Sunday, February 26, 2012

A "Michael" Apparition I Experienced This Afternoon...

This afternoon Michael requested that I quit what I was doing on the computer and come and meditate with him... so I said "okay, in a minute just let me finish this message" (I was posting on FB of course), and then, well, I needed to use the bathroom, and he said "okay, just hurry up" ... and then I was hungry so I said "I'll come and meditate with you after I've had a snack" and with a little s...igh of exasperation he said "okay, just hurry up" ... so I went to the bathroom, got my snack, headed upstairs to my room, lit some incense and put it over by the window so it wouldn't bother my roomies downstairs, and the late afternoon sunlight coming in through the window made the smoke from the incense look so awesome, I just had to grab my camera and take some pictures... this is the second one I snapped.... and um, ur, well, who does it look like to you? I guess he'd had quite enough of my delays and felt maybe he needed to get his point across? LOL Okay Michael more stalling... sorry about that. From now on when you tell me to "Come hither" I'll comply. <batting eyes> LOL

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