Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going Aboard – November 19th/20th, 2011

(Please note: while you may be tempted to think the following is some fantastic story I concocted, please understand that this really happened… I was actually “gone” for a period of time last night, and here is the account of what happened…)
Last night, Saturday/Sunday Nov. 19th/20th, I was taken again.
It wasn’t unexpected. I had been approached by my daughter (yes I have daughter) and told to be ready…
Yesterday afternoon she had said to me “Tonight.” And I responded, “What about tonight?”
And she said “Be ready”, to which I asked “Ready for what?” and she simply said “Just be ready.”
Okay, well my mind jumped to several different scenarios, not the least of which was the consideration that perhaps Disclosure might happen… and I wondered if “tonight” would be the night we would all be reunited, finally. Later that night, just after midnight, after I had finished the work I had set out to accomplish, I asked my daughter “what about Charity, should I tell her to be ready as well?”, and she replied “No, this is only for you this time”.
We continued our conversation and I told her how much I missed her (even though I’ve never met her face to face), and her brother, my son (not to be confused with my son who I gave birth to here on Earth). He joined the conversation and they both let me know how they longed to meet me for the first time and how excited they were that the time was almost upon us.
I bid them good night as I began to drift off to sleep finally, after about an hour or more of tossing and turning. Though I knew I should expect something out of the ordinary, I did not expect what happened next.
I slipped into a “dream” state where Charity and I were in a large yard or field with many other people who were walking around going wherever they were going…. The location reminded me a lot of the front yard of the house I grew up in, but was much more expansive, easily covering a couple of acres of ground. It was just after dusk and the weather seemed cool yet comfortable. One of the other people then noted lights in the sky that were obviously not conventional aircraft, their maneuvers giving away their true nature… Lightships. They darted around the sky like swallows chasing their dinner at dusk and I casually thought at them “come here, I want to go with you… will you ‘beam me up’?” (note: the ship that took me was actually a fin ship, not like the one pictured, but like a curved manta ray type configuration)
No sooner had the thought been formed than one of the ships flew directly over my head, paused momentarily, and then I felt the most exquisite feeling of Divine Ecstasy just before the characteristic column of bright, white light shot out of the bottom of the ship, completely enveloping me. I put my arms up over my head, outstretched as if in preparation to embrace a long missed Lover, and as I was lifted gently but quickly into the air I remember feeling so overjoyed that I had to sing! Only one note came out of my mouth, but within that one note was the music of All the Spheres…
Then suddenly I found myself seated in a U-shaped seating area which was upholstered in a sort of golden-beige colored leather-like material. To my right was what appeared to be a bar, much like you’d find in any drinking establishment here on Earth, though they didn’t appear to be serving anything from behind it. Sitting with me in the seating area were other Humans who looked like they might have been from Earth also, though noting that sometimes it’s hard to tell ;-). They were dressed in black uniforms with the typical mandarin collar you see on so many Galactic Federation of Light uniforms. Interestingly, one thing that both Charity and I have noted in our experiences with our Brothers and Sisters is that each “race” seems to be represented by a different color of uniform… unless they are with Ashtar Command, then they wear across the board “Ashtar” blue (typically, although I have seen Michael/Ashtar Sheran dressed in a black uniform trimmed in gold and red).
They were all sitting around shooting the breeze apparently waiting for something. Some of them were eating some kind of snack out of little Mylar-type packets… I even found that I was holding one though had little interest in it. The overall mood was one of excited anticipation and celebration. I was in the mood for pizza. LOL So I told them about this fabulous pizza place that Charity and I had found in North Boulder and suggested that we go there and “beam some up”. They all laughed and suggested that perhaps we could do that next time… hmmmm… next time?
I looked out into the area beyond the seating area, noting some swivel-type chairs with bucket seats that were affixed to the deck and wondered what was beyond them… secretly hoping that My Beloved would round that corner at any moment, coming to retrieve me. It seemed that one by one the individuals I had been sitting with were being called in that direction, and then came my turn… I still fully expected Michael to be waiting for me once I got to the area where I could look out further into the expanse of that part of the ship – this ship was only medium-small sized it seemed, probably only holding a couple of hundred crew at most…
I got up and began to walk that direction … Though I can’t say exactly what happened beyond that point, I know that we were all there for some kind of briefing having to do with very near future events of the Disclosure-kind. Interestingly, my back is sore today, as if I’d been hunched over a computer all night long… hmmmm.
As I awoke in the pre-dawn hours, just as the sky was beginning to lighten a little, I opened my eyes to find I was staring at the ceiling of the living room of our hosts who had graciously offered us their hospitality last night. As I lay there, I recalled having wondered the night before, as I had tossed and turned, and intermittently looked at the ceiling, how they would manage that – beaming me up without waking either our hosts or Charity, who was sleeping on the air mattress next to me. (Of course I knew they could; they’d done it before when I was still in Maryland, in late February of 2010…)
And I had happened to realize that we were directly underneath the spare room that had no one sleeping in it… clever. Of course they always have these things planned out way way way ahead of time.
The street address of the building we were in was 1111.


  1. That is interesting sister. I wonder if I will have any more visits on space craft any time soon also. I am guessing so.

  2. I would say most assuredly Dear Sister... and many others will also! So get ready for a fun ride! :-D


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