Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Girls’ Night Out

November 29, 2011 4:24AM
Well our first (and hopefully only) night trying to sleep in my car ended abruptly, just as we had finally fallen into a light slumber, by a Boulder City Police Officer rapping on my driver’s side window. I fumbled for my keys to put into the ignition, dropped them – picked them up again put them in the ignition so I could open the window. Charity spoke up first – all I could do was stare at the officer – I was still half asleep. She asked him if there was anything wrong and in replied that we couldn’t sleep in our car parked at a 7-Eleven store (which was where we were). When Charity asked him why that was he replied “Because we have an ordinance there called ‘camping’”… which he explained to us means that if you seek shelter inside somewhere (as in a building [other than your home] or your car, for instance) trying to sleep or spend the night it’s considered camping and evidently camping, according to the officer, is against the law in the City of Boulder. He seemed to feel bad and said he was sorry, but here is what he told us next…
He said that in the county it’s NOT against the law to camp and that if we wanted to sleep in my car all we had to do was drive up past the “Y’ at 28th and Broadway – as that was the county line – and park there.
Now it’s Charity’s and my understanding that a police officer’s primary duty in any municipality is to protect the citizens, so you can imagine our amazement as he continued by saying (and I quote),
“Be careful… there are a lot of bad people out there, so make sure you lock your doors…”
Wow! Now that’s the way to make certain your citizens are protected! Especially two middle-aged women who clearly were not bothering anyone – oh but we were camping within the city limits of Boulder, so we should move out to the county where there are “ a lot of bad people” and camping in your car is permitted… Now you tell me, what sense does that make? And I’m certain that some would simply say that that’s just the way it is, and I would have to say that it’s that kind of complacency/apathy that allows ordinances like that to get voted into place in the first place. Or maybe it was NEVER voted on and simply instated as a new law… in this day and age, who knows.. I’m certain that there are those who, as I once did, have said to themselves, “oh that ‘ll never happen to me”, but I point out , having learned now from personal experience, that in fact it very well could, and might to a lot of people if things continue on as they have been.
The officer made some comment about us “not being from around here, implying, I suppose, that we didn’t know the area or the ordinances… but maintaining that we should move my car out to the county. It became clear to us that his main objective was not our safety, but rather maintaining his own image/job and the image of Boulder by asking us to move along – to an unsafe part of town – two middle-aged women, at 4:30 in the morning – dark of night still all around.
I considered as I forced my tired and sleepy body to drive (another danger to our persons) to the Starbucks in which I sat to write this out by hand, that perhaps I should have asked the officer if he would please accompany us out to the county and stay there keeping watch over us while we slept to make certain we’d be safe, but then  I said to Charity, as I was thinking out loud, “But wait! That’s what Michael is for!!” and we both laughed.
So I don’t know what we’ll do now. I’m really tired, not having slept much for being cramped up in a sitting position in my car for almost 5 hours, the temperatures outside well below freezing. I guess we should be glad we have a car that we CAN drive out to the county where there are a lot of bad people – at least we might not freeze to death as we fend them off!
There’s one other thing I cannot fathom, though I’m nearly certain that similar situations exist all over the US and even other parts of the world; with somewhere around 100, 000 people who live here, so many are probably less than a month away from foreclosure on their homes (as evidenced by the number of ads we’ve seen from people wanting to rent rooms in their homes – to help pay the mortgage) ; so many so close to being on the street themselves if the Banksters would have their way about it; so many unaccounted for too as you know the census only counts people who have a physical address; and yet only one night shelter and one day shelter in town (to the best of my knowledge)… THIS in and of itself is bad enough, but the criteria for using them makes it seem even more of a mockery.
I kno wit’s complicated, but really the only reason it is, is because money, instead of Love, is the only acceptable currency right now… that and the fact that it’s simply being allowed to continue on this way… it really could all end in an instant, if you would simply have faith in your own self-empowerment! Only when people truly start caring about and putting people and Love, instead of money, first will it change and these inconsistencies go away.
I marvel at what time of year it is… known for decades now  - maybe longer – as the “season of giving” and yet this is what gets handed out?
I seem to recall our beloved Brother and teacher Sananda saying something to the effect of “when I return, you may not recognize me…” perhaps implying that because we might not know him by his appearance that we should treat everyone as if they are him… which we should be doing anyway? Everyone deserves that kind of reverence! Everyone has the potential to be, and some already are, a Christed Being! The reason this is not recognized is because people have lost touch with their hearts, and cannot “see” what they are missing! And so we are here as teachers, living out these experiences and documenting them that others may learn to tap back into the Love inside their hearts and show compassion toward one another.
It’s still dark outside as I sit here in Starbucks writing this – it’s just coming up on 6:00AM… four more hours before the library opens. Having come to the conclusion that I really do need my own computer, I didn’t want to have to afford another cup of coffee here, even though it’s warm and gives me a place to sit – even though I risk being accused of “camping” if I fall asleep here – while we wait for the library to open. I’ve begun to realize that the longer I wait to have my computer fixed the less likely it will be to happen as the money that had been given to us by such kind people is slowly melting away… unfortunately, eating is something that although has become greatly curtailed, is still quite necessary, and then of course there is gasoline which we need to get us around, and if not that then bus fare. Well, you know the kind of situation we are dealing with… I figure we have a better chance of changing that if I have regular access to my own computer… It’s time to start making those videos I’ve been talking about making!

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