Friday, November 11, 2011

This Is Who I Am... A Messenger of Faith

I Am.
I Am that I Am.
I Am Ariel.
In this current incarnation I have had other names though many/most of you know me as Ariel DeAngelis.
I Am Ariel, Archangel; a name ascribed to me long, long ago … in the higher dimensions I am simply known by a frequency of pale pink “Light” which is my signature vibration. Every Soul has its own unique signature vibration. Look deep within yourself… what color(s) resonate with you?
Long ago in a “time” before most of your current recollections, there was/is One Benevolent, Beneficent Source/Being/Creator/God. Perfectly encompassed within the Being of Source was/is All That Is, in perfect balance; Male/Female, Dark/Light, Life/Death… and so on. In an effort to know itself better Source created a perfect replica of itself, which was good, but the replica was exactly like Source in every way and Source wished to experience variety, and diversity. And so Source encoded that perfect replica of itself with a “message” to branch, though not just to branch, but to branch again and again and again infinitely, incorporating genetic material encapsulated within that code to allow infinite diversity in all the subsequent versions of itself, allowing for uniqueness in each and every perfect, exact replica/hologram of itself. What better way for Source to know itself completely?
And so it came to pass that the first replica of Source branched in two; one favoring the Divine Masculine and the other favoring the Divine Feminine. They became the first Twin Flame Soul … or as some term it “Twin Ray”.
I Am Archangel Ariel. I Am one half of that first branching off from Source. My Twin Ray, the other half of that first branching off from Source, is Archangel Michael, whose light frequency vibration is purple/blue, or as some perceive, simply blue.
You may be wondering what the relevance is of me sharing all of this with you. Have I lost my mind? Is it the need of my ego to be recognized? Am I full of myself? I would have to answer to each of these questions emphatically, no. So what is it that drives me, other than the request of My Beloved and our Beloved Brother and Teacher Sananda, to reveal such information to the world at large?
Let me give you a little background on my life up to this point. (If you want to know more about my “awakening” to my True Nature please refer to the “About Me” page on my blog located at )
Naturally, as you might have guessed, I am currently incarnate – a Spiritual being contained within a physical body.  Just as we all are. We all had different reasons for being here at this time, but a vast majority came here now to witness and/or be directly involved in the process of this Earth’s Ascension along with all her inhabitants who would like to Ascend with Her into the Higher Dimensions at this time.
I have been here for a very long time, at first as a Higher Dimensional/Angelic Being/Creator God, and then as necessity dictated incarnating many times as an Earth Human in order to gain perspective on and eventually to help heal Earth as well as the Human condition such as it has become. Through my current incarnation I experienced life much as anyone else would; having completely forgotten until about two years ago, who and what I am. This was by design of course, just as all of you have also forgotten that you too are Beautiful  Beings of Light clothed in a physical body for the time being.
Recently, in order that I may finish undergoing my learning process and transformation I went on a journey into the darker side of life, plunging myself purposely (though unwittingly at the time when I began my journey a little less than two months ago when Michael suggested it would be appropriate for me to move to Boulder, Colorado) plunged myself into the way the “other half” (of society) lives. The sick, the weak, the poor, the forgotten and discarded Human Beings of this Earth.
I did not understand what it was all for at first, citing that perhaps I had been misled… after all, when Michael suggested I come to Boulder, he told me that if I would just make the move that everything would fall into place. Naturally as you might expect, I translated that to mean that I would be taken care of and my level of comfort would remain the same as it always had been. Well, I’ve learned a lot since then; both about myself and about the state of being that so many are forced to eke out their existence in. As it is right now I’m certain that while some would view my life as being a mess, out of control, that I’m in trouble/in debt up to my eyeballs and homeless too boot, others would view me as currently living in the lap of luxury ~ those who I’ve noted on the side of the road or in a doorway at night in the cold who really have nowhere to go… Although money has never meant as much to me as Love, I can now truly say that I feel a sense of urgent advocacy for All Earth Humans who in the interest of needing to have a diverse experience for Source have found themselves in fear and feeling hopeless over their situation, of feeling as if it has all been taken away from them… or perhaps they never had it to begin with. And in the process of experiencing all this turmoil and upheaval, I also learned how to reclaim my power, my sovereignty over self, my ability to trust the Universe/Source that it knows what it’s doing on my behalf in order to insure a rich and diverse experience for it to know itself better, just as each and every Earth Human now has the ability and opportunity to do.
In order to do so it was necessary for me to truly learn to appreciate what I have always had, by allowing myself to have the perception of it all having been taken away… and in fact this is precisely what each and every one of us are doing here today…  this is the great Earth experiment, a forced perception of duality, of separation from the Source of All Creation. We all in our natural state, our True Nature, are Higher Dimensional Beings, Beings made of Light/Love Energy/Source Energy which is synonymous with Love, Pure Unadulterated Love.
We have it all; everything we could possibly want, need or desire is ours simply with a thought or a wish, but we/Source truly wished to have better appreciation for all that we had, and so we opted to allow ourselves to perceive that we no longer had these abilities – the very same creative abilities as the Source of All Creation, because of the fact that each of us is an exact replica/hologram of Source itself. And so we came to Earth and we learned to forget. We forgot everything about our True Nature, who and what we are. Eventually all traces of our previous God-like existence were all but a latent memory locked away in our subconscious and our hearts that we had forgotten how to access because of our perceived separation from Source.
With this Mass Ascension things will go back to a state which many like to refer to as Heaven on Earth, the way it was once upon a time, much farther back than your current recorded history goes. I as well as many others are incarnate here now to receive, hold and transmit incoming energies to Earth inhabitants in preparation for Ascension. We have been doing this for many decades now and finally our efforts are coming to fruition, and Earth and her inhabitants who wish to Ascend at this time will be completely and gently eased into the higher dimensions.  
I am coming forward now, to divulge to you exactly who I am and why I am here, to reassure you that the time of our deliverance into the Higher Dimensions is close at hand. I am here to help you understand that you are no different than I am. We are All the same on the inside. Although we do retain personality, a sense of “self”, a sense of uniqueness (which is essential for Source to know itself in as many ways as possible) there is no “hierarchy” in the Higher Dimensions, except for an inherent recognition of closeness to the original branching off from Source. And though each of us is unique, we also each retain all of the Innate Wisdom, Omniscience and Divine Creativity of Source. If any one of us were to leave our body at this very moment, there would be no perception of Heaven or hell as many of us have been so conditioned to believe within the scope of so many religious ideologies. In fact, we would experience only the Joy of knowing/remembering instantly everything in the Universe there is to know/remember; the Joy of knowing how profoundly we are Loved by the Source of All Creation.
All those who go forward from this point with Love and Compassion in their hearts instead of fear and loathing which had been so prevalent in the 3rd Dimension, are destined to enjoy Eternal Peace and Happiness in True Unconditional Love and Joy. The energies of the New Era are upon us now, and though in the last death throes of this perception of duality, our recent past had been fraught with seemingly one disaster after another, at personal, regional and global levels, ease and Upliftment are on the way in now, and it couldn’t be too soon…  Congratulations and welcome to the 5th Dimension. Some of you will travel on back to even higher dimensions which you consider to be “home” having finished with physical incarnation in your experience; we thank you for and have endless gratitude your diligence and perseverance and wish you a good journey home. For those of us who will abide in 5D for a while, well, like the Carpenters’ song says “We’ve only just begun… “ and that we have. Let the fun begin!!
I Am Archangel Ariel (aka Ariel DeAngelis) and I can’t wait to get this party started! <grin> I send you All Blessings for a Powerful Love, Peace and Joy filled 11/11/11!!


  1. dearest Ariel,Thank you for sharing your beautiful message.I salute you.God Bless you.I love you, Love Claire xxx

  2. Ariel,
    This is a beautiful picture exactly how I imagine you in spirit. Beautiful inside and out you are. Love

    Angel Queen

  3. Such a beautiful and inspirational post! Thank you so much for sharing it Ariel. Love, Sara xx


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