Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Power of Manifesting

I'm discovering how powerful thoughts can be at manifesting lately... This morning I thought about my cell phone, and the fact that my plan runs out in 3 days and that I won't be renewing it; I know I won't be needing it. (so heads up if you have my number... after the 11th it won't be active any longer) But here's the thing; as I lay in bed this morning contemplating these facts I casually envisi...oned taking my phone and dropping it in the toilet and flushing... when I took my phone out of my coat pocket a few hours later and opened it, this is what I found... blank screen, kind of like it had been dunked in water.... oKAY! Well, if that isn't the Universe telling me that a) there's more to this manifesting thing than perhaps many had previously thought and b) that I definitely WON'T be needing my cell phone any longer, I don't know what is!! Pretty cool huh?! :-D

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