Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Come Together, Right Now...

So, we now all know that one of the last holdouts with regard to the Disclosure of the existence of Extraterrestrial and Inter-Dimensional Beings, and our ongoing and increasing contact with them with regard to the welfare of Earth and all of Her inhabitants, is the USA.
A longtime keystone in the cabal that has controlled this Planet for such a long time, the USA still endeavors to pull the wool over the eyes of its citizens, and in fact the entire world. But its influence is waning in the rest of the world, just as it is with its own citizens. So, why do they persist? Perhaps it is because they are now better at fooling themselves into believing their own lies than they are at fooling the rest of us into believing them?
I know for fact that one reason our Galactic Brothers and Sisters have been kept at bay, unable to disclose their presence officially and formally to the entire planet is because the USA has made threats that any craft which belong to Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command that de-cloak in Earth’s atmosphere at any altitude which could be viewed by persons on the ground or flying in “Earth-bound” aircraft, such as passenger jets, etc., would be considered a threat to the safety of its citizens and hence targeted and attempted to be shot down. This is yet another example of how the USA government is so adept at fooling themselves; as if they really pose any danger to our Galactic Brothers and Sisters! In fact, in doing such a thing, attempting to shoot down GFOL  or AC craft, the only persons they might possibly harm are the pilots flying the jets/crafts attempting to shoot them down, and/or innocent citizens on the ground. And THAT is one major thing that keeps final, formal Disclosure and spacecraft de-cloaking at bay.
The other major reason formal Disclosure has not happened yet of course is that not enough people are awakened. Not enough people are consciously resisting the enslavement which has been a normal part of their lives, for ALL their lives! In the words of My Beloved Michael, which he stated to me in a conversation we had a few days ago, “You are beholden to no one!” and he meant it! And better yet, I KNOW HE IS RIGHT!! But what does that mean exactly?
It means that none of us need to depend on anyone for our happiness, that’s what it means. Happiness really DOES come from within, and what we do with it, how we manifest our physical existence can help it to magnify with the Joy we can experience from that, but that’s not where it comes from…
This notion that we need to work ourselves practically to death for a pittance, which we give most of away to our USA and regional and local governments in the form of taxes so that we will be “taken care of” is utter rubbish. No, in fact we ARE perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. And we don’t need to pay anyone to do that for us. Have you ever considered exactly how much of your income goes to taxes? Oh, we generally only consider “income taxes”, but what about all the other taxes you pay? Property tax. Sales tax (and as if that wasn’t abominable enough, some states even charge sales tax on food items), cigarette tax, alcohol tax, fuel tax, inheritance tax, gift tax….the list goes on and on, until finally you are so taxed out the wazoo that you have no resources left with which to make your lives comfortable to say the least, forget enjoyable!! On top of all the taxes paid, most things that you believe could truly bring joy to your lives are priced far out of your reach to purchase with what you have left. DON’T BE FOOLED! They are only THINGS!! And these tactics are undertaken for one purpose and one purpose only – TO CONTROL YOU INTO BELIEVING THAT YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE JOY IN YOUR LIFETIME AND TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE BEHOLDEN TO THE GOVERNMENTS THAT KEEP YOU ENSLAVED FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT!!!
So, what’s to be done about this? How can we raise consciousness to the point where our Galactic Brothers and Sisters CAN reveal themselves to the world without concern that anyone will get hurt, or that anyone’s “free-will” has been usurped by them as it has been by the ones who attempt to threaten them?
It starts as a little spark, and then fanned by the winds of Love and Compassion for ourselves and one another, it turns into a cleansing blaze, that by your simple refusal to further go along with that which had become the “norm” for us, we can quash these further attempt s to keep us down and keep us from knowing who and what we truly are; Magnificent and Omnipotent Beings of Light!!
I had stated recently in my dissertation of “who I AM” that even though we are each uniquely different, from the standpoint of how we came into existence in the beginning, we are all the same… all cut from the same cloth so to speak. We are simply each a hologram, exact replica, of the One Source of All That Is that created us. It doesn’t matter how many times or how many pieces you split a hologram into, even the tiniest piece still retains all the original attributes of the original. So what does that mean? It quite simply means that we are ALL God incarnate! And quite literally you have within you right now all the power you will ever need to first; take back your sovereignty and authority over self – stop letting others tell you that you have to give it all away to them because you need them to take care of you – take care of yourselves and in so doing take care of everyone around you; All for One and One for All… second; to manifest by doing and by being and by simply bringing into existence all those things and ways and activities that will bring you Joy and Love-filled lives of Peace and Happiness.
Now I want to have a little chat with you about what is really valuable in our lives… it’s the one thing that everything else comes from; LOVE. Love IS the Unified Field, the Zero Point, that base level Energy Field that not only holds everything you can perceived with your 5 senses together, it is what brought it All into existence in the first place.
You’ve heard the words “God is Love”… there couldn’t be any truer 3 words in any language. The Source of All That Is, the Source of YOUR Creation, IS Love! Pure and simple. So what does THIS mean? It means that you have all the power you will ever need right in the end of your little finger, to do ANYthing ; to bring into existence anything you could ever want need or desire. So what’s the catch? There is no catch. The only thing you need to do is to reclaim your freedom. So how do you start?
Lot’s of ways. First and foremost this system which is based on money (worthless slips of paper) has to go down, and it has to go down hard. Why? Because if it doesn’t you will forever be beholden to “The Man” for your share of it… or what ends up being your share of it after the others skim their share off the top. And I know there are those who will cry “But money is important, it’s the foundation of our economy, it’s what makes the world go ‘round” and I would have to ask, what good is an economy, when the majority of the citizens whom it could help are left without, out in the cold, hungry, lost and forgotten?
Can you eat money? No. Can you build a home with money? No, not literally. Can a pocket full of money on its own with no purchasing power be a drink of water in the desert? No. Can money on its own get you from point A to point B? No. Can money buy you Love? No. Can money make you feel safe and warm like the embrace of a Loved One? No. Can money bring you Joy and Happiness? No.
So you see, money CAN be a tool, but at this point in time I don’t think there are many out there who would disagree that money has been gravely misused. So, it needs to go away.
We need to start depending on ourselves… and remember, what affects One of us affects All of us, so interconnected we all are. So just as all of the negative feelings associated with being enslaved to our governments and their money have been a part of and have affected ALL of us ALL of our lives, so can our regaining our Love and reverence for ourselves and each other by taking care of ourselves enable us to affect each other positively, creating a positive change in the world which like that spark I mentioned at the beginning of this article will grow into a great cleansing blaze and completely overtake and subjugate the tyranny that we have been living under for so very long.
So how do we make money go away?
Simple; stop using it! Altogether, right now. Impossible you say? The world would end you think? You’d go hungry, be without a place to lay your head at night, not be able to put clothes on your back? Think again. Remember, that in regaining Love and Compassion and Reverence for ourselves, we regain Love and Compassion and Reverence for each other, and in so doing, doesn’t it just stand to reason, maybe deep down inside we all care deeply enough about each other, that no one would ever go hungry again, because there would always be someone who had enough that they could share with someone who didn’t? Does it stand to reason that no one would be left out in the cold with no place to stay, because someone would realize that they have plenty of room in their home that they could share with someone whom they now realize they Love just as much as they Love themselves? Does it stand to reason that those of us who have clothes in our closets that we never wear would open up our hearts and our closets to someone who didn’t have any?
We can work together, growing gardens, preparing food, building homes, living together as One, the way it was always meant to be, and in fact in our far distant past, the way it actually was, and money would never have to figure into it.
Unity Consciousness. All for One and One for All. Total Cooperation of All Humanity. A society built on trust and mutual benefit to create One Global Unified Force; Love.
Do you realize that once the money tower comes crashing down, there will no longer be anything for the government and military of the USA to fund their war machines with? And then, with all their war machines grounded, perhaps a clear path would be made way for our Galactic Brothers and Sisters to reveal themselves, to step in and lend us a hand as we make our way up to the next level of existence; MORE THAN a thousand years of Peace, Joy, Happiness and especially Love!
Think about it. It really is so very simple. And it will start with you and me.
Come together, right now!

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