Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Letter to Michael...

I usually put these on my "Letters to Michael" blog, but since this one is so pertinent to what I've been experiencing over the last few days, I thought it appropriate to put it here:

November 28, 2011 8:06PM
My Dearest Beloved Michael,
I know you keep telling me not to worry and I am trying to follow that sage advice. I look at the current situation and have to wonder if people are going to get what it is we’re trying to do. I know that they listen in on conversations I have with Chris and others, and yet, even though it has to be clear to them that I am a coherent, lucid and articulate individual, when they hear the words “I am homeless” come out of my mouth it is as if that negates everything positive that they may have previously perceived about me ~ or maybe it was that I made mention of the fact that I am doing this on purpose to prove a point. I know now after having assessed the situation that it’s not so much the fact that we will be sleeping in my car tonight that bothers me ~ I know we’ll be alright – but rather people’s reactions and non-reactions to that information that I find disheartening.
I know this is destined to change, but for tonight it leaves me feeling sad that on the one hand a person can overhear my conversation, should be able to make a decision, whether intuitive or merely informed, as to “what kind of person I am” and even though clearly and palpably are disturbed by the fact that I have nowhere to sleep but in my car, not say or do anything to help alleviate the situation.
How far do we have to take this? How much longer? How many more backs must be turned on us before it all starts to turn around? I write these dissertations, publish them on my blog and post them on FaceBook and other places hoping to reach as many people as possible, but I wonder, I really wonder, even though people evidently read what I’ve written, have I really impressed anything on them? It’s so easy to agree with what someone says and not to do anything about it or with it, thinking that someone else surely will… but if not them, then who? It has to start somewhere, right? And although I realize that it has already started with me and Charity, it will expand from there, right?
Well, we’ll keep on keeping on, and just knowing you are there supporting us in Spirit at least – what we are doing – makes it easier to get by. I know I don’t ascribe enough value to what we have done so far… I always like to think I have some perception of the good we’re doing and the vibrations we are raising, but perhaps it is as you say, and we are having more impact on the overall global vibrations than we currently know.
So I ask you with so much Love in my heart I can barely stand it; on this night, when we have nowhere else to go, please hold us both tightly in your heart and help us to see the Love spreading across the globe as we try to sleep to dream in the tiny confines of my small and over-packed car.
I rest easier simply knowing that this situation won’t last forever.
I Love you My Beautiful and Precious Love. You ARE My Beloved and I am so Ecstatic to have ound and connected with you again!
I Love you forever,
[note: we took a picture of my car this morning but have not as yet transferred it from the SanDisc... so look for the pic soon to come]

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