Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to Manifest Destiny – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

How to Manifest Destiny – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on March 10, 2012)
What is today? Some of you might answer that today, the day on which this message was transcribed is Saturday, while others might be more specific with a date; March 10, 2012. What is it really though?
It is simply “today”. Just as when the sun rises tomorrow, it will still be today. Just as in “space” where the sun does not rise or set – the “sun” is always shining – it is always “today”. To truly BE IN the present, it cannot be any other way.
This is the first important thing to remember in the process of Manifesting Destiny; focus on the present moment. If you focus on the past it holds you to what “was” and so that is all that you will experience; more of the same. If you focus too keenly on the future you push what it is that you truly desire away from you, always and only perceiving it as something that “will be”, not what “already is”.
It is vitally important in order to bring that which we wish to experience into our current experience to “imagine” it as already being a part of our current experience, for the only way we can truly experience anything is right here, right now.
Next in order of importance is being aware of your thoughts. What are you thinking about “right now”? Is it what you want to have in your current experience? Can you see how all of the times you have desired something in your experience, what you ended up thinking about was far from what you truly desired, and how as a result, it deferred what you truly desired from coming into your experience? Do you see how all the distractions which have come into your lives, especially recently, have steered you away from truly achieving your heart’s desire? Can you see how having focused on things that you wanted to avoid, things that had nothing to do with what you wanted to achieve, were actually drawn into your experience, seemingly unsolicited – or were they unsolicited?
Thoughts are energy, and though they are energy that pales in comparison to Love, when they are thought over and over again have to power to bring into your “reality” whatever it is you are thinking about – especially when they are accompanied by fear.
So what is it that you REALLY want? Focus on that. Now replace any fear that you have,  with Love. What fear, you ask? If you truly have no fear associated with what it is that you truly want, then I say Bravo! Well done! But some may still have the niggling fear that what they truly want can never be. We would like to point out, however, that you no longer have to be controlled by that outmoded “thought process” because now we have entered into the Dimension of Infinite Possibilities where ANYTHING you desire is possible, especially if it will benefit the Greater Good of All!! And anything that brings Joy and proliferates Love Energy is exactly THAT!! Again, remember all the times you drew into your experience something you didn’t want to experience because you weren’t thinking about what you truly wanted – now realize that having a “fear” that you cannot manifest into you experience what you truly desire is actually one of those thoughts that bring you what you don’t want. You don’t want to not be able to Manifest, do you? So don’t even consider it a possibility that you won’t be able to. Remember that you ARE as innately powerful as the Source of All Things from which you came, and because of that ALL is possible!!
So, you are focusing, focusing, focusing on what it is that you truly want – you are setting your intention. Good! <smile>
And now, for the third ingredient in this recipe for success; LOVE. You know the power that Love has over fear. Love is like the single candle flame lit in a dark room; once it is lit, there is no more darkness. Fear cannot exist in the presence of Love. So imagine now how much can be accomplished when a single thought that is being focused upon as your intent is accompanied by the power of Love! A Soul that is in the state of Absolute Unconditional Divine Love is Omnipotent, that Energy flux at your beck and call will allow you to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING your heart desires that is Love and Joy based!
And what, you may ask, does Love feel like? How do I know when I am in a state of true Unconditional Divine Love? And I would ask you, do you remember how you’ve been feeling over the past few days? That unmistakable Energy Surge right in the middle of your chest – in the center of your Heart Chakra – that refuses to be suppressed, that has been coming at you from some unknown Source for quite some time now, but only just recently spiked clean off the charts? THAT is Love! And THAT is the feeling that you can TRULY bank on!!  It’s THAT feeling, THAT power, THAT energy, surrounding the intention that you just set that will manifest the intended outcome into your current experience.
But wait, you say! I’ve tried that and it didn’t work!! Well, were you absolutely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would?
This brings us to the final component necessary for you to Manifest your own Destiny; Faith. 100% indisputable knowingness that what you are about to attempt CANNOT fail!! If you do not have 100% Faith, then you are in doubt. Doubt is a form of fear. If there is fear present then you are not in Love in, your heart’s center where all miracles occur. It’s really quite easy to put yourself there; whenever you want it, just remember how you felt when that last big blast of Love Energy entered your being and you KNEW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT exactly what it was. It superseded EVERYTHING else didn’t it? <smile> AND it felt really good, didn’t it? <big grin> And now you realize, that’s been the missing ingredient in your life all this time – that wonderful, undeniable sensation of pure heart-melting warmth; that feeling of unconditional acceptance and coming home, at last.
This is how to Manifest Destiny!
I AM Archangel Michael incarnate as Ashtar Sheran, and I encourage you to Manifest your heart’s desire, your Destiny, at your earliest convenience! Go on, give it a try! With Love backing you up, you can never fail!! <smile>


  1. Law of Attraction is awesome!

  2. thanks alot,wonderful ilove you ariel and michael angel

  3. Words to live by and to embrace. I am so in the mode of this. I decree that this is now and that this is to be. I choose to annihilate the fear, and to enfold the light and love of my heart's desire. I am in the sphere of Ariel and Michael's love and support. Thank you Michael and Ariel. So be it.

  4. Thanks, I really needed to read this. I was asking Michael for help & then I was guided to this page.


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