Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ecstasy of Grace

December 1, 2011

I feel the Ecstasy of Grace
Within the warmth of Your Embrace...

I’m not certain what today will bring… we checked into an inn two nights ago… before the snow came.

There is enough in the coffers to pay for another couple or so night here at the inn if needs be.

I received a very powerful message from my Guardian Angels, whom I’ve a bit remiss, I admit, to have been inclined to ask for help from much in my life - not truly having been aware of their presence but now in whose grace I’ve been trusting and residing - that it’s okay sometimes to “fight fire with fire” to accomplish a goal that is intended for the greater good of All. And for those who might think that the great Ariel should be able to provide for herself… that’s not the point. The point is that we each came into this world with specific tasks to perform to the best of our ability… I see how the world needs saving… how many injustices there are… and yes I could change it all with a nod of my head or snap of my fingers, but what would that accomplish? We All came here to learn. What did we come here to learn? Through our perception of being separate from the Source of our Creation, we came here to learn how very precious our connection to All That Is really is, and how we cannot exist in Love and Peace and Joy and Harmony without our conscious awareness of that connection… it’s there within All of us already, innately, but we tend to live our lives inside of our heads and since our connection to the Source of our Creation exists within our hearts and many of us have lost that head/heart connection as well, we tend to miss it… sometimes not even knowing there is something there to tap into.

As you can imagine, I’ve been going over and over in my mind (when I should be using my heart) the implications of using money that has been gifted to us to insure our own “comfort” in these days of uncertainty. And though I realize that it’s important for us to maintain a clear head and true heart in order to do the work that we’ve been sent here to do, I’ve had a really difficult time accepting that while I am for the time being warm and safe, others are not.
This morning at around 1:00 AM it began to snow here in Boulder. Thank the Universe and my Guardian Angels that we have a place to stay for the time being…. The temperatures here are destined to drop down to 12 degrees Fahrenheit over the next few days…. I’m not certain how long our reserves will last. Hopefully that long at least.

When I awoke at around 7 this morning I went to the window to watch the snow falling - something I’ve always enjoyed since I was little; though maybe not quite so much this morning. Off in the distance I saw a figure coming closer… I’m not sure what this person’s circumstances were, yet it was obvious to me by the gate of the person that his/her feet were so cold they could no longer be felt. The person struggled with an overloaded backpack that was slung over one shoulder. Slipping and sliding through the snow, the person gradually made their way through the woods behind the apartment complex next to the inn, and then across the walkways to the parking lot, until I lost sight of him/her around the corner of the building. I was reminded of a popular Christmas carol about a king watching a poor man gathering wood on a cold winter’s night… I tried to not feel guilty, standing there in the confines of my small yet warm room, but I did feel huge pangs of compassion, and sadness over not knowing what to do. I tried let it pass.
And so I’m sitting here knowing how many others must be out there struggling like that… how many fingers and toes and lives will be lost to the cold tonight, and tomorrow night, and the next night, and so on… I just got an update on the weather from the clerk at the front desk here at the inn… it’s supposed to get down to 6 degrees Fahrenheit tonight… then 14 tomorrow night, and 6 again on Saturday night. Again, I thank the Universe and my Guardian Angels that we are not out there in that, but saddened at the prospect of how many are…

Sometimes I feel like we are a two person army - but when it is an army of Love, I guess that like Love, two people can grow into millions, and perhaps billions … maybe even overnight… an advocacy of how Love works in our lives and how it can overcome all odds when we open our hearts to it. If you’ve been following the documentation of these accounts, and you see what it is that we are trying to do and truly appreciate it, I implore you not to stop there!
There is a very clear message that needs to be conveyed as far and as wide as our hearts can reach, and that is that Love needs to make a huge come back into our world. Don’t worry about how it’s going to make you look if you openly advocate such a mission. It really doesn’t matter what other people think of you… but what do you think of yourself? Are you deserving of a world and a life filled with Love and Peace forever more? How do you think it will come about unless each of us does our part to spread the message that Love is here and all we have to do to enjoy it is simply show it to one another? So please, in your own words, from your own heart, share this message of hope with as many as you can. WE can take back OUR lives and our prosperity and abundance of Love and Peace and Joy in our lives, but we need to do it together. It’s called Unity Consciousness… Thank you!!

We Love You All

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