Monday, August 15, 2011

“Turned On? Tune In …” ~ A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran ~


“Turned On? Tune In …”  ~ A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran ~

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on August 15, 2011)

It has been an honor to have assisted in turning you on! ( smile) And now that your light is shining bright and you are in full awareness and embodiment of your True Nature, it is time for you ALL to start tuning in. We are currently entering a gateway, a portal if you will, to an opportunity for each of you to obtain knowingness directly from the Source of All Creation. Soon channeled messages such as the one you are now reading will become unnecessary, and will be marked for decommission, to be relegated to the yard where relics of the past are kept. In their place, each of you will reclaim access to your own innate wisdom which is your own personal truth derived directly from Source by way of your connection to Source through your Higher Self. You will no longer be requisite to acquire a truth from another and in order to translate it into your own truth, as your innate wisdom cannot be anything but the truth. All innate wisdom is of Love, channeled directly from Source, the Source of All Creation, which as you know, IS Love.

As you are in the process of becoming adept at accessing your own innate wisdom, there may be some confusion as to whether or not the wisdom you have attained is true and of Source. This is to be expected as you get your “sea-legs” under you until you are attaining this wisdom on a constant and consistent basis.

You may be wondering, “until such a time as I become adept at retrieving information from the truth of my innate wisdom, how can I tell whether it is true or not?”

Well, I would have to ask you, how does it make you feel?

Does the information you have retrieved make you feel uneasy or filled with doubt? If it does then it is fear based. It cannot be true innate wisdom, because it is not based in Love.

Does the information make you feel vindicated somehow? If it does, then it is also fear based. Vindication is a derivative of ego out of balance; the ego’s need to prove that it is right, because in fact it is afraid that it’s (and more than likely is) wrong.

A truth that is heart centered, and in Love does not need to be proven. It is Truth because Love is the One Universal Truth. It is still your truth and no one else needs to be told your truth in order for it to be True, because everyone already knows the One Universal Truth of Love. No need to reiterate.

So, if the information you retrieve from your innate wisdom instantly makes you feel in Love and at Peace, and in that knowingness you know that all questions are answered, then you know that you have hit the jackpot. This information incites no uneasiness, or doubt. You have no aversion to this truth. There is no need to prove that it is True because in your innate knowingness YOU know it is true, and that is all anyone needs to know. The information is as True as it can get, because it is of Love, of Source, the Source of All Creation and it doesn’t get any truer than that.

Each of you from this point forward will be set with the task of being responsible for your own truths. And knowing that, even though we are now entering into Unity Consciousness, where all knowledge is derived from the same Universal Source, no two truths are alike.  Because of this, and since not everyone yet has equal adeptness at acquiring their own innate wisdom, be careful with the way you wield your own personal truth. If someone asks you what your opinion is, don’t be abashed about being vague. Give them just enough insight to spark their own intuitive process. Allow them the opportunity to go on a quest for and retrieve their own innate wisdom and subsequent knowingness, and personal truth. This is the way to true Unity Consciousness. Even though everyone may tell a slightly different version of the story, because the story originated within the realm of the One Universal Truth, we are all still on the same page.

The future of all channeled knowledge is here, and is within each of you. You are becoming your own clear channel. Because of this you can also now begin to download information from the Akashic Records without assistance from others. This too is a part of your innate wisdom, your inner knowingness accessible to you now directly from Source through connection with your Higher Self. You now can begin to remember everything you agreed to forget upon becoming incarnate in 3D Earth. Go ahead. Reach in and grab something! (grin) If you have no aversion to it then you can be certain it is true. Have fun remembering; just remember not to get lost in your memories. Your true purpose is inherent in the present moment. Make way for all the opportunities you now have to co-create your New Earth.

The Keeper of the Sacred Knowledge now resides on Planet Earth; a physical embodiment of the Energy that allows you to make a direct connection with your innate wisdom. This Energy is now being released to you. It is the sweet perfume of freedom that will incite you to recall your connection to Source through your Higher Self. This Energy is a High Vibration; all lower vibration must be released in order for you to accept this Energy fully into your being. This is a gradual process that many have already begun, and even though you may be holding onto some telltale lower vibrations, no need to fear you’ll miss the boat. Haste makes waste and slow and steady wins the race. As we move deeper into the 5th Dimension, all those leftover bits of lower vibration will have fallen away, so readily as to have seemed quite automatic. Though be mindful of what you are holding onto. If it does not resonate fully in Love, let it go.  It’s only weighing you down. Allow yourself to rise upon your pristine wings high into the great expanse of All That Is, and you will again know the Blissful Ecstasy of Love which is your Divine Right, and True Nature; your inner knowingness and innate wisdom.

I Am Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, and on behalf of myself and All of your Brothers and Sisters of the Higher Dimensions, We look forward to communicating with You directly, and in some cases, up close and personal. (wink, smile)

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