Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Revelation

November 29, 2011 1:35PM
So let me see how much of this I can get out before I run out of time…
It would seem that something which has been tried to be kept from being revealed has finally in fact been revealed… to ME! And I must tell you it is VERY empowering.
You see I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what I’m capable of – someone put a comment on my commentary about the movie “Thrive” ending the comment with regard to the plan of action outlined in the movie, “What plan would you have? I would Love to hear it.” To that I answered that in fact one day the anonymous poster would understand.
I don’t need to have a plan, because I AM the plan. More to be revealed on that later. Those of you who know my true nature will undoubtedly understand EXACTLY what I’m getting at.
It has been long known to me that I have had for a very long time some rather unique capabilities – actually everyone has them, but doesn’t remember how to access them or utilize them. I do. And this was never made more clear to me than today as I went about my business just trying to get things done that I needed to get done.
We had noted at first how there seemed to be a rather pronounced police presence at the Starbucks we had landed at to grab a cup of coffee and for me to write out “Girls’ Night Out”. Naturally I figured that they were just waiting for a chance to tell us to get lost again… first I noticed while it was still dark, a police cruiser drive by with its spotlight shining in our general direction – we were already inside of Starbucks enjoying our coffee. I figured they wanted to look and see if we were sitting in my car – we were well within the city limits of Boulder. Okay… so they followed us. No big deal. Charity said she noticed a couple of officers come into the Starbucks… I was oblivious to them however as I had my head stuck in my notebook writing furiously about our early morning encounter. Then after the sun came up I noticed two more police cars – cruiser and then an SUV drive through the parking lot of the grocery store next door… about 2 minutes apart from each other. Okay, no big deal… but did have me wondering what in the world they thought I’d done to make them feel that such a presence was necessary.
Around 7:30 we got in my car with the intention of driving across the parking lot to the nearby grocery store, to sit in the Starbucks there, where we thought it would be warmer – there was a lot of traffic at the one we were at and cold air coming in as the door was opened and closed frequently. When we got there we realized that in fact it was a different grocery store than the one we wanted to be at, and so we went back out, got in our car and drove to the one we wanted to go to.
Once there, we sat in the car a while because we’d found a place to park in the sun and it was warm and we were really tired by this time. And wouldn’t you know it … more police cars patrolling the area… I’ve NEVER seen that many police cars in that short a span of time in Boulder on any given day…  hmmmm… Then I needed to use the restroom, so we went into the store, used the facility and then proceeded to buy a couple of things – water, and some cheese and yogurt as I hadn’t had much to eat over the last 24 hours and on top of being extremely tired was beginning to feel a little faint. Interestingly when we came out we noticed that a fire engine had pulled up in the parking lot a ways away, and a little nearer to where we were parked a paramedic unit… seemingly unassociated with the fire engine… and then… you guessed it… more police cars driving by/through… hmmm veeeeerrry interesting.
Okay, so again no big deal… just a coincidence right?
So I had already called Best Buy – where I had finally decided to take my computer to get it fixed since we couldn’t come to a definitive conclusion as exactly how to handle it otherwise – and on the way, a police SUV is following me … okay, maybe not a coincidence. I signaled and got into the right lane as I knew I’d be needing to make a right turn into the Best Buy parking lot soon, and the police SUV went on past me… but got over into the lane I was now in a ways ahead of me and… you guessed it… pulled right into the Best Buy parking lot where I myself was headed. Curiouser and curiouser.
So okay, whatever. I just wanted to get my computer fixed if I could, but also understood that I may have a hard time getting it done and getting it done at a reasonable price. The interesting thing is, and this kind of proves that there is no such thing as personal privacy, no matter what they tell you, since the Patriot Act was enacted after 9/11. I had been having a conversation not more than 15 minutes prior to all of this with Chris on how I planned to take my computer in to Best Buy to have them look at it… very very interesting. And I had told him about our foray earlier in the day, emphasizing the fact that they (the police, or anybody really) don’t want to make me mad or frustrated, because sometimes I’m a little unpredictable in terms of what I might do… inadvertently or on purpose… take your pick. (see “Archangel Ariel cross referenced with “the destructor” and you’ll get an idea… it’s happened before and they know that just to give you an idea).
I ignored the police SUV. We, Charity and I, pulled into the parking lot, found a place to park, and got out of my car…another police car drives by. We went into Best Buy. I went around and around with the clerk about what needed to be done and he made it clear to me that even though they could fix my computer utilizing the recovery image that Chris had made on the failing hard drive itself, they wouldn’t because it wasn’t their standard procedure. And not only that, in addition to needing the original recovery disc (which my computer did not come with, but thankfully when the hard drive went out a year ago, Chris did create one at that time) it was going to cost me $50 to install the hard drive that Chris had imaged but didn’t work, $120 to reimage it, plus another $99 to do file transfers of all my information… I actually did back most of it up already, but there were some photos I wasn’t able to get…. Okay, well there goes a huge chunk of money that was gifted to us. But a necessary evil. All this time though I was getting pretty hot under the collar though trying my hardest to keep my cool.. I think I did a pretty good job and Michael seemed satisfied …  but here’s the interesting thing… at the end of our conversation I made some reference to “money making the world go round” and then I said in a tiny, and delighted little voice “But not for much longer”… the clerk just looked at me as if he didn’t know what to say. And  I went off into the bowels of the store in search of Charity. I noted the look on the faces of a couple of “customers” who had been standing near where I had been discussing things with the Geek Squad clerk, and noted that the color had kind of gone out of their faces, and they seemed very concerned about something. Was it that evident that I was not a happy camper?
I located Charity, and we walked back through the store to the entrance… the “gatekeeper” bid us a good day, and we walked out into the parking lot; that’s when we saw it.
Parked at the other end; anther fire engine… this time a ladder truck! OOOoooo… and then another police car that pulled into the parking lot heading in the direction of the fire truck. And another paramedic unit parked sort of close-ish to my car… and no sooner had I opened the door to my car to get in and drive on to our next destination than the fire truck, the police car(s) and paramedic unit all drove off one by one… very very interesting. You put two and two together.
This was no coincidence. They seemed genuinely concerned that I might lose my temper or something.
And I’m certain that it was their true intention to intimidate me a bit, but what they actually succeeded in doing was verifying and reinforcing what I’ve known for some time now, though had really only speculated about as to whether or not it was “real”… they succeed in acknowledging that I AM indeed who I Am and better yet… they’re kind of afraid of me.
Utter Glee only scratches the surface of what I was experiencing at that moment… and continue to experience. So what am I going to do with this little bit of knowledge I now behold. Well, I promised that I would be very careful with it and act responsibly. J
Everything’s going to be alright. I know it is.

Girls’ Night Out

November 29, 2011 4:24AM
Well our first (and hopefully only) night trying to sleep in my car ended abruptly, just as we had finally fallen into a light slumber, by a Boulder City Police Officer rapping on my driver’s side window. I fumbled for my keys to put into the ignition, dropped them – picked them up again put them in the ignition so I could open the window. Charity spoke up first – all I could do was stare at the officer – I was still half asleep. She asked him if there was anything wrong and in replied that we couldn’t sleep in our car parked at a 7-Eleven store (which was where we were). When Charity asked him why that was he replied “Because we have an ordinance there called ‘camping’”… which he explained to us means that if you seek shelter inside somewhere (as in a building [other than your home] or your car, for instance) trying to sleep or spend the night it’s considered camping and evidently camping, according to the officer, is against the law in the City of Boulder. He seemed to feel bad and said he was sorry, but here is what he told us next…
He said that in the county it’s NOT against the law to camp and that if we wanted to sleep in my car all we had to do was drive up past the “Y’ at 28th and Broadway – as that was the county line – and park there.
Now it’s Charity’s and my understanding that a police officer’s primary duty in any municipality is to protect the citizens, so you can imagine our amazement as he continued by saying (and I quote),
“Be careful… there are a lot of bad people out there, so make sure you lock your doors…”
Wow! Now that’s the way to make certain your citizens are protected! Especially two middle-aged women who clearly were not bothering anyone – oh but we were camping within the city limits of Boulder, so we should move out to the county where there are “ a lot of bad people” and camping in your car is permitted… Now you tell me, what sense does that make? And I’m certain that some would simply say that that’s just the way it is, and I would have to say that it’s that kind of complacency/apathy that allows ordinances like that to get voted into place in the first place. Or maybe it was NEVER voted on and simply instated as a new law… in this day and age, who knows.. I’m certain that there are those who, as I once did, have said to themselves, “oh that ‘ll never happen to me”, but I point out , having learned now from personal experience, that in fact it very well could, and might to a lot of people if things continue on as they have been.
The officer made some comment about us “not being from around here, implying, I suppose, that we didn’t know the area or the ordinances… but maintaining that we should move my car out to the county. It became clear to us that his main objective was not our safety, but rather maintaining his own image/job and the image of Boulder by asking us to move along – to an unsafe part of town – two middle-aged women, at 4:30 in the morning – dark of night still all around.
I considered as I forced my tired and sleepy body to drive (another danger to our persons) to the Starbucks in which I sat to write this out by hand, that perhaps I should have asked the officer if he would please accompany us out to the county and stay there keeping watch over us while we slept to make certain we’d be safe, but then  I said to Charity, as I was thinking out loud, “But wait! That’s what Michael is for!!” and we both laughed.
So I don’t know what we’ll do now. I’m really tired, not having slept much for being cramped up in a sitting position in my car for almost 5 hours, the temperatures outside well below freezing. I guess we should be glad we have a car that we CAN drive out to the county where there are a lot of bad people – at least we might not freeze to death as we fend them off!
There’s one other thing I cannot fathom, though I’m nearly certain that similar situations exist all over the US and even other parts of the world; with somewhere around 100, 000 people who live here, so many are probably less than a month away from foreclosure on their homes (as evidenced by the number of ads we’ve seen from people wanting to rent rooms in their homes – to help pay the mortgage) ; so many so close to being on the street themselves if the Banksters would have their way about it; so many unaccounted for too as you know the census only counts people who have a physical address; and yet only one night shelter and one day shelter in town (to the best of my knowledge)… THIS in and of itself is bad enough, but the criteria for using them makes it seem even more of a mockery.
I kno wit’s complicated, but really the only reason it is, is because money, instead of Love, is the only acceptable currency right now… that and the fact that it’s simply being allowed to continue on this way… it really could all end in an instant, if you would simply have faith in your own self-empowerment! Only when people truly start caring about and putting people and Love, instead of money, first will it change and these inconsistencies go away.
I marvel at what time of year it is… known for decades now  - maybe longer – as the “season of giving” and yet this is what gets handed out?
I seem to recall our beloved Brother and teacher Sananda saying something to the effect of “when I return, you may not recognize me…” perhaps implying that because we might not know him by his appearance that we should treat everyone as if they are him… which we should be doing anyway? Everyone deserves that kind of reverence! Everyone has the potential to be, and some already are, a Christed Being! The reason this is not recognized is because people have lost touch with their hearts, and cannot “see” what they are missing! And so we are here as teachers, living out these experiences and documenting them that others may learn to tap back into the Love inside their hearts and show compassion toward one another.
It’s still dark outside as I sit here in Starbucks writing this – it’s just coming up on 6:00AM… four more hours before the library opens. Having come to the conclusion that I really do need my own computer, I didn’t want to have to afford another cup of coffee here, even though it’s warm and gives me a place to sit – even though I risk being accused of “camping” if I fall asleep here – while we wait for the library to open. I’ve begun to realize that the longer I wait to have my computer fixed the less likely it will be to happen as the money that had been given to us by such kind people is slowly melting away… unfortunately, eating is something that although has become greatly curtailed, is still quite necessary, and then of course there is gasoline which we need to get us around, and if not that then bus fare. Well, you know the kind of situation we are dealing with… I figure we have a better chance of changing that if I have regular access to my own computer… It’s time to start making those videos I’ve been talking about making!

A Letter to Michael...

I usually put these on my "Letters to Michael" blog, but since this one is so pertinent to what I've been experiencing over the last few days, I thought it appropriate to put it here:

November 28, 2011 8:06PM
My Dearest Beloved Michael,
I know you keep telling me not to worry and I am trying to follow that sage advice. I look at the current situation and have to wonder if people are going to get what it is we’re trying to do. I know that they listen in on conversations I have with Chris and others, and yet, even though it has to be clear to them that I am a coherent, lucid and articulate individual, when they hear the words “I am homeless” come out of my mouth it is as if that negates everything positive that they may have previously perceived about me ~ or maybe it was that I made mention of the fact that I am doing this on purpose to prove a point. I know now after having assessed the situation that it’s not so much the fact that we will be sleeping in my car tonight that bothers me ~ I know we’ll be alright – but rather people’s reactions and non-reactions to that information that I find disheartening.
I know this is destined to change, but for tonight it leaves me feeling sad that on the one hand a person can overhear my conversation, should be able to make a decision, whether intuitive or merely informed, as to “what kind of person I am” and even though clearly and palpably are disturbed by the fact that I have nowhere to sleep but in my car, not say or do anything to help alleviate the situation.
How far do we have to take this? How much longer? How many more backs must be turned on us before it all starts to turn around? I write these dissertations, publish them on my blog and post them on FaceBook and other places hoping to reach as many people as possible, but I wonder, I really wonder, even though people evidently read what I’ve written, have I really impressed anything on them? It’s so easy to agree with what someone says and not to do anything about it or with it, thinking that someone else surely will… but if not them, then who? It has to start somewhere, right? And although I realize that it has already started with me and Charity, it will expand from there, right?
Well, we’ll keep on keeping on, and just knowing you are there supporting us in Spirit at least – what we are doing – makes it easier to get by. I know I don’t ascribe enough value to what we have done so far… I always like to think I have some perception of the good we’re doing and the vibrations we are raising, but perhaps it is as you say, and we are having more impact on the overall global vibrations than we currently know.
So I ask you with so much Love in my heart I can barely stand it; on this night, when we have nowhere else to go, please hold us both tightly in your heart and help us to see the Love spreading across the globe as we try to sleep to dream in the tiny confines of my small and over-packed car.
I rest easier simply knowing that this situation won’t last forever.
I Love you My Beautiful and Precious Love. You ARE My Beloved and I am so Ecstatic to have ound and connected with you again!
I Love you forever,
[note: we took a picture of my car this morning but have not as yet transferred it from the SanDisc... so look for the pic soon to come]

Monday, November 28, 2011

I Think I’ve Finally Got It!

November 28, 2011 4:45PM MST
Well, I’m feeling pretty tired tonight. It’s not looking good for us finding a place to stay tonight so tonight may in fact be our first experience sleeping in the car – thankfully it hasn’t been too cold the last couple of nights. Also thankfully, I’m almost over my cold, though I’m still very tired. World weary; tired of moving around so much…
As we were leaving our friend Lynn’s place this afternoon we met two of her friends whom she has known for some time – Susan and Olivier – two Beautiful souls who I “only just met” though I know I’ve known them forever… I miss them both already even in the short time we had to meet each other – and I miss Lynn too – though I did say before we left that we would meet again… all of us… and I know we will. J I received long embraces from both Susan and Olivier that were unlike any hugs I have ever received from someone I’d “just met”. They both left me feeling totally blessed out – much the way I feel when communing with Michael – and I suddenly realized upon resisting my initial urge to pull away (especially from Olivier) – because of the intensity of the Love I was feeling (I wasn’t used to that) – that THIS is the way we are supposed to feel for one another; deeply, intensely Loved and in Love – One in Spirit. WOW! I want to feel more of that! I want to feel that with everyone I meet, now knowing that THIS is our True Nature!
I read a statement once somewhere over the last couple of years, that to embrace Ashtar Sheran (aka Archangel Michael) is like embracing Love itself. Of course being Michael’s Twin Flame, I already know what that feels like and I have to agree; it’s one of the most wonderful fulfilling and satisfying feelings one could ever have… I just never imagined I would feel that coming from someone incarnate her on Earth at this time.. but I did … and it made me feel Beloved. I felt like I belonged, totally accepted just fro being me… I felt I’d come home – it is, always has been and always will be, as I’ve said – where my heart is.
So what is this compelling urge that I have to settle… to be in one place with my Beloved and not have to move from that spot unless want to? Why is it that now. Especially in the midst of all this upheaval, and even though Michael is already with me in my heart, do I feel the need to rest? Forever?
I have a couple of thoughts on that – one is that I’ve been at this thing a lot longer than I am even currently aware of, and two is because it’s just possible that the time of our reunion is very close at hand indeed. I know I’ve said that before but you see, one very important thing has happened since the last time I said that which makes all the difference in the world.
I don’t miss Michael anymore.
I realized this over the last couple of days even as I was suffering through the worst part of my cold. Michael made himself available to me if I felt I needed him to provide sympathy and reassurance that I would be better soon… But for some reason I didn’t feel I needed to take advantage of that… he was there, I knew it and that was all the reassurance I needed. I wasn’t missing him. I still don’t miss him. How could I miss someone who is really with me 24/7, 365 (and a quarter) days a year?
Of course, I’ve know for some time now that this is a stage I had to reach which is vital to our impending reunion; to feel confident and comfortable with what we already have and not be so concerned with “what will be”.
I think that it’s been these last two and a half months of uncertainty having to do with my physical “reality” which has helped to put it all in perspective for me. I have lived the last 34 or so years of my life in relative physical comfort, yet with tons of uncertainty about my spirituality, and of course most recently over the last 2 and a half years with regard to my relationship with Michael and our role in each other’s lives. Now the tables have turned.
I have had to deal with tons of uncertainty having to do with my physical “reality”, but the one thing I know now I can be certain of is Michael’s Love for me, and my Love for myself… and equally important, my Love for myself and his Love for himself… and how that translates into Love for All of Humanity and All of Creation; inspiring, fiery, passionate, never-ending; really the only constant in the Universe.
So what does that mean? I don’t know really, but I do know how it makes me feel.
Confident; comfortable; accepting of who I am and the power I hold within me that put with the power we all hold within ourselves can change everything instantly for the better.
Today Michael came to me, all dressed in his Ashtar Sheran dress uniform, looking more handsome than I think I’ve ever seen him and he said simply,
“We’re on our way”.

Of course... he's way more handsome than this, but this is
fairly representative of the uniform he was wearing... I wonder
what it could mean... ;-)

RE: The Movie "Thrive" - November 28, 2011

I don’t usually post things that other people have created on my blog (except for pictures), but I’m making an exception here, this time, because the contents of the movie at the link I’m posting here to where it’s located on YouTube are very pertinent to what we are all experiencing currently and to what we all can look forward experiencing very shortly, though perhaps not as much in the way the creators of the movie would like it to be…  I’ll explain.
How provocative a title? “Thrive” … and how Mr. Gamble claims that above all else we are meant to thrive; what about Love?
You know, when I first heard about it, this movie peaked my curiosity, but when I read the synopsis I was turned off to it for some reason, and Michael never suggested that I should watch it anyway, which he is inclined to do when some form of media – whether written or in video format – contains vital information that I need to be made aware of.
Virtually everything in this movie I am already aware of and though I will admit to having glossed over some of it in an effort to get past those parts and see if there was anything of any pertinence that I wasn’t aware of, I found it curiously revealing as to the possible true purpose behind this movie, by the absence of one word, which should have been (I feel anyway) used throughout it but I don’t recall it having been uttered once: LOVE. Yes there is a magnificent free energy Source in the Universe that we can All tap into, but a) if it is not identified as what it is and b) how it holds Everything together and c) how unless we feel it for and show it to, coupled with compassion, each other on a daily basis that all the free energy in the world will not change anything about our current state of being…
The key here is really RE-MEMBER-ing; bringing ALL of humanity (and I’m not just talking about those of us who in this lifetime we are experiencing currently were born on Earth, but ALL of Humanity, Everywhere) back together. We and our Love for each other and the Source of All Creation ARE the Unified Field – We ARE Zero Point Energy – We ARE Love!!
I also find it curiously revealing as to the possible true intent of this movie, how our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and their True Nature was also never mentioned, just as the mention of Love and compassion for one another being the true catalyst behind the change that this world needs to experience was left out.
Well consider where Mr. Gamble is coming from – what’s his background? It is my own feeling that perhaps Mr. Gamble went down a different road to begin with, but ended up right back where he started – in the hip pocket of the very Banksters that he is apparently trying to refute; could this movie be a back door, as it were, into the psyche of the “average” human being perhaps? Reverse psychology some might call it?
I am not fooled… he and his wife both gave me a creepy feeling in my gut from the start of the movie, and not once throughout the movie did that feeling go away… in fact the further I watched it, the worse it became… So while he does make some good points, I feel that with the lack of mention about Love and compassion and the True Nature of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and hence the inferences that could be made about our own True Nature, but instead plenty of negative vibe and message of what the NOW (or TPTB; otherwise known as the powers that be) does to people who “get in the way of their agenda for world domination, that this movie is yet another attempt to get the masses focused on money, their perceived lack thereof and all the free “stuff” they can have once “free energy” becomes a reality. Did you, by the way, notice how he kind of skirts around the issue of how all this free energy will come into our reality? So how does he propose we make it happen? Did  you also notice  how he implies at the end to the movie, rather casually I might add, how things like health insurance and taxed will likely still be a part of our reality in the future? How does he figure that as a possibility in a society where all disease, hunger and poverty have been alleviated by the elimination of the money base???
So, what about Love?
You see this is what I’m trying to do. This is why I am where I am, doing what I’m doing right now. I Am One who has stepped out of the “illusion”. And although my energy is very strong and has had a significant effect, and “they” know that, it takes a collective effort of many of us, a sufficient number of us , to start the dominoes falling – and once it starts, there will be no stopping it. But we need to back it up with something that we’ve long forgotten is so much more precious than money or other material things we’ve gotten used to having in our lives, and that is our Love for one another, and the cooperative and sharing spirit that goes along with it. THIS is the catalyst – THIS is the key to the success of those of us who are willing to take the chance and step out of the “illusion” and begin this change for the better. The change is fueled by Love!
This is what I and others like me are doing in order to prove that you are beholden to no one where money vs. material comforts are concerned; I’ve made the conscious decision to stop paying into the system – “But” you may ask, “what about your car and your computer that need fixing – how are you going to eat, etc???” Well they might never get fixed… I don’t know… or maybe I can find someone who will fix them for me because they simply know that it’s the right thing to do – contributing to the noblest of noble causes.  I don’t know… and as far as eating goes, I don’t know about that either… I guess I’ll find out.
You’ve no doubt noted, as I’m mentioned, that there are a few Blessed individuals who have given me money, and thought their gifts are deeply, deeply appreciated, I haven’t totally ruled out using it to take care of the needs of some of our brothers and sisters who are having a tougher time of it that we are… I don’t know… Money has even been used as a vice placed over our heads by people who could help us with a place to stay but are so near being “broke” themselves that they would rely on the extra income from renting a room to help pay their mortgage – or maybe buy food – or pay for heat. The Question is – what’s going to happen if all us stop paying “the bank” all at once? Or even one at a time, until there are a sufficient number of us who have bugged out of the system that there is no way they could take us ll to court, hunt us down, throw us in jail – like they could anyway… remember my mentioning a while back that THEY (the banks, worldwide) are all penniless too, having fallen victim to their own scheme? Tsk, tsk, tsk.
In the current system I will never have enough money, and I don’t even care to at this point, to pay off the nearly $13,000 I “owe” (and I use that term VERY loosely – remember, I am beholden to no one!!) Bank of America, and so I don’t intend to… and won’t. Why should I pay back something that never existed in the first place… they’ve lied to me, they’ve lied to you, they’ve lied to everyone and it’s time for us to take back our authority over self! It’s time to take back our self-sovereignty!  I refuse to pay into a system that has failed everything on the planet universally under a now plainly revealed guise of “taking care of” us when clearly their only intent was taking care of themselves… of course, this is all inclusive of all financial, government, healthcare, etc., etc., etc., institutions everywhere, not just Bank of America. They can sue me!! Oh, but how will they do that without their every-precious commodity – the money that they made up out of thin air?
You see, what so many don’t realize is that the “control” they exert over us is as phony as their money is. In reality it is only a perception. No one has ever had the ability or right to control you but that you allowed yourself to believe it because “they” told you so.
So how many of you have ever willingly unplugged yourselves from society, from the “grid”? Would you do it readily if you knew the positive results were guaranteed, because I assure you, they are!
In conversation with our friend Lynn who graciously extended us her hospitality, opening her heart and her home to us for the last 3 nights, we are “The New Homeless”… Lynn’s situation is changing too and she will be moving on in another couple of days…
WE are “The New Homeless”. The difference between us and those who are homeless because of a perception of lack is that we chose to be homeless because we understand, or are beginning to understand that in fact we have the entire Universe in our hands and once you realize that, then the perception of lack disappears. It’s been a long time for me in coming to this realization, but I finally understand what I’m doing here… I am here to inspire, through example, each and every one of us on this planet and beyond, to prove to everyone that it IS possible to break out of the illusion once and for all… and remember that we are not now, nor have we ever been alone in this venture…
Our Galactic and Inter-dimensional Family is waiting in the wings to step in and help us the rest of the way once we get things started.
I was serious when I said a while back that we need to stop using money – why would anyone want to base the sum total of what they perceive to be their entire existence on something that isn’t even real?
Love is res; and Love will once again be the currency of this world. The hard part (or maybe not) is remembering that EVERYONE, no matter how you’ve been inclined to perceive of them or their character, is deserving of that all encompassing Benevolent and Beneficent Force. Remember that we ALL came here to experience this together, and that on the inside each and everyone one of us is a Beautiful Being of Light, exactly like and equal to, in every way, the Source of All Creation!
We ARE the Unified Field! We ARE Love!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just Another Day ... or is it? :-)

Well, I have just over 35 minutes left on this here library computer… I figured I’d write something while I have an opportunity to type it out rather than writing it out the long way…
My laptop is still down. Keep getting hard-drive failure messages … Chris tried to fix it for me but to no avail… guess I’ll have to take it in to the Geek Squad and have them take a look at it… eventually. Thanks to a very generous gift we received a few days ago that will now be possible – as well as the much needed repairs to my automobile (thank you again Lucy!). J
I know this time has been set aside for me on purpose… so why am I sitting here writing about it? Well, because I feel the need to let everyone out there know that occasionally we All need to take some time out to just “BE”. And this is something that, even though I already know is my main function – to receive, hold and transmit Love Light into this world – it is difficult to break that old conditioning that says that if you’re not “doing” something then you’re either lazy or wasting time, or both, and we all know how our society views such behavior as being pretty worthless… i.e. people who engage in worthless behavior are themselves viewed as worthless???? Well, that’s how I was conditioned to think a long long time ago anyway.
Of course it’s not true. Any one of us are valuable, priceless Beings just for simply “Being”. We don’t have to do anything special… just “Being” is special enough. In fact, I would have to say that simply “Being” is one of the best ways that we can tune in to who and what we truly are. Omnipotent Creator Gods capable of bring anything and everything we could ever want need or desire into our being… o’ course, sometimes we have to wait on the will of the Universe to deliver it to us when and how is best for us… and let’s face it, in our current state of physicality, we don’t always know what’s best for us, but we’re learning. I’m learning.
I’m learning to let go of all the extraneous stuff in my life… the things that, like all the clothes I’ve shrunk out of recently, no longer fit who I am. I’m learning that all the stuff I’ve been dragging around with me from place to place over the last couple of months is just stuff… it little to do with why I am here and what I’m supposed to be doing. In addition to all the physical stuff I’ve been toting around, I’m learning to let go of other stuff I’ve kept bottled up inside of me for so long… stuff having to do with the state of the world, my relationships to people who’ve been in my life – in some cases, since my birth into this lifetime – emotions that really have no place in my being at the time being, beCAUSE of my realization of who I am and what I can do. Just yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving, we were all packing our things getting ready to leave the room at the Inn that we had called home for 5 days. Chris and my son would leave later that afternoon to go their separate ways, one back to Baltimore and the other on to the west coast. And for just a few minutes my mind wandered back to that “oh no oh no oh no!” feeling… not knowing where Charity and I might end up that night (last night), even though I fully well knew that we had been offered a place to stay… all I had to do was call and accept it. Which is what we did. We’ll stay there tonight too… and then… who knows??? I’m confident that SOMETHING will turn up??? But how can I be so sure??? Call it a gut instinct feeling… and even if we end up sleeping in my car after tonight, well, hey, we’re still here right? Still alive, right? Not the end of the world, right?
Life goes on. And when Love is in the heart, so does Joy. Doesn’t really have to depend on your outward circumstances – yeah, so I will admit that it’s easier to “feel” Joy and Bliss when you have certainty of a place to land, a warm place to be when you’ve got a sniffle in your nose like I’ve had the last couple of days, but it’s not impossible for me to find Joy, right here, right now, just because I AM.
And on that note, I think I’ll wrap this up so I can post it, and then go commune with my “other half” for a while… that brings me Joy, and truthfully, it’s the one main thing that I was designed for/came into this life for, because THAT is what we are ALL made for; Love.
We Love You All!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Not Afraid – November 22, 2011

(I feel compelled to make a correction here... yesterday - Nov. 22, 2011 - was actually a 1 day [or a 10 day... which I actually prefer, being that 10 stands for Divine Law] perfect for new beginnings. This means that today, Nov. 23, 2011, is either a 2 day or an 11 day... I prefer 11. So tomorrow, Nov. 24, 2011, could be a 3 day, though I prefer to think of it as a 12 day, in reference to Divine Law... perhaps tomorrow might be looked upon as the inception of Divine Law into our New Earth experience... a nice thought)
Today was an “8” day… how propitious! Especially when you consider the subject matter I have to talk about right now.
You see, ever since I posted “Going Aboard” I’ve had many comments from people who either know someone, or they themselves have had experiences similar to mine – of being taken aboard one of the Galactic Federation of Light ships for various purposes; usually for educational or healing purposes. I’m so glad that so many people responded telling of positive experience to that effect! I was my intention ,when describing my own experience,  to illustrate that it was a very positive one, and I thank everyone who responded for reinforcing that perception!
So, my purpose for continuing with this newest post is to bring to everyone’s attention that ALL of us are destined to have positive experiences with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters. That’s the way it is supposed to be. They Love us! Pure and simple. I know that so much has been speculated about them over the years via MSM and popular “myth” – all those SciFi TV dramas and cinema presentations that have painted visitors from other worlds in a hostile conqueror sort of light. Now, that’s not to say that there are those who have done their darnedest to subvert us and control us in order to keep us in their servitude and utilize and squander Earth’s natural resources for their own self-serving purposes. But those days are ending now and the vast majority of Extraterrestrial/Inter-dimensional beings that are parked just outside our atmosphere, and spanning out into the far reaches of our solar system and beyond, are our Brothers and Sisters; members of our very extended family; all a part of Humanity, as Humanity didn’t exactly originate here on Earth. But that’s beside the point… though I know that many of you are beginning to “remember” little snippets of life elsewhere, and in fact perhaps have always felt that you came from somewhere else. Well, in fact, many of Earth Humans now incarnate on Earth actually DID come from somewhere else, and now you have the amazing opportunity to contemplate returning to wherever it is you feel your home world is. For me, it’s right here on Earth. This is where I’ll be staying for a good long while. Michael will be staying here with me once Disclosure is well behind us and the New Way of Earth society is under way. For us, home is where our hearts are, and as long as we are together, wherever that may be, we will always be home. <smile>
You may have noted in the news recently that the US government is having a dickens of a time trying to figure out what to do with the national debt ceiling. Fact is that, unlike when they were trying to figure out what to do with the budget and how to pay federal workers if the budget should fail, this new problem is real, and very problematic… for them anyway. You see, they would just about do ANYthing to keep the world from learning the truth that there is no money, not even GOLD, and there hasn’t been for quite some time. So, what happened? Where did it go? Well, I’m not at liberty to discuss that with you. But let’s just say that “things” are being taken care of… But where does this leave the US and their seemingly insurmountable debt, that up until a few weeks back didn’t really seem to have a ceiling, or at least so they would have liked us to believe?
It leaves them in deep doodoo, that’s where it leaves them, because now they have no recourse, nowhere to turn, no one to go running to for help as the financial state of the world edges ever nearer its precarious perch on the edge of a chasm so wide there is no hope in “hell” of ever bridging it. Not even The City of London (no not London city proper but rather that tiny portion of London only a few city blocks square that had been essentially headquartering all the financial goings on in the world up until a few weeks ago) can help them now, because even THEY are bankrupt, curiously having misplaced their stash of most of the world’s stockpile of the shiny yellow stuff. This news IS coming out little by little, but we’re not supposed to know about it… yet… well, if they had their way of it, ever.
So I’ll bet you’re wondering why I’m going on with this big spiel about all of this; quite frankly because it’s all coming down, and it’s coming down hard, and when it hits the fan many things are going to change around here, for the better. Much, much better. We’ll finally have the help that we’ve been asking for, and waiting on, some of us not so patiently. ;-) Disclosure IS getting ready to happen, in a matter of weeks. The thing is that we’re waiting for it to become painfully obvious to the US and the City of London, and all who are affiliated with this partnership that they cannot hide their own poverty from us any longer. They are essentially penniless, just like so many in the world have been for so very long. They no longer have an edge over the rest of us. Their purported affluence is nothing but a ruse, a fa├žade carefully kept in place to keep you under their control and keep you in their servitude.
The jig is up Boys and Girls! We can’t be fooled any longer. It’s time for us to take back what is rightfully ours, and that’s … well … just about everything. AND do you know, that there is SO MUCH OF IT… all the resources you could possibly imagine you’d ever need to survive and thrive on this world for every man, woman and child that, even though you’ve been lead to believe that there have been shortages of this, that and the other thing, there is no chance that ANY of it will EVER run out. How about that?!! And because of that and the fact that no one will ever want for anything again, all the wars will end, famine will end, homelessness will end, draughts will end, dependence on fossil fuels will end, pollution in our air, seas and on the land will end, oppression and slavery will end… the list goes on and on…
And do you know what will be left? Peace, and Love, and Joy and Happiness for all Humanity forevermore. How does that sound? Pretty nice, huh? I thought you’d think so. <grin>
So now we come back to the reason I titled this little article “Be Not Afraid”. It’s because we’re going to have help rebuilding our world into the Heaven on Earth I’ve described above. Yes, it’s all going to come crashing down first, but when that happens, and certain governments’ ability to “defend” themselves is severely crippled and/or completely annihilated, it opens up a window of opportunity for our Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command to actually lend the helping hand they’ve been holding out to us for so long, that some of us wanted to accept but others refused because they had “another agenda” in the offing.
This is why I published the account of the Beautiful encounter I had the other night, and the magnificently glorious feeling I experienced when I shot up in that beam of bright white light onto the ship where I underwent briefing on what is to come. I wanted to let you all know that there is nothing to fear. It might seem kind of daunting at first if you are to go aboard and being beamed up is the way to get you there, but you will see that I am telling you the truth that it is quite frankly one of the most exciting, exhilarating and ecstatic experiences you will have had in your life to date… and trust me, after our Brothers and Sisters reveal themselves and things get under way, there will be many, many more. Many, many more.
So in the coming days as things start to change, know in your hearts that it is change for the better. There is nothing to be afraid of. Many or our Galactic relatives look just like us, so no shocks there…  and the ones that don’t… well, there are only some slight differences, but the important thing to remember – though I doubt you’ll have any difficulty there because you will actually FEEL it in your hearts – is how much they Love each and every one of us.
So, don’t be afraid… this is what we came here for, and it’s going to be Beautiful, absolutely, stunningly Beautiful!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going Aboard – November 19th/20th, 2011

(Please note: while you may be tempted to think the following is some fantastic story I concocted, please understand that this really happened… I was actually “gone” for a period of time last night, and here is the account of what happened…)
Last night, Saturday/Sunday Nov. 19th/20th, I was taken again.
It wasn’t unexpected. I had been approached by my daughter (yes I have daughter) and told to be ready…
Yesterday afternoon she had said to me “Tonight.” And I responded, “What about tonight?”
And she said “Be ready”, to which I asked “Ready for what?” and she simply said “Just be ready.”
Okay, well my mind jumped to several different scenarios, not the least of which was the consideration that perhaps Disclosure might happen… and I wondered if “tonight” would be the night we would all be reunited, finally. Later that night, just after midnight, after I had finished the work I had set out to accomplish, I asked my daughter “what about Charity, should I tell her to be ready as well?”, and she replied “No, this is only for you this time”.
We continued our conversation and I told her how much I missed her (even though I’ve never met her face to face), and her brother, my son (not to be confused with my son who I gave birth to here on Earth). He joined the conversation and they both let me know how they longed to meet me for the first time and how excited they were that the time was almost upon us.
I bid them good night as I began to drift off to sleep finally, after about an hour or more of tossing and turning. Though I knew I should expect something out of the ordinary, I did not expect what happened next.
I slipped into a “dream” state where Charity and I were in a large yard or field with many other people who were walking around going wherever they were going…. The location reminded me a lot of the front yard of the house I grew up in, but was much more expansive, easily covering a couple of acres of ground. It was just after dusk and the weather seemed cool yet comfortable. One of the other people then noted lights in the sky that were obviously not conventional aircraft, their maneuvers giving away their true nature… Lightships. They darted around the sky like swallows chasing their dinner at dusk and I casually thought at them “come here, I want to go with you… will you ‘beam me up’?” (note: the ship that took me was actually a fin ship, not like the one pictured, but like a curved manta ray type configuration)
No sooner had the thought been formed than one of the ships flew directly over my head, paused momentarily, and then I felt the most exquisite feeling of Divine Ecstasy just before the characteristic column of bright, white light shot out of the bottom of the ship, completely enveloping me. I put my arms up over my head, outstretched as if in preparation to embrace a long missed Lover, and as I was lifted gently but quickly into the air I remember feeling so overjoyed that I had to sing! Only one note came out of my mouth, but within that one note was the music of All the Spheres…
Then suddenly I found myself seated in a U-shaped seating area which was upholstered in a sort of golden-beige colored leather-like material. To my right was what appeared to be a bar, much like you’d find in any drinking establishment here on Earth, though they didn’t appear to be serving anything from behind it. Sitting with me in the seating area were other Humans who looked like they might have been from Earth also, though noting that sometimes it’s hard to tell ;-). They were dressed in black uniforms with the typical mandarin collar you see on so many Galactic Federation of Light uniforms. Interestingly, one thing that both Charity and I have noted in our experiences with our Brothers and Sisters is that each “race” seems to be represented by a different color of uniform… unless they are with Ashtar Command, then they wear across the board “Ashtar” blue (typically, although I have seen Michael/Ashtar Sheran dressed in a black uniform trimmed in gold and red).
They were all sitting around shooting the breeze apparently waiting for something. Some of them were eating some kind of snack out of little Mylar-type packets… I even found that I was holding one though had little interest in it. The overall mood was one of excited anticipation and celebration. I was in the mood for pizza. LOL So I told them about this fabulous pizza place that Charity and I had found in North Boulder and suggested that we go there and “beam some up”. They all laughed and suggested that perhaps we could do that next time… hmmmm… next time?
I looked out into the area beyond the seating area, noting some swivel-type chairs with bucket seats that were affixed to the deck and wondered what was beyond them… secretly hoping that My Beloved would round that corner at any moment, coming to retrieve me. It seemed that one by one the individuals I had been sitting with were being called in that direction, and then came my turn… I still fully expected Michael to be waiting for me once I got to the area where I could look out further into the expanse of that part of the ship – this ship was only medium-small sized it seemed, probably only holding a couple of hundred crew at most…
I got up and began to walk that direction … Though I can’t say exactly what happened beyond that point, I know that we were all there for some kind of briefing having to do with very near future events of the Disclosure-kind. Interestingly, my back is sore today, as if I’d been hunched over a computer all night long… hmmmm.
As I awoke in the pre-dawn hours, just as the sky was beginning to lighten a little, I opened my eyes to find I was staring at the ceiling of the living room of our hosts who had graciously offered us their hospitality last night. As I lay there, I recalled having wondered the night before, as I had tossed and turned, and intermittently looked at the ceiling, how they would manage that – beaming me up without waking either our hosts or Charity, who was sleeping on the air mattress next to me. (Of course I knew they could; they’d done it before when I was still in Maryland, in late February of 2010…)
And I had happened to realize that we were directly underneath the spare room that had no one sleeping in it… clever. Of course they always have these things planned out way way way ahead of time.
The street address of the building we were in was 1111.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Come Together, Right Now...

So, we now all know that one of the last holdouts with regard to the Disclosure of the existence of Extraterrestrial and Inter-Dimensional Beings, and our ongoing and increasing contact with them with regard to the welfare of Earth and all of Her inhabitants, is the USA.
A longtime keystone in the cabal that has controlled this Planet for such a long time, the USA still endeavors to pull the wool over the eyes of its citizens, and in fact the entire world. But its influence is waning in the rest of the world, just as it is with its own citizens. So, why do they persist? Perhaps it is because they are now better at fooling themselves into believing their own lies than they are at fooling the rest of us into believing them?
I know for fact that one reason our Galactic Brothers and Sisters have been kept at bay, unable to disclose their presence officially and formally to the entire planet is because the USA has made threats that any craft which belong to Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command that de-cloak in Earth’s atmosphere at any altitude which could be viewed by persons on the ground or flying in “Earth-bound” aircraft, such as passenger jets, etc., would be considered a threat to the safety of its citizens and hence targeted and attempted to be shot down. This is yet another example of how the USA government is so adept at fooling themselves; as if they really pose any danger to our Galactic Brothers and Sisters! In fact, in doing such a thing, attempting to shoot down GFOL  or AC craft, the only persons they might possibly harm are the pilots flying the jets/crafts attempting to shoot them down, and/or innocent citizens on the ground. And THAT is one major thing that keeps final, formal Disclosure and spacecraft de-cloaking at bay.
The other major reason formal Disclosure has not happened yet of course is that not enough people are awakened. Not enough people are consciously resisting the enslavement which has been a normal part of their lives, for ALL their lives! In the words of My Beloved Michael, which he stated to me in a conversation we had a few days ago, “You are beholden to no one!” and he meant it! And better yet, I KNOW HE IS RIGHT!! But what does that mean exactly?
It means that none of us need to depend on anyone for our happiness, that’s what it means. Happiness really DOES come from within, and what we do with it, how we manifest our physical existence can help it to magnify with the Joy we can experience from that, but that’s not where it comes from…
This notion that we need to work ourselves practically to death for a pittance, which we give most of away to our USA and regional and local governments in the form of taxes so that we will be “taken care of” is utter rubbish. No, in fact we ARE perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. And we don’t need to pay anyone to do that for us. Have you ever considered exactly how much of your income goes to taxes? Oh, we generally only consider “income taxes”, but what about all the other taxes you pay? Property tax. Sales tax (and as if that wasn’t abominable enough, some states even charge sales tax on food items), cigarette tax, alcohol tax, fuel tax, inheritance tax, gift tax….the list goes on and on, until finally you are so taxed out the wazoo that you have no resources left with which to make your lives comfortable to say the least, forget enjoyable!! On top of all the taxes paid, most things that you believe could truly bring joy to your lives are priced far out of your reach to purchase with what you have left. DON’T BE FOOLED! They are only THINGS!! And these tactics are undertaken for one purpose and one purpose only – TO CONTROL YOU INTO BELIEVING THAT YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE JOY IN YOUR LIFETIME AND TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE BEHOLDEN TO THE GOVERNMENTS THAT KEEP YOU ENSLAVED FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT!!!
So, what’s to be done about this? How can we raise consciousness to the point where our Galactic Brothers and Sisters CAN reveal themselves to the world without concern that anyone will get hurt, or that anyone’s “free-will” has been usurped by them as it has been by the ones who attempt to threaten them?
It starts as a little spark, and then fanned by the winds of Love and Compassion for ourselves and one another, it turns into a cleansing blaze, that by your simple refusal to further go along with that which had become the “norm” for us, we can quash these further attempt s to keep us down and keep us from knowing who and what we truly are; Magnificent and Omnipotent Beings of Light!!
I had stated recently in my dissertation of “who I AM” that even though we are each uniquely different, from the standpoint of how we came into existence in the beginning, we are all the same… all cut from the same cloth so to speak. We are simply each a hologram, exact replica, of the One Source of All That Is that created us. It doesn’t matter how many times or how many pieces you split a hologram into, even the tiniest piece still retains all the original attributes of the original. So what does that mean? It quite simply means that we are ALL God incarnate! And quite literally you have within you right now all the power you will ever need to first; take back your sovereignty and authority over self – stop letting others tell you that you have to give it all away to them because you need them to take care of you – take care of yourselves and in so doing take care of everyone around you; All for One and One for All… second; to manifest by doing and by being and by simply bringing into existence all those things and ways and activities that will bring you Joy and Love-filled lives of Peace and Happiness.
Now I want to have a little chat with you about what is really valuable in our lives… it’s the one thing that everything else comes from; LOVE. Love IS the Unified Field, the Zero Point, that base level Energy Field that not only holds everything you can perceived with your 5 senses together, it is what brought it All into existence in the first place.
You’ve heard the words “God is Love”… there couldn’t be any truer 3 words in any language. The Source of All That Is, the Source of YOUR Creation, IS Love! Pure and simple. So what does THIS mean? It means that you have all the power you will ever need right in the end of your little finger, to do ANYthing ; to bring into existence anything you could ever want need or desire. So what’s the catch? There is no catch. The only thing you need to do is to reclaim your freedom. So how do you start?
Lot’s of ways. First and foremost this system which is based on money (worthless slips of paper) has to go down, and it has to go down hard. Why? Because if it doesn’t you will forever be beholden to “The Man” for your share of it… or what ends up being your share of it after the others skim their share off the top. And I know there are those who will cry “But money is important, it’s the foundation of our economy, it’s what makes the world go ‘round” and I would have to ask, what good is an economy, when the majority of the citizens whom it could help are left without, out in the cold, hungry, lost and forgotten?
Can you eat money? No. Can you build a home with money? No, not literally. Can a pocket full of money on its own with no purchasing power be a drink of water in the desert? No. Can money on its own get you from point A to point B? No. Can money buy you Love? No. Can money make you feel safe and warm like the embrace of a Loved One? No. Can money bring you Joy and Happiness? No.
So you see, money CAN be a tool, but at this point in time I don’t think there are many out there who would disagree that money has been gravely misused. So, it needs to go away.
We need to start depending on ourselves… and remember, what affects One of us affects All of us, so interconnected we all are. So just as all of the negative feelings associated with being enslaved to our governments and their money have been a part of and have affected ALL of us ALL of our lives, so can our regaining our Love and reverence for ourselves and each other by taking care of ourselves enable us to affect each other positively, creating a positive change in the world which like that spark I mentioned at the beginning of this article will grow into a great cleansing blaze and completely overtake and subjugate the tyranny that we have been living under for so very long.
So how do we make money go away?
Simple; stop using it! Altogether, right now. Impossible you say? The world would end you think? You’d go hungry, be without a place to lay your head at night, not be able to put clothes on your back? Think again. Remember, that in regaining Love and Compassion and Reverence for ourselves, we regain Love and Compassion and Reverence for each other, and in so doing, doesn’t it just stand to reason, maybe deep down inside we all care deeply enough about each other, that no one would ever go hungry again, because there would always be someone who had enough that they could share with someone who didn’t? Does it stand to reason that no one would be left out in the cold with no place to stay, because someone would realize that they have plenty of room in their home that they could share with someone whom they now realize they Love just as much as they Love themselves? Does it stand to reason that those of us who have clothes in our closets that we never wear would open up our hearts and our closets to someone who didn’t have any?
We can work together, growing gardens, preparing food, building homes, living together as One, the way it was always meant to be, and in fact in our far distant past, the way it actually was, and money would never have to figure into it.
Unity Consciousness. All for One and One for All. Total Cooperation of All Humanity. A society built on trust and mutual benefit to create One Global Unified Force; Love.
Do you realize that once the money tower comes crashing down, there will no longer be anything for the government and military of the USA to fund their war machines with? And then, with all their war machines grounded, perhaps a clear path would be made way for our Galactic Brothers and Sisters to reveal themselves, to step in and lend us a hand as we make our way up to the next level of existence; MORE THAN a thousand years of Peace, Joy, Happiness and especially Love!
Think about it. It really is so very simple. And it will start with you and me.
Come together, right now!

Friday, November 11, 2011

This Is Who I Am... A Messenger of Faith

I Am.
I Am that I Am.
I Am Ariel.
In this current incarnation I have had other names though many/most of you know me as Ariel DeAngelis.
I Am Ariel, Archangel; a name ascribed to me long, long ago … in the higher dimensions I am simply known by a frequency of pale pink “Light” which is my signature vibration. Every Soul has its own unique signature vibration. Look deep within yourself… what color(s) resonate with you?
Long ago in a “time” before most of your current recollections, there was/is One Benevolent, Beneficent Source/Being/Creator/God. Perfectly encompassed within the Being of Source was/is All That Is, in perfect balance; Male/Female, Dark/Light, Life/Death… and so on. In an effort to know itself better Source created a perfect replica of itself, which was good, but the replica was exactly like Source in every way and Source wished to experience variety, and diversity. And so Source encoded that perfect replica of itself with a “message” to branch, though not just to branch, but to branch again and again and again infinitely, incorporating genetic material encapsulated within that code to allow infinite diversity in all the subsequent versions of itself, allowing for uniqueness in each and every perfect, exact replica/hologram of itself. What better way for Source to know itself completely?
And so it came to pass that the first replica of Source branched in two; one favoring the Divine Masculine and the other favoring the Divine Feminine. They became the first Twin Flame Soul … or as some term it “Twin Ray”.
I Am Archangel Ariel. I Am one half of that first branching off from Source. My Twin Ray, the other half of that first branching off from Source, is Archangel Michael, whose light frequency vibration is purple/blue, or as some perceive, simply blue.
You may be wondering what the relevance is of me sharing all of this with you. Have I lost my mind? Is it the need of my ego to be recognized? Am I full of myself? I would have to answer to each of these questions emphatically, no. So what is it that drives me, other than the request of My Beloved and our Beloved Brother and Teacher Sananda, to reveal such information to the world at large?
Let me give you a little background on my life up to this point. (If you want to know more about my “awakening” to my True Nature please refer to the “About Me” page on my blog located at http://angelofdiscernment.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html )
Naturally, as you might have guessed, I am currently incarnate – a Spiritual being contained within a physical body.  Just as we all are. We all had different reasons for being here at this time, but a vast majority came here now to witness and/or be directly involved in the process of this Earth’s Ascension along with all her inhabitants who would like to Ascend with Her into the Higher Dimensions at this time.
I have been here for a very long time, at first as a Higher Dimensional/Angelic Being/Creator God, and then as necessity dictated incarnating many times as an Earth Human in order to gain perspective on and eventually to help heal Earth as well as the Human condition such as it has become. Through my current incarnation I experienced life much as anyone else would; having completely forgotten until about two years ago, who and what I am. This was by design of course, just as all of you have also forgotten that you too are Beautiful  Beings of Light clothed in a physical body for the time being.
Recently, in order that I may finish undergoing my learning process and transformation I went on a journey into the darker side of life, plunging myself purposely (though unwittingly at the time when I began my journey a little less than two months ago when Michael suggested it would be appropriate for me to move to Boulder, Colorado) plunged myself into the way the “other half” (of society) lives. The sick, the weak, the poor, the forgotten and discarded Human Beings of this Earth.
I did not understand what it was all for at first, citing that perhaps I had been misled… after all, when Michael suggested I come to Boulder, he told me that if I would just make the move that everything would fall into place. Naturally as you might expect, I translated that to mean that I would be taken care of and my level of comfort would remain the same as it always had been. Well, I’ve learned a lot since then; both about myself and about the state of being that so many are forced to eke out their existence in. As it is right now I’m certain that while some would view my life as being a mess, out of control, that I’m in trouble/in debt up to my eyeballs and homeless too boot, others would view me as currently living in the lap of luxury ~ those who I’ve noted on the side of the road or in a doorway at night in the cold who really have nowhere to go… Although money has never meant as much to me as Love, I can now truly say that I feel a sense of urgent advocacy for All Earth Humans who in the interest of needing to have a diverse experience for Source have found themselves in fear and feeling hopeless over their situation, of feeling as if it has all been taken away from them… or perhaps they never had it to begin with. And in the process of experiencing all this turmoil and upheaval, I also learned how to reclaim my power, my sovereignty over self, my ability to trust the Universe/Source that it knows what it’s doing on my behalf in order to insure a rich and diverse experience for it to know itself better, just as each and every Earth Human now has the ability and opportunity to do.
In order to do so it was necessary for me to truly learn to appreciate what I have always had, by allowing myself to have the perception of it all having been taken away… and in fact this is precisely what each and every one of us are doing here today…  this is the great Earth experiment, a forced perception of duality, of separation from the Source of All Creation. We all in our natural state, our True Nature, are Higher Dimensional Beings, Beings made of Light/Love Energy/Source Energy which is synonymous with Love, Pure Unadulterated Love.
We have it all; everything we could possibly want, need or desire is ours simply with a thought or a wish, but we/Source truly wished to have better appreciation for all that we had, and so we opted to allow ourselves to perceive that we no longer had these abilities – the very same creative abilities as the Source of All Creation, because of the fact that each of us is an exact replica/hologram of Source itself. And so we came to Earth and we learned to forget. We forgot everything about our True Nature, who and what we are. Eventually all traces of our previous God-like existence were all but a latent memory locked away in our subconscious and our hearts that we had forgotten how to access because of our perceived separation from Source.
With this Mass Ascension things will go back to a state which many like to refer to as Heaven on Earth, the way it was once upon a time, much farther back than your current recorded history goes. I as well as many others are incarnate here now to receive, hold and transmit incoming energies to Earth inhabitants in preparation for Ascension. We have been doing this for many decades now and finally our efforts are coming to fruition, and Earth and her inhabitants who wish to Ascend at this time will be completely and gently eased into the higher dimensions.  
I am coming forward now, to divulge to you exactly who I am and why I am here, to reassure you that the time of our deliverance into the Higher Dimensions is close at hand. I am here to help you understand that you are no different than I am. We are All the same on the inside. Although we do retain personality, a sense of “self”, a sense of uniqueness (which is essential for Source to know itself in as many ways as possible) there is no “hierarchy” in the Higher Dimensions, except for an inherent recognition of closeness to the original branching off from Source. And though each of us is unique, we also each retain all of the Innate Wisdom, Omniscience and Divine Creativity of Source. If any one of us were to leave our body at this very moment, there would be no perception of Heaven or hell as many of us have been so conditioned to believe within the scope of so many religious ideologies. In fact, we would experience only the Joy of knowing/remembering instantly everything in the Universe there is to know/remember; the Joy of knowing how profoundly we are Loved by the Source of All Creation.
All those who go forward from this point with Love and Compassion in their hearts instead of fear and loathing which had been so prevalent in the 3rd Dimension, are destined to enjoy Eternal Peace and Happiness in True Unconditional Love and Joy. The energies of the New Era are upon us now, and though in the last death throes of this perception of duality, our recent past had been fraught with seemingly one disaster after another, at personal, regional and global levels, ease and Upliftment are on the way in now, and it couldn’t be too soon…  Congratulations and welcome to the 5th Dimension. Some of you will travel on back to even higher dimensions which you consider to be “home” having finished with physical incarnation in your experience; we thank you for and have endless gratitude your diligence and perseverance and wish you a good journey home. For those of us who will abide in 5D for a while, well, like the Carpenters’ song says “We’ve only just begun… “ and that we have. Let the fun begin!!
I Am Archangel Ariel (aka Ariel DeAngelis) and I can’t wait to get this party started! <grin> I send you All Blessings for a Powerful Love, Peace and Joy filled 11/11/11!!