Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lightworkers' Way - Are We Doing Enough?

There has been a meme of fear being circulated around lately under the guise of messages of “encouragement” allegedly coming from “higher dimensional” beings. These messages utilize admonishment as a means of conveying the impression that “you are not doing enough to effect the desired change within the scope of “our” expectations of you” or perhaps being redirected to imply that we are not living up to our own expectations of ourselves? What are OUR expectations of ourselves?? Shame and guilt and feelings of inadequacy are being used as prods to effect the hoped for outcome. Yes it would appear that we are being judged.
First of all let me assure you that higher dimensional beings do not judge. They do not judge themselves, they do not judge each other, they do not judge us – we are the only ones – because of our unique perception of existence within duality – who are capable of judging ourselves and each other. To create feelings of shame and guilt through admonishment and conveying messages that we are not doing enough (i.e. living up to certain expectations that have been placed upon us) is really a form of judgment. We  have always had and maintain our free will choice – to be judged and/or told outright what we ought to or ought not to be doing does not fit within that free will choice model.
Guilt, shame, admonishment, being made to feel inadequate, less than; these are all ego based, all part of the 3D paradigm of duality and they are ALL fear tactics used by some to try and incite movement, and to control that movement in a certain direction. These things do not postulate right action or create positive forward movement. They instead cause fear and feelings of inadequacy in the minds of those who are otherwise doing a wonderful job just by BE-ing Joy!! Doubts are created that in actuality, rather than moving things forward as they are purported to do, instead cause otherwise positive forward movement to stall out, to flounder in the wake of emotional feelings that not enough is being done to effect the desired outcome.
It seems rather telling and might be looked upon as proof of the fact (and oddly enough one would think that, in light of certain lessons should have been learned from recent events) that you can’t “push the river”. ALL happens in Divine Right Time and no amount of goading or admonishing for perceived lack of right action is going to change that. No hoping, no wishing, no poking or prodding is going to make anyone move faster or do more than they already are. And in fact the very actions of wishing and hoping and poking and prodding, as has already been hinted at above, in many cases has exactly the opposite effect…
Could this be by design? Or is it simply an oversight caused by innocent ignorance of those conveying the messages? Who can say for certain? But I do know that because of something which occurred earlier today I now feel that I must speak out and bring to everyone’s attention the fact that we are ALL doing exactly what we should be doing exactly, when and how we should be doing it, no matter what, when or how that is occurring. Because of Divine Right Timing it can be no other way.
NO ONE is not living up to their full potential here; we are ALL doing a fabulous job EVEN IF THE RESULTANT EFFECTS OF OUR ACTIONS ARE NOT READILY VISIBLE TO THE MASSES AT LARGE!! And our Galactic Brothers and Sisters know this. The dissemination of information via popular media formats is NOT the only way to effect a positive change that will move things forward with regard to that which we hope to accomplish here and now!! Yes, it is a useful tool, but don’t discount all the other ways that information, ESPECIALLY Love, is conveyed; not with the mind and the 5 physical senses, but through heart and Spirit, those things that are much deeper and wider than so many of our Human minds can currently reach! And even if a person doesn’t have a conscious perception of these things, it doesn’t mean that the message isn’t getting through, for a message of Love that is received in the heart does not have to be cognized within the mind in order for it to have a profound effect upon the one receiving it, and upon the entire population of Earth!
It’s a statistical fact that for every person who writes a letter to a governing body stating a certain concern they are feeling, he/she represents no fewer than 10,000 of his or her peers with the same sentiment. Likewise a person who places a phone call to a governing body regarding their concerns represents no fewer than 100,000 of their peers with similar views, as does a person who makes a personal visit to that governing body to voice their concerns represents no fewer than 100,000,000 of their peers with the same intentions.
This morning I received a rather disturbing phone call from one of the most Beautiful Lightworker Souls I’ve had the privilege to meet so far, who incidentally has been going above and beyond the call of duty expected of any Lightworker in order to help bring awareness to those who have not had any previous knowledge of all that is taking place currently. She was in tears over having read some "printed material" recently which left her wondering if she was doing enough, fulfilling her duties as a Lightworker by “spreading the word”, as it were, as far and wide as possible. I have to assume, statically speaking, that there are no fewer than 100,000 others out there who upon reading the same printed material, were made to feel the same way - “less than” … as if they were being admonished for “shirking” their duties as Lightworkers, withholding information that should be shared widely.
Let me reiterate that admonishment/guilt/shame are all a product of the 3D ego-ic mind and are NOT tools of encouragement and enlightenment utilized to truly effect positive movement forward in Love and Light, which is so highly necessary in order for us to receive the amazing gift that now sits before us; our introduction to and induction into the Galactic Society in which our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars and Higher Dimensions now reside; aka Disclosure.  They can no more force our hand than we can theirs and it is NOT their call to try to do so by telling us that we are not doing enough!
So please use discernment – not all messages were meant for us to accept as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In many cases, the messages that are doling out erroneous information are learning tools with which we can learn to discern for ourselves, what is real and what is not; to learn how to receive messages from our own Higher Selves to corroborate or refute what is being said.
If something doesn’t sit right with you, or makes you feel bad about yourself, especially when you feel that otherwise you’ve been doing all you can to help the cause, then take a step back, and ask yourself, “Is this message truly for me?” and then you’ll be able to know by the way it makes you feel inside whether it is or not.
If it ties you all up in knots on the inside and makes you question your own effectiveness, then leave it.
You don’t necessarily have to refute it openly, but just know, and share your feelings with those around you if they ask you, what you’re feeling inside and why. It is in this way that we can all truly stay tapped into that Infinite Love Resource within our hearts and through Living and BE-ing Love and Joy convey the most importantly significant and powerful message that will indeed move things forward in a big way, for it is not merely an information highway that we are trying to create and maintain here, but rather a Light Grid, a Love Energy Network that we are building and growing to envelope the whole world in. And THIS is what will truly propel us forward toward Disclosure, and ultimately Ascension, by awakening hearts to Love and Light and Joy, not just minds to historical truths and current events that have been or are currently being withheld from us.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A "Michael" Apparition I Experienced This Afternoon...

This afternoon Michael requested that I quit what I was doing on the computer and come and meditate with him... so I said "okay, in a minute just let me finish this message" (I was posting on FB of course), and then, well, I needed to use the bathroom, and he said "okay, just hurry up" ... and then I was hungry so I said "I'll come and meditate with you after I've had a snack" and with a little s...igh of exasperation he said "okay, just hurry up" ... so I went to the bathroom, got my snack, headed upstairs to my room, lit some incense and put it over by the window so it wouldn't bother my roomies downstairs, and the late afternoon sunlight coming in through the window made the smoke from the incense look so awesome, I just had to grab my camera and take some pictures... this is the second one I snapped.... and um, ur, well, who does it look like to you? I guess he'd had quite enough of my delays and felt maybe he needed to get his point across? LOL Okay Michael Dearest...no more stalling... sorry about that. From now on when you tell me to "Come hither" I'll comply. <batting eyes> LOL

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Power of Manifesting

I'm discovering how powerful thoughts can be at manifesting lately... This morning I thought about my cell phone, and the fact that my plan runs out in 3 days and that I won't be renewing it; I know I won't be needing it. (so heads up if you have my number... after the 11th it won't be active any longer) But here's the thing; as I lay in bed this morning contemplating these facts I casually envisi...oned taking my phone and dropping it in the toilet and flushing... when I took my phone out of my coat pocket a few hours later and opened it, this is what I found... blank screen, kind of like it had been dunked in water.... oKAY! Well, if that isn't the Universe telling me that a) there's more to this manifesting thing than perhaps many had previously thought and b) that I definitely WON'T be needing my cell phone any longer, I don't know what is!! Pretty cool huh?! :-D

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind...

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind
In the midst of a feeling of Divine Bliss which I had reached once again earlier today after some frustrations had passed, while accepting friend requests on FaceBook Michael asked me to stop what I was doing and take a message for him… Well, I learned long ago that even though I am clearly in the middle of doing something else, there is no use in arguing with him especially when the feeling of urgency he was sending me was so strong…
At first he started to dictate to me “Love is patient; Love is kind; it is not jealous; it is not proud and never boasts…” and I thought ‘why are you having me type out this excerpt from 1 Corinthians 13”  And basically there was no answer, just him patiently waiting for me to look it up – once  again – I know; I should have it memorized by this time… but he pointed out to me, and this is something that I have often wondered about, that so much of the time we only see the excerpt he began to dictate to me reprinted with any frequency.
And while that is a good thing, at the same time when we leave the rest of these words out (which I have included below followed by Michael’s message) the excerpt loses its “whole” meaning and the “literacy of these words (in the excerpt) tend to fall flat in the space of the ones that have been left out…” as Michael puts it. So what does this mean?
Well, it means quite simply that the urgency of the message that Love is the most important thing we can have in our lives is glossed over… we are left with some pretty words that sound nice and are absolutely True, but the urgency is lost to that…
I am not afraid to admit that I don’t as a general practice use the bible as a source of wisdom, although if one is willing to dig deep enough it can be found in bits and pieces here and there. (oh the heresy!! Though I maintain my stance and I know that Michael understands why and concurs – a subject for another time) And of all the authors of writings in the new testament, Paul is my least favorite, HOWEVER, if indeed these are his words, he makes a very valid point here…
With that I’ll let you read through what I’ve quoted here from 1 Corinthians 13, with a different kind of a message from Michael, which follows a format I have come to use whenever I record one of our private conversations together…. Read on…
1 Corinthians 13
“If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

So okay  Michael, you’ve got my attention… so why this? Why now?
Aaah, you can call me “Love” … it’s okay, they’ll understand. <smile>
Really? Do you think so? Okay Love… ;-)
Why this, why now? Perhaps you’ve felt the disturbance in the Force lately Little One? Hmmm? There’s something not right here and I know you know it and can feel it… we talked about it earlier.
Yes, but I’m past that… it’s okay… I’m okay, and you know that … so what’s up with this?
It’s an important message that more people need to hear, that’s what’s up with it. So let’s talk about it.
Okay, what do you want to talk about?
What do these words mean to you?
Well there are a lot of words there… do you want me to paraphrase the whole thing?
Sure, why not, go ahead… <smile>
Okay, well the first part states how Love supersedes All else, that basically everything we say and do means nothing if we don’t have Love in our hearts.
Okay, go on.
And well the second part is the part that everyone (well a lot of people are anyway) is familiar with that tells about everything that Love is and isn’t… does and doesn’t… and how it is ever abiding… never ending… infinite.
I get from the third part that True Love is unconditional and when we feel it… really feel it… all else falls away and we get to see each other how we really are … our True Essence… you know this is what I’ve experienced today…
And where it talks about how we did things when we were children, putting childish ways behind us and how what we “see” as being but a poor reflection in the mirror??? What of that?
Well, to me that means that everything we do while we are here learning on Earth, and all the ways we’ve learned (or in many instances been “conditioned”) to do them, cannot follow us into our adulthood – or in this instance into Ascension…. The part about being a poor reflection in a mirror… when we look at each other, often what we think we’re seeing isn’t what we’re REALLY seeing… that what we see, whether we view it as good or bad, is really a reflection of what we see within ourselves, this is how completely interconnected with each other we are… and if there is any confusion about what we see, when all is said and done, after all the walls come down and the veil is finally lifted, and we see how very much alike we all are, All Truth at that point will be made known to All.
Yes! There will be no mystery left to any Soul that we ARE All One!! We ARE All the same on the inside! God incarnate; perfect replicas of the One who made us! <smile>
And THIS is my message to all who care to read or listen, that any mysteries you currently harbor doubts about, anything you are questioning in your hearts with regard to each other’s True Intentions will be made known in short order! You will come into knowing that will be so profound as to blow all you thought you knew “clean out of the water” and you will be left with the purest essence of Love and feeling of Divine Bliss… which I cannot even describe for you, it is so exquisite. You must feel it for yourself (some of you already do <griin>)!!… and then you WILL abide in the Truth forever more… all else will be forgiven… all else will be forgotten, and only True Love will remain.

I Am Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, and I bring you these words in True and Unconditional Love that you may one day know the Ecstasy of not having to worry about anything… ever again. Thank you My Dearest Ariel! I will see you tonight!
You’re welcome Michael… I look forward to it! :-)

So I think I know what this is all about…. I don’t mind telling you all, and I know it will come as a surprise, maybe even a shock to some that I won’t be here much longer…

No, I’m not dying, simply leaving the planet…

During a discussion that Michael and I had about two weeks ago, the conclusion was reached after he asked me what I really wanted, and not to be afraid to be 100% honest about it, that since what I really want – the only thing I’ve ever really wanted - is to be with him, I should begin preparations for an early departure. I was reluctant to tell him that because I’ve been telling him that for a long time now… and his answer is usually something like “But Daan” (he calls me Daan, it’s a term of endearment… not sure what language) “you already ARE with me” … well of COURSE he knew what I meant… and I always interpreted his response to mean, “you’re not ready yet” hmmm… well, as I say I’ve been reluctant to say that to him even and especially recently, but when he told me to be completely honest with him, even though I felt like maybe I still haven’t done enough of what I came here to do or that maybe I was being selfish in wanting “that” knowing that there IS still so much that needs to be done, I had to say it… “I want to be with you…nothing else is more important to me than that” He told me that I shouldn’t feel guilty about leaving unfinished business behind, and reminded me about what he has been telling me since practically day one, that the most important thing I can do is simply to Love him… go figure.
The thing is, although that’s never been a problem for me… to Love him… things have gotten to a point where with all that is “going on” it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do what I’d been doing to “hold the light” here on Earth AND simply Love him too… when simply Loving him would more than suffice in holding plenty of Light, more than enough Light…. He pointed out to me that just as there comes a point in a teacher/student relationship where the student has learned all he/she can from the teacher, the teacher needs to recognize when it’s time to let the student go so they can learn from other teachers in order to expand upon their learning experience… So is this true from the standpoint of when a Lightworker has done all they can do in their current capacity; to let go and move on to another role in order to better facilitate what is about to take place, namely Ascension, but prior to that, full disclosure of the existence and presence of our extended Galactic Family here on and around Earth.

There were many roles that were presented to me initially as possibilities for ways I was to fulfill my planned experience upon becoming incarnate at this time. I have since, one by one, relinquished them all, except for one. Why? Because True Love is the One thing that means the most to me. And although I am aware that True Love can and does exist everywhere, in everything, still my own role in all of this, the one most important thing I can do to generate Light that is so badly needed is simply to Love Michael. And so this is what I willingly opt for; to put all else aside in order that I can go be with Michael and Love him to the best of my ability.

I don’t know exactly how, and I don’t know exactly when, but I’ll be going… early; much earlier than I originally had thought or could even hope for. It doesn’t matter to me anymore either what anyone thinks or says, or has ever thought or said, either to me or behind my back…and I will admit that it should never have mattered, but I am just as Human as anyone here and have had just as much to learn about myself… As Michael said, and this holds true for me as of today, once I truly understood the magnanimity of the peak on which I now stand, and the feeling of Divine Love that is within my heart, that all is forgiven, all is forgotten, none of that matters to me anymore, because I have, as I have always had, though only recently have truly understood, everything that I have ever wanted, and that is True Unconditional Love. It’s all anyone ever needs… if you try it, I think you’ll see what I mean.
Although this may not be the last thing I write in this blog, just in case it is, please know how much I Love you All, and I DO mean ALL of you, and I TRULY mean that, and know that we All will meet again one day very soon.

I send you All Infinite Blessings of Love and Light and Eternal Bliss… may you always know it and hold it like a precious treasure within your hearts! :-D

Love forever, ~Ariel~