Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Never-ending Joy - Our Divine Right

Rainbow Cloud picture taken on 11/11/11 near Twin Lakes, CO

Well, so I finally sit here to write it all down… all that I’ve learned over the past 3 months.

And yet, even though I have plenty to say, I’m left sort of dumbstruck by this pervasive state of Ecstatic Bliss I am currently in. How did I get there? So much I have experienced in the recent past was much less than what most would consider ideal. In fact, because of my perception of it at the time, I can honestly say it was rather hellish???  But maybe the key word here is “past”. It is past. I’ve let go of it. Yeah, so maybe some of those feelings come creeping back a bit every once in a while, but for the most part I just acknowledge it for what it is and then let it go.

So, how can I do that? Well, one of the things I learned that has been so very valuable in my experience is that I need to follow my heart, no matter what. Anything that anyone else thinks says or does really doesn’t matter. At all. Especially when I know, by right, that since what I have in my heart is the most important thing that any of us need to concern ourselves with, and that is, of course, Love, it is my Divine Right AND Duty to feel good within the parameters of this existence.

The words echo to me over and over again, if it feels good inside your heart, go toward it. And that is all we need to know, as the opposite of that is quite obvious, or at least should be… we don’t even need to go there.

Feeling good. What is that all about? Yes there are those who still subscribe to the old idiom which says we’re not supposed to feel good all the time, and I suppose there is a modicum of sense there; if we felt good all the time then we’d have nothing to compare feeling good to and hence would lose our ability to discern and distinguish what feels good. This however, is a misperception. It is a misperception because the very nature of the Joy that we are intended to experience non-stop, is in fact Infinite, and because of its Infinite Nature, it never diminishes. In fact it never stops growing and building upon itself. So as big as it is right now at this very moment, it grows exponentially, even if we never allow ourselves the luxury of perceiving it that way. Such is the Infinite Nature of the Universe; it keeps on giving even when we forget how much we’ve received and how much we have and how much we will continue to receive from it. In reality, your ability to keep receiving non-stop is never diminished. It goes on forever, growing just as the Joy you would and do experience does. If it is our choice, which for many of us this time around it is, we never have to experience the opposite of Joy ever again.

Wow! Now THERE’S a concept!! Imagine it… Beautiful Blissful Non-stop and we’ll-never-tire-of-it Joy blossoming out into the Universe exponentially forever more…

That is where I want to be, and in fact, over that past week, have indeed found myself. Even in the face of people who reject me because they don’t understand why I do what I do. I leave those feelings of inadequacy behind willingly, in order that I may fully accept the Beautiful, Wonderful Gift that is all our Divine Right.

I began writing this a couple of days ago… today is Winter Solstice Eve, December 21, 2011 (Winter Solstice being at 12:32 EST [or thereabouts] tomorrow morning); a perfect day for a New Beginning. Yes, I had all sorts of lessons I have learned over the last three months that I was going to tell you all about, but have found over the last 48 hours or so that they all pale in comparison to the one thing I have learned, unequivocally, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Love and the Blissful Joy we experience upon truly feeling it and welcoming it into our lives, is hands-down the single most important thing in the Universe. It really does have the power to transmute All around it into Love and Light – I have seen it at work and it is truly amazing. And perhaps the most amazing part – at least amazing from the standpoint that we have always taken in this, our current experience – is that all we have to do to utilize the Power of Love, is to open our arms as wide as we can, let go of all other preconceived notions, and let Love flow into our waiting hearts and through us into All That Is – everyone and everything! And then watch the miracles occur one after the other after the other after the other. This is Supreme Creation at its best – and it only gets better.

My wish, my prayer for this Holiday Season, and ever onward, endlessly into an infinite future that we will never see the end of because it keeps growing and building in Love, is that everyone, everywhere experience this wonderful Ecstasy that is what we have always been meant to experience, but until we came into 3D and experienced duality, did not have as much appreciation for as we do now; if you can even imagine that!! Yes, I set an intention, and through the Power of Love summon Love and Blissful Joy to every person everywhere who wishes to receive it to fill you up endlessly with Never-ending Joy! It really is our Divine Right!

Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Joyous and Ecstatic New Year that will be One that will always be extolled as the beginning of the Golden Age here on New Earth!! We Love You All!

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  1. Merry Christmas and many blessings x. love, peace and happiness. A nice quote I read today is forgiveness is to set a prisoner free and to realise that prisoner was you. Forgiveness is for the good of your self. Ascension requires lightness. Karma weighs us down. Love all as you would like to be loved. Happy new Year


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