Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Earth 2012!!


Happy New Year Everyone… well, almost. It’s December 31, 2011 and we have just a few hours to go, however before the dawning of a whole New Year… a whole New Era, a whole New Earth… I can’t WAIT!! :-D

After the December 29th. channeled message from the Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation of Light Collective, I made some interesting and rather exciting observations regarding people’s overall reactions to it. Probably the most common one is an overall feeling of positive-ity ~ in general most people are getting a real sense that something HUGE and Wonderful is about to happen. That’s not unusual or unexpected; there have been MANY channeled messages coming through – albeit typically more at length than the one that I received – that are saying similar things. Fellow channeler and author of the blog Ascension Earth 2012 ( Greg Giles has been receiving and publishing at least one a day for the past couple of weeks. As I’ve read each one of his messages, as well as others, I’ve waited in excited anticipation; you see I know too that things are coming to a climax here with regard to the whole subject of Disclosure.

In reality, as Meredith Murphy ( and others have pointed out on numerous occasions, Disclosure has been happing all around us for quite some time now – it’s happening in our governments, in our society, in our skies and probably most importantly within our hearts. Like a giant swath of cloth gently unfolding – until you get to the point where one last good flip is needed to make the whole thing straighten out and lay flat. I think this is the stage we are at now.

Yes, many more people that ever before are aware that our Brothers and Sisters from the stars are, in fact, real – as real as you or I – and people even have a perception now of them as being not that different than we are. Many understand that they are here because we are all related and beause want to give us a “leg up” – as it were – to the next level of being. I’m not too sure, however, how many truly understand the significance of that or are inclined to perceive it as what it really, ultimately will be, and that, of course, is Ascension fully into the 5th Dimension. In addition to those who understand the positive ramifications of these concepts are individuals who are still aligned with what they have been led to believe are the Mayan Calendar, and/or doomsday/”end of the world” scenarios. They still live in fear that the world will meet with some catastrophic end come December 21, 2012. Couple that with Extraterrestrial/Inter-dimensional visitors whose intentions they can only guess at (perhaps because they’re not necessarily living as heart-centered yet?) and it opens up a scenario of “doomsday by world domination from some of-world faction”… Oh if they only knew what we’d really been facing just a few years ago. I will admit that it is so very easy to live with blinders on. I did it for many years, until the Spring of 2009, in fact.

Well, none of that “bad” stuff is going to happen! Simply knowing that has been part of the Bliss I’ve been receiving over the last couple of weeks; I feel this calm certainty that we are in fact in the “home stretch”, so to speak. We’ve made it!! And in a short while things will be like Heaven on Earth. of course as with any major change, even for the better, there will be, no doubt, a bit of a rocky start; especially when our Brothers and Sisters from the stars present irrefutable PROOF of their existence – as in materializing suddenly and completely in our skies in all parts of the world. This will undoubtedly bring many common things – like governing bodies; energy, food and other staple productions and distributions; as well as financial institutions to a screeching halt. And of course when that happens the whole thing is going to cave in, mainly because it will be very obvious to the masses that they’ve been fleeced for countless generations, having been told by previously mentioned governing bodies that nothing of the sort exists (referring to “intelligent life” outside of Earth [not to mention INSIDE of Earth]).

The original plan of the Galactic Federation of Light was of course, with gentle nudging from within, to wait for formal Disclosure until such a point as the world economies began to collapse on their own, but with the cabal deliberately upholding the appearance of a “stable” economy by artificial means – to fool the masses into believing that, even though they can’t afford to pay the mortgage/rent, and don’t have enough to adequately feed their families or otherwise carry out a Joyful existence filled with abundance, that nothing is wrong – time is running out, and patience being taxed, and other plans brought to the forefront to get the ball rolling regardless. The gentle nudging is still happening, but now more than ever it is happening within the Human heart. People all over the world are waking up on their insides. They know intuitively that Love is the answer to all our woes, and that Unity of Consciousness with that regard is what it will take to break free of the cabal once and for all. I know that a lot of people want to say that those of us who are informed claim that the Galactic Federation of Light is here to “save” humanity from itself, but quite in fact they are here to WATCH humanity save ITSELF from itself and to lend a helping hand where it is needed and asked for. It’s as simple as that. They Love us. We are their Family and they only want to see us happy, in Joy, and thriving as the newest member of Galactic society.

I have total Faith ~ because of these realizations, and also because of the profound positive effect that the close physical proximity of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters will have on most souls ~ that fear, confusion and upheaval will be kept to a minimum during the transitions that will follow. Most people, upon seeing and FEELING what is being offered them by our Extended Family from the stars, will be compliant and eager to help out in any way possible in order to bid farewell, once and fro all, to the way things “used to be” when they worked themselves , sometimes literally to death, only to have to turn around and pay most of what they earned back to the robber barons they were indentured to. What a concept to live, yes LIVE in a world where simply BE-ing is enough to make you priceless beyond all compare!!

And then the real fun begins! Because now, existing within a Dimension governed by Love and Joy, we get to rediscover how powerful and creative we’ve been all along. Such will be the feeling of Joy that we won’t often, if at all, choose to think back on how it “used to be”.

Well, so all that said, I really wanted to bring your attention to the other comments I’m seeing being made over and over and over again- not just with regard to my own channeled message from the Ashtar Command/GFOL Collective, but also with regard to messages that have been received by other channelers – over the last week to week and a half; and that is an overwhelming number of people who are coming forward now, stating that they too have had contact with our Family from the stars ~ so many speak of communiqués happening during “dreamtime” and of “dreams” of seeing many, some described as “hundreds” …. maybe thousands of ships appearing in the skies, of being visited by Angels sent to calm them and help them know how to prepare their friends and family for the inevitable… Yes I would say this is all indicative of some magnificent event getting ready to unfold.

It would seem that even the members of the so-called “dark cabal” are taking seriously the overall message that is being delivered by taking it upon themselves to try and obscure our view of the skies with extremely dense delivery of chemtrails yesterday afternoon (Dec. 30th) … the day after I published the message I received from the Collective – of course I can only speak for what was going on in the area that I’m currently in (back in Maryland for those of you who have been following my adventures and don’t know that already – a books-worth of story to tell in and of itself), but yesterday’s chemtrail display was quite blatantly, in my opinion, an attempt perhaps to obscure from our view what’s really up there??? I looked at the sky last night (well, it was actually very early this morning) and duly noted that it was completely “overcast” after having been completely clear – except for chemtrails – earlier in the day – not a star to be seen anywhere… I wonder if it had occurred to the cabal that our Brothers and Sisters would be coming into view at a much lower altitude than that… hmmmm… At least that would be true to form if the last few dreams I myself have had to that effect are accurate representations of what is to be… But who can say? One thing I DO know is that there will be no denying that they (our Brothers and Sisters) exist when they have landed on the Earth Herself.

I look at the skies this morning and see clear blue everywhere – only the occasional cloud (real cloud … or something that looks like one, LOL) drifting by, and the air smelling so sweet you’d swear it’s Springtime out there… but it’s December 31st, 2011.

So, it would seem that we have much to look forward to in the coming days (I’m going to assume anyway), and should be interesting to see how 2012 starts off. I myself am excited yet a little nervous too. I’ve been thinking lately of this whole “Disclosure” thing mainly from the perspective of how my fellow Earth Humans will fair during the “turn around” or “turnover” ~ all the while fully well knowing that I have a personal sort of “vested interest” in it all.

The implications of which make my mind real, but at the same time set my heart to blazing knowing that our time of reunion is nearly at hand. Will I know what to do? How will I conduct myself? I almost can’t even force my mind to go there ~ and then it my heart takes over; and I recall sitting on a small bench in a waiting area on board his ship, not knowing how I got there… all sorts of Beautiful Beings marveling at the fact that it’s really me sitting there in their midst, and then as I sit, chin in hands, elbows on knees, a pair of large, familiar black boots walk up in front of me and I know suddenly who it is that is standing before me… And I stand up and marvel myself at how VERY tall he really is and I say aloud as utter Joy courses through my being…

“You’re here!! You’re here!!”

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