Friday, March 9, 2012

Divine Government; Of the People, By the People, For the People – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

Divine Government; Of the People, By the People, For the People – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on March 9, 2012)
Once again we ask that you place yourselves in heart center before reading this message and know that it too is being delivered to you with the highest, most sincere expression of Divine Love.
It has been a long time since the peoples of Earth have experienced true freedom. Most of you have difficulty imagining a world where it seems that summarily no one is “in charge”. And yet, THIS is YOU in your most pristine state of Infinite Awareness. It is your natural state of being that NO ONE PERSON or representative groups of persons are “in charge”. And you have reached this point of being once again. It may not be readily noticeable to the majority, yet it is HERE and here YOU ARE, on the brink of the most life-altering experience of your current existence. FREEDOM! True, unmitigated and profound FREEDOM!!
The Non-Interference Protocol has been lifted. Though obscured from your immediate view much has taken place even over just the last 2 days that has propelled you forward toward your manifest destiny - the destiny which through your own raised vibrations you have manifested and brought into reality. This brings you to a new reality where you All begin to work cooperatively, knowing that you now have the means by which to quickly reach your mutual goal of a Love and Joy based society; a “government” that truly is of the people, by the people and especially and most significantly for the people!
Each of you has a specific purpose at this time which you have known about since time immemorial that you will begin gravitating toward if you haven’t already. Many will remember in detail innately/intuitively what those roles are; some may require gentle reminders. All of you will take up your roles seemingly quite spontaneously and naturally as you move further into your new reality; in fact it will seem to you as if it had always been meant to be this way. Please remember that even the smallest and ostensibly “unimportant” roles as you might have viewed them in your previous experiences are ALL vitally important to your new reality as the rules have changed and All people now begin to live from their hearts. The most important thing to know is that whatever your role is, it will bring you Joy as you fulfill it! You will no longer live with the perception that your life’s ambition be quashed by the need to pursue a “job” with the intent upon merely surviving. Now you will thrive!
Remove the “b” in job and replace it with a “y” and what do you get? That’s right; JOY!! <grin> And LOTS of it!! <big grin>
We feel the changes in you. We feel your raised vibrations. We Congratulate you for your noble efforts and a Victory well won! From now on you can look upon your experience in your world as one of true freedom, offering abundantly the Joy and Happiness that you All have deserved for so long. And though it may seem to be coming about slowly, the process has already gained a huge momentum. Yes, we know that YOU feel it too! And you will continue to feel it as the momentum continues on into what you’ve come to think of as Heaven on Earth as you step across the threshold into the realm of the 5th Dimension.
On behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, I AM Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran and we All look forward to working with you side by side, and hand in hand in the days to come!

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