Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Revelation

November 29, 2011 1:35PM
So let me see how much of this I can get out before I run out of time…
It would seem that something which has been tried to be kept from being revealed has finally in fact been revealed… to ME! And I must tell you it is VERY empowering.
You see I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what I’m capable of – someone put a comment on my commentary about the movie “Thrive” ending the comment with regard to the plan of action outlined in the movie, “What plan would you have? I would Love to hear it.” To that I answered that in fact one day the anonymous poster would understand.
I don’t need to have a plan, because I AM the plan. More to be revealed on that later. Those of you who know my true nature will undoubtedly understand EXACTLY what I’m getting at.
It has been long known to me that I have had for a very long time some rather unique capabilities – actually everyone has them, but doesn’t remember how to access them or utilize them. I do. And this was never made more clear to me than today as I went about my business just trying to get things done that I needed to get done.
We had noted at first how there seemed to be a rather pronounced police presence at the Starbucks we had landed at to grab a cup of coffee and for me to write out “Girls’ Night Out”. Naturally I figured that they were just waiting for a chance to tell us to get lost again… first I noticed while it was still dark, a police cruiser drive by with its spotlight shining in our general direction – we were already inside of Starbucks enjoying our coffee. I figured they wanted to look and see if we were sitting in my car – we were well within the city limits of Boulder. Okay… so they followed us. No big deal. Charity said she noticed a couple of officers come into the Starbucks… I was oblivious to them however as I had my head stuck in my notebook writing furiously about our early morning encounter. Then after the sun came up I noticed two more police cars – cruiser and then an SUV drive through the parking lot of the grocery store next door… about 2 minutes apart from each other. Okay, no big deal… but did have me wondering what in the world they thought I’d done to make them feel that such a presence was necessary.
Around 7:30 we got in my car with the intention of driving across the parking lot to the nearby grocery store, to sit in the Starbucks there, where we thought it would be warmer – there was a lot of traffic at the one we were at and cold air coming in as the door was opened and closed frequently. When we got there we realized that in fact it was a different grocery store than the one we wanted to be at, and so we went back out, got in our car and drove to the one we wanted to go to.
Once there, we sat in the car a while because we’d found a place to park in the sun and it was warm and we were really tired by this time. And wouldn’t you know it … more police cars patrolling the area… I’ve NEVER seen that many police cars in that short a span of time in Boulder on any given day…  hmmmm… Then I needed to use the restroom, so we went into the store, used the facility and then proceeded to buy a couple of things – water, and some cheese and yogurt as I hadn’t had much to eat over the last 24 hours and on top of being extremely tired was beginning to feel a little faint. Interestingly when we came out we noticed that a fire engine had pulled up in the parking lot a ways away, and a little nearer to where we were parked a paramedic unit… seemingly unassociated with the fire engine… and then… you guessed it… more police cars driving by/through… hmmm veeeeerrry interesting.
Okay, so again no big deal… just a coincidence right?
So I had already called Best Buy – where I had finally decided to take my computer to get it fixed since we couldn’t come to a definitive conclusion as exactly how to handle it otherwise – and on the way, a police SUV is following me … okay, maybe not a coincidence. I signaled and got into the right lane as I knew I’d be needing to make a right turn into the Best Buy parking lot soon, and the police SUV went on past me… but got over into the lane I was now in a ways ahead of me and… you guessed it… pulled right into the Best Buy parking lot where I myself was headed. Curiouser and curiouser.
So okay, whatever. I just wanted to get my computer fixed if I could, but also understood that I may have a hard time getting it done and getting it done at a reasonable price. The interesting thing is, and this kind of proves that there is no such thing as personal privacy, no matter what they tell you, since the Patriot Act was enacted after 9/11. I had been having a conversation not more than 15 minutes prior to all of this with Chris on how I planned to take my computer in to Best Buy to have them look at it… very very interesting. And I had told him about our foray earlier in the day, emphasizing the fact that they (the police, or anybody really) don’t want to make me mad or frustrated, because sometimes I’m a little unpredictable in terms of what I might do… inadvertently or on purpose… take your pick. (see “Archangel Ariel cross referenced with “the destructor” and you’ll get an idea… it’s happened before and they know that just to give you an idea).
I ignored the police SUV. We, Charity and I, pulled into the parking lot, found a place to park, and got out of my car…another police car drives by. We went into Best Buy. I went around and around with the clerk about what needed to be done and he made it clear to me that even though they could fix my computer utilizing the recovery image that Chris had made on the failing hard drive itself, they wouldn’t because it wasn’t their standard procedure. And not only that, in addition to needing the original recovery disc (which my computer did not come with, but thankfully when the hard drive went out a year ago, Chris did create one at that time) it was going to cost me $50 to install the hard drive that Chris had imaged but didn’t work, $120 to reimage it, plus another $99 to do file transfers of all my information… I actually did back most of it up already, but there were some photos I wasn’t able to get…. Okay, well there goes a huge chunk of money that was gifted to us. But a necessary evil. All this time though I was getting pretty hot under the collar though trying my hardest to keep my cool.. I think I did a pretty good job and Michael seemed satisfied …  but here’s the interesting thing… at the end of our conversation I made some reference to “money making the world go round” and then I said in a tiny, and delighted little voice “But not for much longer”… the clerk just looked at me as if he didn’t know what to say. And  I went off into the bowels of the store in search of Charity. I noted the look on the faces of a couple of “customers” who had been standing near where I had been discussing things with the Geek Squad clerk, and noted that the color had kind of gone out of their faces, and they seemed very concerned about something. Was it that evident that I was not a happy camper?
I located Charity, and we walked back through the store to the entrance… the “gatekeeper” bid us a good day, and we walked out into the parking lot; that’s when we saw it.
Parked at the other end; anther fire engine… this time a ladder truck! OOOoooo… and then another police car that pulled into the parking lot heading in the direction of the fire truck. And another paramedic unit parked sort of close-ish to my car… and no sooner had I opened the door to my car to get in and drive on to our next destination than the fire truck, the police car(s) and paramedic unit all drove off one by one… very very interesting. You put two and two together.
This was no coincidence. They seemed genuinely concerned that I might lose my temper or something.
And I’m certain that it was their true intention to intimidate me a bit, but what they actually succeeded in doing was verifying and reinforcing what I’ve known for some time now, though had really only speculated about as to whether or not it was “real”… they succeed in acknowledging that I AM indeed who I Am and better yet… they’re kind of afraid of me.
Utter Glee only scratches the surface of what I was experiencing at that moment… and continue to experience. So what am I going to do with this little bit of knowledge I now behold. Well, I promised that I would be very careful with it and act responsibly. J
Everything’s going to be alright. I know it is.

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