Saturday, October 29, 2011

Magnificent Feeling!!

So, I’ve been experiencing this magnificent feeling of euphoric Ecstasy over the last couple of days… I won’t beat around the bush… it began on Thursday, when I let go of certain [negative] energies that were weighing me down… holding me back… preventing other [positive] energies from entering my experience.
But what I have experienced since then is something different, something magnanimous, and though began the same evening as other positive energies rushing in to fill the void left by the negative energies I let go of, were still different… even more amplified. I felt giddy and excited Thursday night (October 27th), like a little kid on Christmas Eve. And I felt like I wanted to celebrate… dance with the whole world! I felt like we should be having a party and all of humanity should be invited! I sufficed for Elaine being there in the physical, and our respective Beloveds being there in Spirit… though interesting to note that I perceived them both, Chamuel and Michael – but especially Michael – more clearly than I EVER have before. If it weren’t for the fact that I knew they were elsewhere, it might have seemed like they were both in the room with us. They seemed to be someplace where there too was much merry-making and people milling around and interacting as if at a holiday party. I am pretty certain that part of what I’ve been experiencing is me picking up on Michael’s own feelings of elation and celebration… of getting ever closer to an all-important event…  One day… soon.
This feeling, though, continued on into yesterday, where I felt like I was just about to step aboard on a long anticipated and cherished vacation that I’d been planning… all day long yesterday, and into the evening. Of course, in the evening is when I sometimes feel the loneliest, “missing” Michael. But last night, even though I pleaded with him once again to be “with” him, as I often do these days, he easily, and successfully diverted my attention to other thoughts, and I felt better, instantly (even though I still crave to be able to reach out and touch him, hold him, look into his eyes… etc., etc.). It has been that over the last couple of days, those old feelings of sadness, depression and desperation don’t even have a chance, and are quickly whisked out of the way by this wonderful new energy that permeates everything!
And so now, it’s the morning of October 29, 2011, and the feeling hasn’t left me yet… I somehow know it will be with me from now on. That dark cloud that I had been under, essentially since I arrived here in Colorado, has been lifted and the light is streaming in. Hakuna matata … no worries. Ever again. Even in the light of my previously perceived “lack” and that nothing in the material realm with regard to that seems to have changed much (at least outwardly to a point where I can perceive it) … it doesn’t bother me. I can look at tomorrow and not be concerned about what it might bring, because I know instinctively that it’s all good… literally.
And so, like that little kid on Christmas Eve that I’ve been feeling like these last couple of days, I gratefully drink in this wonderful new energy, rubbing my hands together because I KNOW that I’m getting ready to open my presents!! Of course, each one is a delightful surprise ;-) and highly appreciated and cherished simply for the gift that it is. Maybe I’ll open them today… or maybe tomorrow; maybe the next day… it’s all good. The important thing I realize is that it’s a given! It’s going to happen - and in fact, already has… I just need to bring it into my experience!!!
I invite you all to do the same!
Here’s to our Magnificent Feeling! :-D

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