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Let's Celebrate!!

[PLEASE NOTE: I stand corrected!! I originally thought that the blog I've included below was written by a lady in Australia... well I wasn't paying attention obviously... and goes to show how even I have been pushing this whole thing away from me by speculating on exactly "when" it would all happen... the lady, Joanne, who wrote the story of her grand daughter, actually lives in Toronto, Canada... it's winter there now... as you read you will understand the significance of this]

I don't often post from other people's blogs here (in fact this may be a first) but this story touched me so, I just had to share it... it concurs with many accounts that we are hearing from people all over the world about their contact with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and the messages they are receiving about the imminent revelation of their existence to the whole world in the months/weeks/days leading up to our Ascension into the higher dimensions.

This was written by a lady who tells about how her 3 year old grand daughter relates to her a "conversation" she had with her friend "Ashtar"... ;-)

Of course you have to know that this story has personal significance for me, but is relevant to everyone else on Planet Earth as well... you're going to Love it, so please read on!!

(PS - did you know that Ashtar has wings? ;-D )


Ashtar, fireworks, rainbows.

As many of you read in my Christmas posting, spiritual connections to the property in Muskoka have been building. My family has experienced many 'tests' if you will as well. People have tried to break up the family from many sides and im guessingit it the negative side, still wanting to have control which i will not allow. I seem to be gaining strength and energy to deal with each episode, and tire for awhile afterwards but each time i am, i return to normal much faster.

As you read in my previous blog, there were alot of exciting incidents on Christmas day, and things seem to be continuing. I have noticed that my grand daughters have been extremely giddy lately and yet, they appear to have dark circles around their eyes, and ive asked them why. What i learned from them, made me smile, and sent me on a research mission and of course, a quick message to our dearest Kerrie. She played a large part in recent events and did not even realize it. My grand daughters and family matters have kept me pretty busy, as have the grand sons, both who are going through their own changes and trials so i have not been able to do the indepth research i would have normally until now. this is why.

As i said, my grand daughters play a large part in my life. They are all drawn to me, as are the animals, and my daughters joke, that i must have some spell on them, (all kids and animals.) because they all seem drawn to me. i tell them it is love. My youngest grand daughter is only 3 and has always been very advanced. She is truly a rainbow or crystal child and yesterday, she took me completely by surprise, so much so i contacted Kerrie as soon as i was able. This is what happened with the grand kids. i have copied it for the most part from my conversation with Kerrie, because i am still so so tired, and i am trying to get a few things finished here that are giving me a feeling of urgency. Enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts.

so you know how my grandkids are with intuiton, etc and this whole 2012 issue? i my youngest grand daughter told me today, that shes been seeing ships in the sky, that they followed her home from the cottage. that they are watching over her, and her sister. she said. they are aliens. that the one is named Ashtar, and he or she told her, that they are going to show them rainbows in the sky, and fireworks and sparklers, and that soon it will get very dark out, for days, and we have to go to the cottage, and that it will be in the winter. she said that we have to go to the cottage because not everyone will be understanding what is happening and that its safe there. that Ashtar told her that the lake will shine like the moon but it will be dark out, and that before it comes there will be fireworks in the skye, and sparklers, and rainbows, and that there will be angels around the lake, because it is special. she said that i will be helping before the lights go back on in the sky and that some friends of mine in other places will be helping.

im getting chills goiing through me,
she said Ashtar her, friend, has wings, said, that they are her guardian angel and that he lives in a ship. this is a 3 yr old child. shes never heard of the things we talk about, or seen what we talk about. she has heard me telling them that they are special and that the world is goiing to get better but thats about it. shes so small.

she told me also that there will be alot of surprises coming before the fireworks. she was so excited. she said she talks to them all the time. i asked her how, and she giggled, and said, nanan, in my heart and head silly.

the older grand daughter has been talking about angels still, but, never said anything like this. i asked her about it, and she said, Nananchristmas, silly! the angels were in your room when you were sleeping.

i asked when, and she said on christmas day. and thats the strange part. if you look on the federation on my blog i have a entry about christmas day. saying i dont remember a whole lot of it. the grandkids though, told me today, that the angels told them to let me sleep that day when they went in my room, because i was remembering how to heal and that i needed to sleep. im a wee bit freaked by it, but because they must be talking to these angels or supreme special beings. no one else could give them the info they were telling me. im going to try talking to them again tomorrow to see if they were told anything else. They had also told me that Ashtar said my friend Kerrie, is very special so i went onto facebook and showed her Kerries pic, and she said see, that is the special light lady nanan! Ashtars friends talk to her all the timeMy grand daughter

You can find the original story post on Joanne's blog on the ning site "Federation of Light" here:

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