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3 Days of Darkness; Your Portal Through the 4th Dimension ~ A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran


3 Days of Darkness; Your Portal Through the 4th Dimension ~ A Message from Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran 

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on January 21, 2012)

Are you afraid of the dark? You shouldn’t be… and here is why:

Long ago and far away in a “time” before time when parts of the Multi-verse were being Created, little layers were set up within the sphere of the Multi-verse that wrapped around each other like the petals of a Lotus bud right before it begins to open. The layers at the very center were tight and dense and difficult to move within; numbered from the center out … 1… 2… 3… 4… 5 and so on; the layers in the farthest reaches thin and ethereal, within which the possibilities are limitless. What to your amazement that the closer to Source we are, the farther away from the center we get? It makes no sense you say? But I ask you; does it have to? That which you have come to think of as the center of “Everything” is actually the very substance within which Everything is enclosed; perfectly encapsulated within itself.

Within each of these realms life in various forms was created and arose, changing within the spectrum of its own growth; growing into whatever it would be, simply because it could. The Creator Artist Created the Masterpiece then stood back to see what would happen. And it did… in every way that it possibly could. Good, bad, neuter – it’s all the same – it simply is – it’s all Good! <smile> And we will label these life forms “Human”, because within the “view” of the Source of All Creation, and being that Source views Itself as basically “Human”, so does it view every life form that It ever created as also being Human.

Within the scope of each new creation of “life” came the responsibility of choice; from the highest to the lowest realms, choice becomes prime, for what better way for Source to know itself than to not merely allow choice but to require it. Even in not choosing a choice has still been made… right, wrong, or in between – it’s all the same – it simply is – it’s All Good!

In the farthest reaches of the higher realms, where the Purpose is more easily understood, the choice, which some in the lower realms still view as “no choice” was simple; to stay within the higher realms and Create as the Creator Gods they were; closer to Source; closer to their moment of Creation – things just flow easier “up” here.

Then down, down, down, spiraling toward the center, the choices between “going” and “staying” become more difficult as everything, even perception becomes more compact… unmoving and dense, to the point that, at the center, where choice becomes impossible, and All ceases to be. Not many ever attempt to go that far since choice becomes impossible and the choice to leave and return to the higher realms is never perceived to even be considered. Ah…but what of everything “above” that point? The choices and the possibilities, though difficult to make and difficult to achieve, remain ever as they are in the farthest reaches; limitless. And within each of those realms the choices, though difficult lent to themselves the possibility of allowing perception; perception of being closer to, or farther away from the moment of their Creation.

Somewhere in between the farthest reaches and closest to the point of oblivion there “existed” a realm wherein some of the life forms intrinsically chose to remain with a perception of being “farther” away from their moment of Creation, opting to have little or no perception of who they were or the Source of all Creation from whence they came. Yes, choosing to believe that “science” was the game for them, it became their “religion”. They poured every ounce of determination into their science trying to find new ways of doing everything, utilizing only material things that they themselves (or so they thought) created.

We’ll label this realm the 4th Dimension.

Now, as a fact of the matter these “Scientists” weren’t the only Souls to exist in the 4th Dimension. Other civilizations – “races”, we’ll call them – existed also, richly diverse in their perceptions of “being” but none quite so fixated on their scientific endeavors as the ones mentioned above. The “Scientists” ever in search of more territories to branch out into and ways to exploit them in the name of their sciences, happened to stumble across a concept one day that was new to them; inter-dimensionality. Fantastic! A new direction, in all directions that they could branch out into. For all intents and purposes, possibilities for them seemed to be taking on just as much limitless character as it had for those who opted to remain closer to the Source of their Creation, even if only within their current realm of knowing! And so the “Scientists” set about trying to find ways to access these other dimensions.

Being of the mind that they should try for a more advanced way of being, they opted to make way for the next higher dimension from their own, believing that resources there would be so much better and capable of facilitating their scientific research. They tried over and over again and failed, but could never understand why – why was it that every attempt to travel across into that next higher realm the ones who went either never came back, or when they did had disintegrated almost totally, almost as if they had burned up?

 Of course, the ones who never came back, upon the destruction of their physical bodies, which resulted from trying to gain access to a higher dimension where the vibration was so much faster that, without adequate preparation, the physical body simply “burns up”, found that in actuality they had never been far from Source at all, and in fact discovered that their connection to Source – we’ll call it Spirit – had never been severed; they were and always had been and always would be inseparable from the Source of their Creation…  and simply went on to live out “life” in new forms elsewhere, wherever, however the whims of their Source connection (Spirit) determined. The ones left behind in the 4th dimension, having no concept of Spirit at all, never understood, even though other 4th dimensional life forms tried to explain it to them, why it was that in order to gain entrance into that next higher dimension, to properly prepare the physical body by raising its vibration, some understanding of Spirit was necessary. They rejected that concept; their science was all they could believe in at the time.

Over time, small groups broke off from the larger group of Scientists, adopting a more Spiritual path and eventually raised their vibrations enough to make the trip into that next higher dimension, where, as any life form that regains its God-like perception of “self” does, they flourished amid a garden of limitless Creative possibility.

But the “Scientists” stayed behind, still ever in search of more resources to exploit.

Since it was deemed “impossible” to go “up” to the next higher dimension, a decision was reached to try a “step down” to the next “lower” dimension ~ they had nothing to lose as by this time, their resources were running out, they had exploited them so in their own dimension. In fact, they had used up the resources in their own dimension to the point that their own viability ~ through negligent use of their own sciences ~ was in question and cloning had become a way of life, although they were fast approaching a point of no return and non-viability in their ability to maintain enough variety in their genetic make-up so as to continue their species as a whole. In their view, time was running out.

Infiltrating and plundering the 3rd Dimension, although not optimum, and in many ways “inferior”, from their superior scientific viewpoint, still they felt was their only option. In time, they learned how to “step” themselves “down” to the lower vibration of the 3rd Dimension and began exploring these options there. From one end to the other of that dimensional Multi-verse, they sought out new sources of material goods and genetic stock, not really finding much, to their dismay, until one day they happened upon a small blue planet, 3rd away from the star that it orbited which was rich in natural resources and a veritable plethora of choices of genetic “stock” from which to choose in order to try and inject fresh genetic material into their ever dwindling numbers. No matter what else happened they must maintain their species in order to proliferate their all-important scientific research, superseded only by their need to procreate.

We’ll call the blue planet Earth.

Now here lay a place rife with possibility for the “Scientists”. They spent as many generations as they felt they could spare observing from a distance, and then the decision to act was reached and scout ships were sent to land on the surface in order to bring back samples of various kinds, among them were to be genetic samples of various indigenous life forms. But something went wrong; somehow they had miscalculated the density, gravitational pull, atmospheric pressure and electromagnetic properties of this planet Earth, and before they got it all figured out many crashes ensued – the most notorious one near a small desert town in the southeastern corner of the state of New Mexico, United States of America. There were few survivors of those crashes, but of the ones who did, communiques detailing their situation were sent back to the mother ships prior to their capture, and eventually negotiations with Earth governments for their safe return began, though ultimately it was determined that some would stay in order to study the Earth, Earth Humans and their resources more closely. These individuals are often depicted as having been kept prisoner by Earth Humans and interrogated mercilessly, when in actuality, they worked in cooperation closely with Earth governments for quite some time.

Initially, the Scientists bargained with the governments of Earth promising advanced technologies in exchange for the safe return of their comrades, even though there was never any real intention to relinquish their closely guarded scientific “secrets” to this inferior race of beings (Earth Humans). So they provided the Earth Humans with a peek inside the inner workings of their machines – just enough to lead the Earth Humans to believe that they had truly gained some insight and knowledge. When Earth Humans eventually learned that they had basically been duped, they set to work trying to reverse engineer remnants of craft that had crashed and successfully gained knowledge of propulsion systems aboard these Extraterrestrial craft. How the inter-dimensional portal system worked remained a mystery, however.

But Earth Humans who, even having some rudimentary Spiritual connections to the Source of their Creations, were also very attached to and caught up in their own scientific endeavors, decided to try and strike a bargain with the” Extraterrestrials”. Of course the “Extraterrestrials” couldn’t pass up a sure thing and requested and received in exchange for “more” of their advanced technology (which once again was a mere peek into the inner workings of their machines) Human test subjects which they could perform genetic experiments on in search of a way to splice fresh genetic material into their own to revitalize the viability of their species. Nothing they tried worked, however and upon exhausting the supply of test subjects that had been “given” them, they opted to simply take more, abducting random “samples” from the Earth Human population without asking permission or offering a trade of any kind. Samples of other Earth life were also taken in an effort to try and find options for maintaining the rather limited selection of sustenance their bodies could tolerate – food supplies by this time had begun to dwindle for them as well.

Little did most Earth Humans know that their governments, in conjunction with a very small group of elitists, were conspiring to effect a sort of “depopulation” of Earth, in order to create a more easily managed situation in preparation for certain “Earth changes”  coming up which (in their eyes) would further decimate the population and create what they viewed to be their own “Heaven on Earth” where they, the masters, would be in control and the few who were left would willingly bow to them in servitude for the rest of their lives, looking to them as their “keepers” because they could not do for themselves, since it would appear that without the elitists everything would revert back to a pre-technological state. 

Once the Extraterrestrials, through their own means of information reconnaissance,  learned of this diabolical plan, they hatched their own diabolical plan, wherein they offered the elitist Earth government (not even knowing that they were already working in conjunction with other 4th Dimensional Extraterrestrials that had discovered inter-dimensional travel and had arrived on Earth to pillage and plunder eons before-hand) to assist in the depopulation plan by providing bioengineered organisms guaranteed to result in mass die-off of Earth Humans in exchange for the Earth governments turning a blind eye to their practice of taking as many genetic test subjects as they wanted. All was agreed to and set into motion. Though there was one part of the equation they hadn’t counted on; the Spiritual aspects of, and the reasons for the upcoming Earth changes, which were namely the opportunity for each and every living thing on the face of the Planet, as well as the planet Herself, to raise their vibration enough to Ascend out of the 3rd Dimension into the next higher dimension.

Now, I want to stop here and take a moment to bring to your attention that no fingers are to be pointed in blame here, for what happened next, as anything that happens, merely happened, and in the grand scheme of things, from the point of view of the Source of All Creation, All experiences are welcome and even necessary to maintain balance and the highest diversity of experience possible in order for Source to know itself better. AND in the grand scheme of things we All in our perfect knowing as Source incarnate, uptake that privilege to assist Source in knowing itself better, in total Love and utmost respect for the Source of our Creation. It simply is. And so I wish to further point out that in the higher dimensions, no perception of duality – “us against them” - can exist within the higher vibrations that they encompass. It has always been “we for All”. I state this in order to clarify that what I have stated thus far is merely information, intended only to assist you in understanding what you are about to experience in your own reality, NOT to drive a wedge between what you already know and what you hope to remember as you edge ever closer to your own Ascension back into the higher dimensions.

Continuing on… in the meantime somewhere back in the 4th Dimension, the Scientists were still hard at work trying to find ways to bring new resources into their own experience, into their own dimension. They now were aware of the richness of 3rd Dimension Earth, intensely aware of the fact that for all intents and purposes the 4th Dimension “version” of Earth had been virtually stripped of anything useful to them. Since they understood the process of how to step things down in vibration, and they had since learned that 3rd Dimension Earth was destined to Ascend at some point, they decided to try and find a way to “step” 3rd Dimension Earth up to the 4th Dimension ahead of schedule in order that they might have use of Earth’s rich resources AND fresh genetic stock to manipulate and experiment with. They knew that if they waited for the process to take place naturally that their own viability would run out resulting in the extinction of their species forever. Since genetic experiments taking place in the 3rd Dimension to create an Extraterrestrial/Earth Human hybrid and carry on the species that way were to that point relatively unsuccessful, they really viewed the premature “stepping up” of Earth’s vibration as their last recourse.

What happened next may be viewed by some as tragic, others may view it as a heinous act performed with blatant disregard for All That Is and our Spiritual connection to the Source of All Creation, but let me remind you to not judge, simply acknowledge this as information intended to assist you to move without fear into your next level of being….

Plans were made and put into motion to speed up “time” and vibration for 3rd Dimension Earth. Even sound vibrations were manipulated to help facilitate the “stepping up” process and prematurely increase the spin of Earth’s Merkaba, the Divine Light Vehicle by which Earth and all of Her inhabitants would be making their Ascension into the 4th Dimension. The process was still taking far too long by estimates of the Extraterrestrial Scientists’ calculations, and so measures which had been saved as a “last resort” were put into play; those being to not only attempt to “step up” 3rd Dimension Earth’s vibration prematurely, but also to fold space and “time” or “dimension” around Her in order to force the process to be more or less instantaneous. This is where something went grievously ”wrong” (though I only use that term to indicate the severity of the result which ensued afterward).

It may be difficult to imagine, but instead of Earth being stepped up, almost the entire expanse of the 4th Dimension was stepped down. As a result it would appear to anyone entering the 4th Dimension that there isn’t much there anymore. In fact it could safely be said that certain parts of the 4th Dimension have been sent into “oblivion”… which is only oblivion from the standpoint that All who enter,  especially if they enter in a state of fear,  do not have the perception of being able to leave. In reality, being that each of us is infinite in our wisdom as Source incarnate, if we enter there in a state of total Unconditional Love, we know instinctively that we do not have to stay, and traverse this “darkness” quite easily and even instantaneously, successfully navigating back to the Higher Dimensions. The tricky part herein lies in the hearts of those who are uncertain and stand halfway between fear and Love.  How would they perceive their time in this “oblivious” state?

So, what does all of this have to do with the current events of the day on 3rd Dimension Earth with regard to Her Ascension and that of All Her inhabitants into the Higher Dimensions?

To begin with, if you’ve ever wondered why it is that everyone is talking about Ascension into the 5th Dimension and hardly, if ever, mentioning the 4th Dimension, it’s because essentially the 4th Dimension isn’t there anymore – it is, but it isn’t, if that makes sense. It is from the standpoint that, yes, in fact there is a “space” to go through, but it isn’t because of the fact that the potential perception of one traveling through it would be of absolute nothingness; no light, no air, no movement – nothing. The only thing one COULD perceive is one’s own Spiritual Essence, or Soul. But that does not mean that it does not exist, because by the very nature of it being nothing, we can say unequivocally that it DOES exist, otherwise there would be no perception of it at all.

So no worries there. Even though upon entering this point of oblivion, the perception might be that there is no choice – no way out – with proper preparation, that perception can be changed to one of no way in, or in other words, a perception of having completely bypassed it altogether.

There has been much talk in recent days of the “3 days of darkness” which will be experienced in this “time” of Ascension. It has been referred to by some of us as a “metaphor” and certainly for some who experience it, the darkness will be nothing more than “symbolic”. If we consult the Elders of Earths’ ancient indigenous civilizations, they have determined that what most people who are only partially prepared at this time, that is that they still harbor some fear inside of them about what will happen, will more than likely experience something roughly resembling 3 days of “can’t see your hand in front of your face” darkness. But keep in mind once again that this is ONLY a perception based upon the lack of understanding for what is happening (or fear, in other words). Some who enter in total fear may opt to turn back, which they can, and would mean that they would live out the remainder of their natural lives on 3rd Dimension Earth, repeating the process of death and reincarnation there or elsewhere if they so choose until such a time as they are ready to make the trip back into the Higher Dimensions (remember we are in a whole new timeline even over and above where we ended up as a result of the “failed experiment” and so there will be no catastrophic end to 3D Earth upon Ascension as had been previously determined, and so no soul will be forced to exit 3D Earth until they are ready to). Some will undoubtedly enter in such state of fear that they may perceive of themselves as getting  “stuck” in the void for  a period longer than 3 days, but even they will eventually work their way back out and return to the Higher Dimensions. Some may experience only a short perception of “darkness” lasting just a few hours. Others may have the perception of having slept through it, and some, who enter there with hearts more filled with Love than fear will have a blink-of-an-eye experience and emerge with barely a perception at all of any darkness. Those who traverse from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension with hearts completely in a state of Divine Ecstatic Love will not perceive darkness at all, having a full understanding of their infinite and Omnipotent nature, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no such thing as “no such thing”

So now, perhaps you can begin to understand a little better why it is that we of the Higher Dimensions, especially including those of us affiliated with the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command as well as all the other members of your Extended Galactic Families, have gone over and above the call of duty to try and assist you in moving from a state of fear, into a state of Love. This is our main reason for being here, and though we’ve been here for many more of your Earth years than perhaps even you can imagine, we have known for a very long time now, being masters of “time” and dimensional travel ourselves,  that this “time” would come about and that you would need assistance to raise the level of consciousness out of your current fear based society into one of Love and Joy, in order that your stepping through the portal of the 4th Dimension into the 5th be as smooth a journey as possible.

Our presence here now has been greatly pondered, scrutinized and even criticized by so many Earth citizens, and in many instances only partial understanding achieved through channeled messages that have been broadcast. It is our sincere hope that upon delivery of this particular message that, even though the document is more lengthy that most, you understand more fully why it is that we wish to establish formal contact with you; to bring you ease of living and ways to view and treat each other with Love and Compassion in order to facilitate this transition as much as possible.

On behalf of All the Star Nations that currently surround Planet Earth, along with the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, I AM Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, and it is an honor and a pleasure to be of service to All Humankind! <smile>


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