Monday, November 28, 2011

RE: The Movie "Thrive" - November 28, 2011

I don’t usually post things that other people have created on my blog (except for pictures), but I’m making an exception here, this time, because the contents of the movie at the link I’m posting here to where it’s located on YouTube are very pertinent to what we are all experiencing currently and to what we all can look forward experiencing very shortly, though perhaps not as much in the way the creators of the movie would like it to be…  I’ll explain.
How provocative a title? “Thrive” … and how Mr. Gamble claims that above all else we are meant to thrive; what about Love?
You know, when I first heard about it, this movie peaked my curiosity, but when I read the synopsis I was turned off to it for some reason, and Michael never suggested that I should watch it anyway, which he is inclined to do when some form of media – whether written or in video format – contains vital information that I need to be made aware of.
Virtually everything in this movie I am already aware of and though I will admit to having glossed over some of it in an effort to get past those parts and see if there was anything of any pertinence that I wasn’t aware of, I found it curiously revealing as to the possible true purpose behind this movie, by the absence of one word, which should have been (I feel anyway) used throughout it but I don’t recall it having been uttered once: LOVE. Yes there is a magnificent free energy Source in the Universe that we can All tap into, but a) if it is not identified as what it is and b) how it holds Everything together and c) how unless we feel it for and show it to, coupled with compassion, each other on a daily basis that all the free energy in the world will not change anything about our current state of being…
The key here is really RE-MEMBER-ing; bringing ALL of humanity (and I’m not just talking about those of us who in this lifetime we are experiencing currently were born on Earth, but ALL of Humanity, Everywhere) back together. We and our Love for each other and the Source of All Creation ARE the Unified Field – We ARE Zero Point Energy – We ARE Love!!
I also find it curiously revealing as to the possible true intent of this movie, how our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and their True Nature was also never mentioned, just as the mention of Love and compassion for one another being the true catalyst behind the change that this world needs to experience was left out.
Well consider where Mr. Gamble is coming from – what’s his background? It is my own feeling that perhaps Mr. Gamble went down a different road to begin with, but ended up right back where he started – in the hip pocket of the very Banksters that he is apparently trying to refute; could this movie be a back door, as it were, into the psyche of the “average” human being perhaps? Reverse psychology some might call it?
I am not fooled… he and his wife both gave me a creepy feeling in my gut from the start of the movie, and not once throughout the movie did that feeling go away… in fact the further I watched it, the worse it became… So while he does make some good points, I feel that with the lack of mention about Love and compassion and the True Nature of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and hence the inferences that could be made about our own True Nature, but instead plenty of negative vibe and message of what the NOW (or TPTB; otherwise known as the powers that be) does to people who “get in the way of their agenda for world domination, that this movie is yet another attempt to get the masses focused on money, their perceived lack thereof and all the free “stuff” they can have once “free energy” becomes a reality. Did you, by the way, notice how he kind of skirts around the issue of how all this free energy will come into our reality? So how does he propose we make it happen? Did  you also notice  how he implies at the end to the movie, rather casually I might add, how things like health insurance and taxed will likely still be a part of our reality in the future? How does he figure that as a possibility in a society where all disease, hunger and poverty have been alleviated by the elimination of the money base???
So, what about Love?
You see this is what I’m trying to do. This is why I am where I am, doing what I’m doing right now. I Am One who has stepped out of the “illusion”. And although my energy is very strong and has had a significant effect, and “they” know that, it takes a collective effort of many of us, a sufficient number of us , to start the dominoes falling – and once it starts, there will be no stopping it. But we need to back it up with something that we’ve long forgotten is so much more precious than money or other material things we’ve gotten used to having in our lives, and that is our Love for one another, and the cooperative and sharing spirit that goes along with it. THIS is the catalyst – THIS is the key to the success of those of us who are willing to take the chance and step out of the “illusion” and begin this change for the better. The change is fueled by Love!
This is what I and others like me are doing in order to prove that you are beholden to no one where money vs. material comforts are concerned; I’ve made the conscious decision to stop paying into the system – “But” you may ask, “what about your car and your computer that need fixing – how are you going to eat, etc???” Well they might never get fixed… I don’t know… or maybe I can find someone who will fix them for me because they simply know that it’s the right thing to do – contributing to the noblest of noble causes.  I don’t know… and as far as eating goes, I don’t know about that either… I guess I’ll find out.
You’ve no doubt noted, as I’m mentioned, that there are a few Blessed individuals who have given me money, and thought their gifts are deeply, deeply appreciated, I haven’t totally ruled out using it to take care of the needs of some of our brothers and sisters who are having a tougher time of it that we are… I don’t know… Money has even been used as a vice placed over our heads by people who could help us with a place to stay but are so near being “broke” themselves that they would rely on the extra income from renting a room to help pay their mortgage – or maybe buy food – or pay for heat. The Question is – what’s going to happen if all us stop paying “the bank” all at once? Or even one at a time, until there are a sufficient number of us who have bugged out of the system that there is no way they could take us ll to court, hunt us down, throw us in jail – like they could anyway… remember my mentioning a while back that THEY (the banks, worldwide) are all penniless too, having fallen victim to their own scheme? Tsk, tsk, tsk.
In the current system I will never have enough money, and I don’t even care to at this point, to pay off the nearly $13,000 I “owe” (and I use that term VERY loosely – remember, I am beholden to no one!!) Bank of America, and so I don’t intend to… and won’t. Why should I pay back something that never existed in the first place… they’ve lied to me, they’ve lied to you, they’ve lied to everyone and it’s time for us to take back our authority over self! It’s time to take back our self-sovereignty!  I refuse to pay into a system that has failed everything on the planet universally under a now plainly revealed guise of “taking care of” us when clearly their only intent was taking care of themselves… of course, this is all inclusive of all financial, government, healthcare, etc., etc., etc., institutions everywhere, not just Bank of America. They can sue me!! Oh, but how will they do that without their every-precious commodity – the money that they made up out of thin air?
You see, what so many don’t realize is that the “control” they exert over us is as phony as their money is. In reality it is only a perception. No one has ever had the ability or right to control you but that you allowed yourself to believe it because “they” told you so.
So how many of you have ever willingly unplugged yourselves from society, from the “grid”? Would you do it readily if you knew the positive results were guaranteed, because I assure you, they are!
In conversation with our friend Lynn who graciously extended us her hospitality, opening her heart and her home to us for the last 3 nights, we are “The New Homeless”… Lynn’s situation is changing too and she will be moving on in another couple of days…
WE are “The New Homeless”. The difference between us and those who are homeless because of a perception of lack is that we chose to be homeless because we understand, or are beginning to understand that in fact we have the entire Universe in our hands and once you realize that, then the perception of lack disappears. It’s been a long time for me in coming to this realization, but I finally understand what I’m doing here… I am here to inspire, through example, each and every one of us on this planet and beyond, to prove to everyone that it IS possible to break out of the illusion once and for all… and remember that we are not now, nor have we ever been alone in this venture…
Our Galactic and Inter-dimensional Family is waiting in the wings to step in and help us the rest of the way once we get things started.
I was serious when I said a while back that we need to stop using money – why would anyone want to base the sum total of what they perceive to be their entire existence on something that isn’t even real?
Love is res; and Love will once again be the currency of this world. The hard part (or maybe not) is remembering that EVERYONE, no matter how you’ve been inclined to perceive of them or their character, is deserving of that all encompassing Benevolent and Beneficent Force. Remember that we ALL came here to experience this together, and that on the inside each and everyone one of us is a Beautiful Being of Light, exactly like and equal to, in every way, the Source of All Creation!
We ARE the Unified Field! We ARE Love!!


  1. It is my understanding that we project and reflect that which is a core part of our selves including our own fears and doubts. Based on that understanding I am inclined to question why it is,that you get an uneasy feeling from him and his wife when I felt completely different. What did you project about yourself that I did not? I also heard him make the ultimate conclusion that all of this leads us to a place of love. It is a process that begins with an understanding and then an organized plan of action. Anything else is a utopian painting with out a canvas. Humans are conditioned vessels that must be reconditioned. This system can not change over night. It took decades and generations to get to this place. Our planet and the system must now be reprogrammed. We are one! numerous and diverse. There is no single switch to the human experience. The simplicity of our nature is actually quite complex! Therefore transforming the barbaric nature of man and beast will take some doing. I think he has laied out a pretty comprehensive plan,. What plan do you have? I would love to hear to it.

  2. Dear Anonymous, all I can say is that you will understand one day... :-) Thanks for responding. Love forever, ~Ariel~


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