Monday, November 28, 2011

I Think I’ve Finally Got It!

November 28, 2011 4:45PM MST
Well, I’m feeling pretty tired tonight. It’s not looking good for us finding a place to stay tonight so tonight may in fact be our first experience sleeping in the car – thankfully it hasn’t been too cold the last couple of nights. Also thankfully, I’m almost over my cold, though I’m still very tired. World weary; tired of moving around so much…
As we were leaving our friend Lynn’s place this afternoon we met two of her friends whom she has known for some time – Susan and Olivier – two Beautiful souls who I “only just met” though I know I’ve known them forever… I miss them both already even in the short time we had to meet each other – and I miss Lynn too – though I did say before we left that we would meet again… all of us… and I know we will. J I received long embraces from both Susan and Olivier that were unlike any hugs I have ever received from someone I’d “just met”. They both left me feeling totally blessed out – much the way I feel when communing with Michael – and I suddenly realized upon resisting my initial urge to pull away (especially from Olivier) – because of the intensity of the Love I was feeling (I wasn’t used to that) – that THIS is the way we are supposed to feel for one another; deeply, intensely Loved and in Love – One in Spirit. WOW! I want to feel more of that! I want to feel that with everyone I meet, now knowing that THIS is our True Nature!
I read a statement once somewhere over the last couple of years, that to embrace Ashtar Sheran (aka Archangel Michael) is like embracing Love itself. Of course being Michael’s Twin Flame, I already know what that feels like and I have to agree; it’s one of the most wonderful fulfilling and satisfying feelings one could ever have… I just never imagined I would feel that coming from someone incarnate her on Earth at this time.. but I did … and it made me feel Beloved. I felt like I belonged, totally accepted just fro being me… I felt I’d come home – it is, always has been and always will be, as I’ve said – where my heart is.
So what is this compelling urge that I have to settle… to be in one place with my Beloved and not have to move from that spot unless want to? Why is it that now. Especially in the midst of all this upheaval, and even though Michael is already with me in my heart, do I feel the need to rest? Forever?
I have a couple of thoughts on that – one is that I’ve been at this thing a lot longer than I am even currently aware of, and two is because it’s just possible that the time of our reunion is very close at hand indeed. I know I’ve said that before but you see, one very important thing has happened since the last time I said that which makes all the difference in the world.
I don’t miss Michael anymore.
I realized this over the last couple of days even as I was suffering through the worst part of my cold. Michael made himself available to me if I felt I needed him to provide sympathy and reassurance that I would be better soon… But for some reason I didn’t feel I needed to take advantage of that… he was there, I knew it and that was all the reassurance I needed. I wasn’t missing him. I still don’t miss him. How could I miss someone who is really with me 24/7, 365 (and a quarter) days a year?
Of course, I’ve know for some time now that this is a stage I had to reach which is vital to our impending reunion; to feel confident and comfortable with what we already have and not be so concerned with “what will be”.
I think that it’s been these last two and a half months of uncertainty having to do with my physical “reality” which has helped to put it all in perspective for me. I have lived the last 34 or so years of my life in relative physical comfort, yet with tons of uncertainty about my spirituality, and of course most recently over the last 2 and a half years with regard to my relationship with Michael and our role in each other’s lives. Now the tables have turned.
I have had to deal with tons of uncertainty having to do with my physical “reality”, but the one thing I know now I can be certain of is Michael’s Love for me, and my Love for myself… and equally important, my Love for myself and his Love for himself… and how that translates into Love for All of Humanity and All of Creation; inspiring, fiery, passionate, never-ending; really the only constant in the Universe.
So what does that mean? I don’t know really, but I do know how it makes me feel.
Confident; comfortable; accepting of who I am and the power I hold within me that put with the power we all hold within ourselves can change everything instantly for the better.
Today Michael came to me, all dressed in his Ashtar Sheran dress uniform, looking more handsome than I think I’ve ever seen him and he said simply,
“We’re on our way”.

Of course... he's way more handsome than this, but this is
fairly representative of the uniform he was wearing... I wonder
what it could mean... ;-)

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  1. It is great to know they are on their way and I believe it has been since this date that I have felt closer to my beloved twin flame in my heart space. Thank you for sharing this Ariel.


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