Saturday, October 29, 2011

Magnificent Feeling!!

So, I’ve been experiencing this magnificent feeling of euphoric Ecstasy over the last couple of days… I won’t beat around the bush… it began on Thursday, when I let go of certain [negative] energies that were weighing me down… holding me back… preventing other [positive] energies from entering my experience.
But what I have experienced since then is something different, something magnanimous, and though began the same evening as other positive energies rushing in to fill the void left by the negative energies I let go of, were still different… even more amplified. I felt giddy and excited Thursday night (October 27th), like a little kid on Christmas Eve. And I felt like I wanted to celebrate… dance with the whole world! I felt like we should be having a party and all of humanity should be invited! I sufficed for Elaine being there in the physical, and our respective Beloveds being there in Spirit… though interesting to note that I perceived them both, Chamuel and Michael – but especially Michael – more clearly than I EVER have before. If it weren’t for the fact that I knew they were elsewhere, it might have seemed like they were both in the room with us. They seemed to be someplace where there too was much merry-making and people milling around and interacting as if at a holiday party. I am pretty certain that part of what I’ve been experiencing is me picking up on Michael’s own feelings of elation and celebration… of getting ever closer to an all-important event…  One day… soon.
This feeling, though, continued on into yesterday, where I felt like I was just about to step aboard on a long anticipated and cherished vacation that I’d been planning… all day long yesterday, and into the evening. Of course, in the evening is when I sometimes feel the loneliest, “missing” Michael. But last night, even though I pleaded with him once again to be “with” him, as I often do these days, he easily, and successfully diverted my attention to other thoughts, and I felt better, instantly (even though I still crave to be able to reach out and touch him, hold him, look into his eyes… etc., etc.). It has been that over the last couple of days, those old feelings of sadness, depression and desperation don’t even have a chance, and are quickly whisked out of the way by this wonderful new energy that permeates everything!
And so now, it’s the morning of October 29, 2011, and the feeling hasn’t left me yet… I somehow know it will be with me from now on. That dark cloud that I had been under, essentially since I arrived here in Colorado, has been lifted and the light is streaming in. Hakuna matata … no worries. Ever again. Even in the light of my previously perceived “lack” and that nothing in the material realm with regard to that seems to have changed much (at least outwardly to a point where I can perceive it) … it doesn’t bother me. I can look at tomorrow and not be concerned about what it might bring, because I know instinctively that it’s all good… literally.
And so, like that little kid on Christmas Eve that I’ve been feeling like these last couple of days, I gratefully drink in this wonderful new energy, rubbing my hands together because I KNOW that I’m getting ready to open my presents!! Of course, each one is a delightful surprise ;-) and highly appreciated and cherished simply for the gift that it is. Maybe I’ll open them today… or maybe tomorrow; maybe the next day… it’s all good. The important thing I realize is that it’s a given! It’s going to happen - and in fact, already has… I just need to bring it into my experience!!!
I invite you all to do the same!
Here’s to our Magnificent Feeling! :-D

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Illusion of Lack

So… I understand that it’s “only money”, and that things that happen aren’t necessarily “good” or “bad” “they just are”… The only way I can think of to make these “ideals” work for me at the moment is to completely remove myself from the outside world… and while I was living in Maryland I had that, but I followed my heart and faith in certain Beings (including myself) and processes that need to be implemented and here I am in Colorado running out of money, and patience, and maybe even faith… hmmmm. Kind of ironic wouldn’t you say? But I realize that everything happens for a reason…
I admit that I still finding refuge in a hotel… but that can’t last too much longer as my credit card is near being maxed out… I have no idea how I will pay it back… but it’s only money, and hey, I can hope that one day soon the whole system will come crashing down and then NO ONE will owe ANYONE ANYTHING!! Right? I know that because it’s only money, I shouldn’t feel funny about accepting donations from friends and strangers alike, but I do… and I can’t help wondering if they think I’m full of sh*t because I’m complaining about my perception of “lack” when clearly I can afford to stay in a hotel… but whether or not I can afford it really depends on how you look at it. I would be doing things that bring me Joy that could also bring me some income, but as the instruments of such things I would be doing (my guitar, my essential oils – crystals – runestones – Angel Cards, my art supplies, etc.) are still packed in my car and because I am so physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted from just unpacking enough clothes and toiletries from my car every day, and not knowing from one day to the next where exactly I’m going to be, the mere thought of unloading and reloading my entire car just to get at them for a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there is enough to drive me to tears. I’ve been there a number of times already in the last couple of weeks… trust me, living out of hotels is not much fun…
But maybe none of it matters. Maybe we’re all just so caught up in this illusion of “lack” that we all play into it perfectly. And my own perception of what others might think of me is in fact based on my own perception of what I would think of someone else in a similar situation??? And maybe if someone DOES think that of me, it’s because they are caught up in the illusion and don’t recognize either the fact that none of it is important???
So what is important? Up until a few weeks ago Michael used to ask me that question frequently… he hasn’t asked me recently though, and I expect it’s because he knows that I know the answer. It’s Love.
Love really is the only thing that is important. It is the essence of Spirit/Source and is what everything that surrounds us and permeates us and IS us is made of… so how can that be of something like money? Well, it’s not that there is a problem with money… it’s just a tool… it’s not what it is but how we utilize it which determines whether we perceive the Love that is always a part of the equation. So how does that work? Will things be any different when money is no longer an integral part of our lives? Well, quite frankly I think they will, but not because the money is no longer there, but rather that because of the Love which we express freely and the knowing that there isn’t and never was any “lack” in any of our lives that we will once again be able to give and receive freely without any material value being placed on whatever it is that we are giving or receiving. Everything will be related with Love and since Love is priceless, for the simple reason that it is boundless, and you can’t put a price on something that is infinite, then none of us will ever have a perception of having to go without because we know we have access to everything all the time.
So, when is this going to start? This ideal way of thinking… of being… ??? Why CAN’T it be right now? I know there are some who feel that these kinds of things need to be approached gradually… but why? It seems very clear to me that in an attempt to change consciousness without “shocking” everyone, we simply subscribe to doing things the “old way” for longer, unwittingly extending it out indefinitely so that there really IS no end in sight. It has been conveyed to me that this shift of consciousness needs to be swift, sudden and complete in order for it to be effective; like jumping off a cliff and knowing that you have wings with which to fly; or jumping into deep water knowing that you will be able to swim even though you’ve never swam before.
Sounds scary huh! That’s what I used to think too… but look at where I am… I drove 2/3 of the way across the United States by myself (well, maybe I wasn’t by myself because Michael is always with me) and now here I am in Colorado… sure, I’m not exactly where I want to be, but where is that I really want to be? Most people who know me will only need one guess for that… but I’ll give you a little hint; it has nothing to do with material gain. It has nothing to do with anything this physical world could provide. It has everything to do with the most pure form of Unconditional Love you could ever imagine. I know what that is, and just as if it were the proverbial carrot dangling in front of my nose I have come looking for it… even knowing that it already resides well within me. It permeates me totally… so why am I looking for it, and where? Maybe I’m trying to find it in the hearts of others, and if there is still a veil over it and it cannot be “seen” to lift that veil so that all the world will know what it is like, and know to revere, and most of all, share it.
Over the last two and a half weeks, since I began this journey on September 16th, I’ve noticed many people standing at intersections on busy highways, holding signs telling briefly of their circumstances and that “anything will help” with regard to “gifts” they might receive from passersby. I have stopped and given to these individuals on numerous occasions... a couple dollars here, a couple dollars there… it’s nothing new; I used to do it back in Baltimore too. And I’ve seen many others prompted by the good will of myself and others into giving also. What I really want to know though is why does a person’s state have to reach the point to where they are noticeably destitute before we reach out to them and give from our hearts? Isn’t this something that we should be doing ALL the time, not just when it’s obvious that there is a need? Aren’t our very lives for the purpose of giving and receiving Joy? And yet we usurp that Joy from one another by waiting until our contribution means that they can only merely exist another day. Where is the Joy in that? I can personally attest to the fact that eking out an “existence” does not leave much room for Joy – though I suppose that there are those who would say “it all depends on how you allow yourself to perceive it” and I would have to ask them then, why they themselves aren’t living a life without possessions of any kind, without a means by which to create a life of Joy. If Joy truly comes solely from within, then why aren’t we all simply walking around with big smiles on our faces all the time simply for the act of “being”? I think we all know the answer to that… but I digress.
I think it’s clear to anyone reading this that something needs to change in order for us all to be able to reach that ideal state of being. But what is it? I’ve pointed out above the people who we only think to give to when it’s obvious they are in need, but how many people reading this (including myself) have walked or driven past such a person and thought at them, or even said aloud to them “get a job” or “stop drinking” or “clean yourself up” and on and on and on? Well okay, what would happen if we didn’t wait to start giving to each other until it’s obvious there is a need? What would happen if we gave to each other for the simple Joy of bringing Joy to one another? Not because we thought they “needed” something we have, but because we wanted to give to them just to make them happy? You know “the gift is in the giving”? But it seems that we always look past that.
Somehow we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that if we “give” something to someone without getting something [material] in return, that somehow we are going to have less than we did before we gave. But that in fact is an illusion. Why is it an illusion? Because, as I have stated earlier in this article, everything is made of Love. Love is something that we can never be without because a) it’s what we’re made of, and b) it’s infinite – everywhere – all the time. We cannot be separate from it. We cannot be separate from one another – this is where the oft used phrase “We are All One” comes in. So, in giving something of ourselves to another, whether it is something of physical/material existence, or something non-tangible, like a smile or a hug, we are bringing Joy to another, and in that bringing Joy to another a vibration in the Universe is set up so that like a ripple in a pond, it comes back to us, and if we are attuned to it (which we all are, but we’ve forgotten) we will feel it just as the person whom we gave to felt it when we brought them Joy.
THIS is the swift, sudden and complete shift in consciousness I was talking about. It’s called sharing. It isn’t scary and can begin as simply as smiling at or giving a hug to someone. Or maybe to offer to buy someone a cup of coffee, or lunch. Or sharing any of a number of other things with someone that would bring them Joy. With that comes trust. We need to stop thinking that everyone is out to take us for everything we have. Stop thinking that not everyone is entitled to experience Joy. Stop thinking that everyone is out to hurt us. In reality, by thinking that way we are only hurting ourselves, and don’t forget that because we are all so totally interconnected that what affects one, affects everyone [and everything].
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and stop worrying. Stop worrying about not having enough. Stop worrying about being hurt or used. Just stop, and feel with your hearts for a change, and I guarantee that the transformation of this world will be swift, sudden and complete.
I know that many of you who are reading this will say to yourselves “Wow, she’s got a good point.” You will enjoy reading what I’ve had to say here and it will resonate with you and you will agree with it. But I implore you not to let it stop there. I ask that each of you in addition to bringing these concepts to others by sharing this article freely and widely, to take it one step further, and actually implement the concepts and ideals that are presented here. Truly “be the change you hope to see in the world”. So many of us talk the talk, but now it’s time to start walking the walk along with that lip service.
There is no lack but that we perceive there is. So share openly, freely and widely, all that is a part of you, even and especially the Love inside of you and this New Reality will truly be Heaven on Earth.