once used to feel the same way…but now having an integral understanding of what Love really is… or rather perhaps remembering what Love really is, I can faithfully make the statement, and mean it, that perhaps IT’S ALL GOOD?!

But I know that jealousy has no place in Love and so I leave it behind for Love. Love does not ebb and flow like the tide. No, that is an ego-ic interpretation of what Love is and how it exists.  Love is constant. It is the only constant in the Universe. Yes there are some who say that the only constant is change, but what is change anyway? Is it not by default the very creative nature of Creator, and hence the Universe that we exist within? And still, it is all held together by Love. Another paradox?

Love is feeling, not e-motion. Feeling only happens when one is still, and only then can the subtlety of those feelings be perceived. Love is steadfast; it is always constant. It is like the dreamer who creates a dream within a dream within a dream… the dream is the Creation resulting from the creative process and said Creation is ever changing, but the dreamer never changes. The dreamer is always constant, always there, always abiding and supine in its restful repose, ever at the ready to dream yet another dream.

I am in Love, of Love, and I AM Love. Happiness, and Joy, and Peace follow me all the days of my life. Fear and loathing are also emotions which have no place in the realm of Love, and so I also consciously leave them behind for Love, and Happiness, and Joy and Peace. This is where my heart is now and nothing and no one can keep me from it. If that means that someone perceives that I have left them behind also, then perhaps it is because they are still caught up in fear and loathing and jealousy, and it is their perception that they have been left behind, because, in fact it is the fear and loathing and jealousy I have left behind, and not them. I still Love. I always will, and to anyone whom I ever said “Love forever”, I really mean that…  Love is ever abiding and because of that I know that one day we’ll be together again.

In the meantime we all have our own paths to follow. Sometimes paths converge, sometimes they part, but the important thing to understand is that no two paths were ever meant to be identical, and because of that, in Love, we can fully accept and appreciate and be happy for one another for the paths that we walk, no matter where they may lead. Eventually we all end up at the same destination, so what does it matter how we got there? The Source of Our Creation does not judge us based on whether we took one route or another. Why do we judge each other?

I am a fish in the current of the river of Life. I have no arms or hands to hold fast to things or people which might impede my progress in my journey to the sea, and I am glad for that. And so, happy little fish that I am, I choose not to swim upstream against the current anymore. No, I’ll use my fins to keep from getting dashed against the rocks, but I will go with the flow of this river, and one day I Know I will reach the sea.
~ Happy Little Fish ~

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