Friday, April 27, 2012

Breaking News!! It REALLY IS ALL REAL, and HERE’S your PROOF! Haha!!

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Breaking News!! It REALLY IS ALL REAL, and HERE’S your PROOF! Haha!!

Yesterday, I was … well… can’t remember now because I’m so excited about everything that happened AFTER I took my walk yesterday, that whatever it was I was doing right before Michael suggested I take my camera with me on my walk yesterday kind of pales in comparison to what I discovered (though I suppose I’ve known all along) after I GOT BACK from my walk… haha!

I really didn’t want to take my camera with me… just a routine walk and my camera – even though it’s a really nice one – is kind of big and clunky and makes me feel weighted down if I have to walk anywhere of great distance with it on my person… after some amount of arguing about it with Michael I finally relented and agreed to take it with me, though I was sure I wouldn’t see anything of note that I would want to take a picture of … Then he politely, yet poignantly reminded me of the ship I saw de-cloaking for a split second the other day… the one I wrote about in my blog post “Proof That the “Non-Interference Protocol” Has Been Lifted?”… and I just thought at him “like right!! I’m really going to have time to whip out my camera and snap a shot of one even if one DOES decide to show itself” which I felt was unlikely at best…  he smiled knowingly at me and feigned patience with my mock insolence … Okay, whatever…

So I took my camera with me and walked to the park… sort of taking my time. It was after 5PM – the sun was getting closer to the western horizon, and there were a few, ehem, “clouds” still hanging around. Michael prodded me to hurry up… “they” wouldn’t wait forever… and I tartly replied back at him “like we haven’t ALL been waiting forEVER anyway!!” … umm yeah, he didn’t like that much. I guess sometimes I purposefully try to yank his chain to see what his reaction will be… maybe it’s my way of gauging how serious he is that something is about to happen? I dunno…

At the park the sun was shining across the grass in such a way that really made all the maple seeds that had fallen into it light up in a neat way, and I thought, hey, well I’ve got my camera with me I’ll just take some shots of these neat looking maple seeds sticking up out of the grass… again he implored me to hurry up, citing that I was “wasting time” – two words that he hardly ever uses much less in the same sentence! OkAY! Well, I continued to take my merry, sweet time, and I could tell he was getting increasingly impatient with me, but he, in his ever-Angelic demeanor, stayed calm and allowed me to do what I was doing. Eventually I did pick up the pace a bit and hurried on across the little bridge to the circle in the park where my favorite park bench is, and I sat down.

By this time the “clouds” were starting to clear and the late afternoon sun shown down making me feel warm – like when I know that Michael is near, LOL. I took my camera from my shoulder where I had it slung by its strap and put it in my lap, took the lens cap off and sat there wondering okay, NOW what do I do? Most of the “clouds” (you know, the “lenticular” type) that I thought I would be taking pictures of had dissipated by that time – oops. Oh well… So I picked a random bank of clouds that were left and snapped a shot just for the fun of it. I didn’t really see anything particularly special about those clouds, but I have an affinity for clouds anyway, so I figured “why not?”.

Then as I sat there continuing to wonder “what now?” and starting to feel a little silly for having brought my camera with me in the first place, Michael suggested that I try using the continuous shutter feature that my camera is equipped with. And I thought, “oh yeah, hey maybe I might get SOMETHING with that if I snap enough shot of the same freakin’ cloud! Still not at all convinced that there was anything of any significance I was going to see on this fine evening (I WAS secretly hoping I might see the fox that Elaine and I had seen on our walk a few nights prior…). So I said, okay, but I need to try and remember how to set it to do that. It took me a couple of minutes but finally I found the setting, took aim at a random part of the sky where there were some clouds and snapped off ten frames. Then I aimed at another part of the sky and snapped off ten more, each frame clicking one after the other about a second apart, and so on. A couple walked past as I was clicking away, my camera pointed dutifully at the sky. I wondered if they wondered what the heck I was doing, and then I started to feel even sillier. I clicked off about a half dozen rounds of 10 to 15 photos each before I paused.

Then Michael said, “Okay, now take some video.” And I said, “take some video??!! You don’t REALLY think that anything is going to show up in video do you? I mean it never has before….” And he just patiently waited for me to get done with my mini-rant, and calmly suggested again that I take some video footage. So I resigned myself to do what he asked me to, feeling sillier by the second, pointed my camera at the sky and started shooting; 5 in all… short clips… the longest being about 5 minutes. Man! I felt kinda stupid taking video of nothing at all!! But I did as he asked… and when all was said and done, the sun was tucking itself behind some clouds far down on the western horizon that looked kind of pretty so I snapped off a few photos of those, not caring that there was a pretty obvious lens flare running through most of them… hey, sometimes they look kind of like orbs, so I could at least “pretend” I had gotten some really neat pics of unexplainable anomalies right?

Poor Michael… I honestly don’t know how he puts up with me sometimes – must be Love!! Hahaha! It has to be!! LOL I kept insisting that nothing was gonna show up in all those pictures and videos I had just taken – just wasted space on my data card. But he kept insisting that I should wait until I uploaded them to my computer before I made a judgment like that… so I thought, okay, whatever. And I walked home.

It was around 7PM by the time I had returned home and I was pretty hungry, so instead of heading straight for my computer to upload the photos and videos I had just taken, I headed straight for the refrigerator to fix myself a little snack, or dinner, whatever you want to call it… I ate. I sat back and relaxed for a bit. I fiddled around on FaceBook and other websites for a while, and then Michael reminded me that I should upload the photos to my hard drive….  Oh Yeah!! I was gonna do that… Grudgingly, I picked up the camera, fished out my USB cable from my camera case and sat down at the computer, plugged it in and waited for them all to upload.

When they were done I began looking at them, starting with the ones I’d taken at the beginning of my walk of the maples seeds sticking out of the lawn – hey, they looked pretty neat!

Then I got to that first random photo of clouds that I snapped off “just for instance” when I first sat down on my favorite park bench…

OH MY!! Well, I wasn’t expecting THAT!  Even though I had seen NOTHING when I took the picture, there in the upper right hand quadrant of the photo, just above the bank of clouds I had chanced to aim at, was an anomalous… ANOMALY!! Hahaha! Well, yeah, sure, it’s kind of hard to decide exactly what it might be, but I don’t think it’s a bird, or a bug, or a plane, or any other kind of typical airborne object that one might see in the sky… you see, even though it’s a bit out of focus, it has a bit of that elliptical, or “saucer” or maybe even spheroid shape to it. Hmmmmm  upon closer examination (i.e. zooming in on it about 300 percent) it appears to cast a shadow on one side, and on the highlighted side, has a bit of a different color to it (sort of a pink-ish glow) than the surrounding sky – how interesting!! Indeed!!

Intrigued I began looking at the other photos, and in the fourth set of multiple shots for which I used the continuous shutter feature, I hit pay dirt!! Or what I feel was something so undeniable that what else could it be, but a fully de-cloaked ship hanging there in the sky! The really neat thing about it is that there are photos on either side of it in the same series of shots, each about a second apart, where there is NOTHING in the vicinity of the anomaly in question, and the anomaly in question is large enough and the resolution of the pic so huge (4320x3240 pixels) that there is NO WAY an object that size could have come into frame and then out of frame in one second unless it had some pretty amazing abilities to simply be there one moment then gone the next – i.e. cloaked, then de-cloaked, then re-cloaked!!!

Well, the photos speak for themselves. There are 9 in all that I have selected to post here tonight. You’ll find them under the new tab I’ve created labeled “PHOTOS”. They run the gamut from small dark spots against the blue sky to bright white orbs, to elliptical, and/or ovoid shapes to what appears an upright cylinder in one, and various deltoid or “stingray” shapes – hard to tell at that distance… I even got a couple that ARE discernible beyond a shadow of a doubt, some sort of flying insect, so those are in there as examples of a “control” element so that you can see what the actual difference between the “ships” and other more terrestrial flying “things” is.

In the instance of the photos which were shot in sets utilizing the continuous shutter feature (which is most of them) where they are available I have included the “before” and “after” shots as well as the in between shots with the “pertinent” content highlighted in some zoomed-in “insets” I’ve included  (which actually stand alone as I didn’t want to cover up any areas of any of the photos as there are tons of “other” anomalies in them that observers may wish to zoom in on and have a look at for themselves – go over them with a fine-toothed comb and see what you think). I did reduce the size of the photos by half, just so they don’t take up quite so much room on my blog, HOWEVER, I do still have the original photos in their original size and resolution should anyone have an interest in looking at them and see what’s going on in them. Just send me an e-mail to my address I use for this blog I have to say this that if what is in those photos is any indicator of what’s really going on up there, there are at any given moment, in any part of the sky, at this point in time at least hundreds, and more than likely thousands of ships flying around that are cloaked. Many of them came out last night to say “Hi” for my camera.

I encourage everyone to give this technique a try if you have the right kind of equipment… I had my camera set on a standard automatic setting – everything on it was automatic except for the zoom which I had set, in most cases at around 35x optical… my camera goes all the way up to 140x digital, but that’s not really very useful for shooting blue sky with as it has a hard time finding a focal point to focus in on.

OH! And I haven’t even begun to examine the short videos I shot!! For tomorrow…  there’s some “stuff” in them, but it goes by so fast it’s hard to tell what it is!! So I’m gonna load that into my video software and have a look at it frame by frame and see if I can tell what any of it is. I’ll let you all know what I find out…

In the meantime, please enjoy these photos which are located in the new “PHOTOS” tab here on my blog, or click this link here – PHOTOS.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Initiative of Unified Consciousness – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran

The Initiative of Unified Consciousness – A Message From Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on April 23, 2012)
What exactly do we mean when we speak of the Initiative of Unity Consciousness? It is simply the concept that you – the Human Collective of Earth/Gaia – have now reached a stage where your awareness is such that you power to manifest on a global scale through your Unified Thoughts (Unity Consciousness) is vast indeed! Remember that the Energy surrounding your heart centers now reaches out not mere feet or miles, but light years out into your galaxy, influencing all around and throughout vastly and completely! We would also remind you to be careful of your thoughts and intentions at this time. Be aware of all that you consider… remembering that what affects One affects All.
You make conscious decisions now in preparation for Ascension. We congratulate you on your efforts to affect things and occurrences in a positive way, yet how many of you are aware that your own powers to manifest a certain outcome are still being used against you, craftily being guided by subtle suggestions directed at you from what you had come to know as “reliable sources” of information through your Mainstream and other media sources?  
How many “predictions” for inclement weather and catastrophic Earth changes (crippling thunder and snowstorms, floods, earthquakes, volcanos and the like) have you blithely stood by and listened to, not realizing that in your trusting the source of the information, and your consideration that these are truths and to be expected, do you realize that in your considering that they were truths,  you have actually manifested into your reality yourselves, and all because you thought the source of the information was reliable, and therefore “true”?
How reliable are these sources of information though? Where do they get their information from? The “scientists” you say? And what do we know of “science” as it has been formulated down through the years and how up to this very day it has misled you to believe in things about your true nature – or what they would have you believe as your lack thereof – that you now know simply are not true, because you now have an understanding of your true nature which you have derived from your Higher Knowing, from the Source of All That Is, which you now tap into by way of your connection through your Higher Selves?
So I ask you again, how reliable are these sources of information which have been predicting all these calamities which you have been witness to having manifested over the last several weeks and months? How many of them were “predicted” simply to see if enough of you would believe in them because of the “trusted” sources that the information came from, to in fact, because of the power of your Unity Consciousness, make them manifest into your reality, in an attempt to cause the mayhem and confusion which had been “predicted” before this current “timeline”, which we are now in, came into existence?
We have told you on many occasions that there will be no significant catastrophes affecting your Earth from now through and including your passage into the 5th Dimension. It is our sincere hope that you will continue to understand that what you collectively believe will become your reality, and vitally important for you to know that it does not have to be a “grim” reality just because someone else has predicted that it will.
We invite you once again to put on your thinking caps, enter your heart centers and consider with Great Initiative and Collective Desire in your Unity Consciousness a reality with blue skies and sunshine, smooth seas and safe travel; a journey through Ascension into the 5th Dimension that is free of catastrophic Earth changes and mass casualties. We, your Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, and All Star Nations which are currently here to assist Earth in easing Her birthing process into Her new dimensional experience, in Love and True commitment to and on Her behalf and wellbeing, and that of Earth Inhabitants, continue to do all we can to help Her make the transition an easy process.
We now ask that you join us in this effort by monitoring your thoughts and feelings about it. When a source of information predicts a situation which you may feel is less than your ideal, go ahead and question it. Ask yourself if this is in fact real, or is it intended to force you, en masse, to inadvertently manifest a reality that is not your desired outcome. If you feel that you and your Brothers and Sisters of Earth and your Earth home might be negatively impacted by such a manifestation, then consider and implement your ability to change it to something more positive. It doesn’t require such a large number as you might think of you focusing on the same outcome to sway the influence of your manifesting powers in the desired direction, affecting the desired outcome.
Set the intention, directing your thoughts away from the prediction that could produce a negative outcome and direct them toward something more agreeable for All. If confronted by a prediction for inclement weather and damaging storms, put forth the concept of continuous blue skies and sunshine. If there is a drought you wish to alleviate, then make rain. If scientists or other sources predict catastrophic Earth changes with possible mass casualties and it is not your desire to experience such, then place your thoughts and feelings and intentions on NO Earth changes and safe passage, good health and prosperity for All beings on Planet Earth. See what your powers of manifestation can do when you use your Initiative of Unity Consciousness in the way that YOU see fit, and not in the way that someone else subtly directs it to do!
I AM Archangel Michael, incarnate as Ashtar Sheran. We can make this work for the betterment and the Greater Good of All! So Let’s Do It! Together! <smile> I send you Love and Light and Peace and Joy for a safe passage and wonderful journey into your New Reality!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Proof That the “Non-Interference Protocol” Has Been Lifted?

I witnessed a rather interesting (and exciting) occurrence earlier today…
While I was looking out the window this morning I noted aloud to my housemate Chris, what a beautiful blue sky there was… and he replied “yeah, and look, there’s a plane up there leaving a nice big trail of something behind it…” (party pooper! LOL) I told him “shhhhh, you’re not supposed to say anything about that… remember that what you focus on is what you get!” and he said “oh, yeah yeah that’s right”. I told him “I’m focusing on Beautiful blue skies”.
I walked over and looked out the window he’d been looking out (which was effectively right next to the one I was looking out, though with a section of wall in between; I had been looking out the window over the kitchen sink and he had been looking out the window in the back door… effectively about 18” separating the two) and saw the plane with white “stuff” trailing out behind it. Chris headed into the other room.
I went back to stand by the kitchen sink and looked out the kitchen window again, and just for a second, a “ship” fully de-cloaked (ovoid in shape – like one I’d seen a few nights ago flying East to West, fully de-cloaked, in the late afternoon) in the sky, right in front of my view out the window over the kitchen sink, and I got this really exhilarated feeling. I immediately went back and looked out the window in the door again.
There couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 seconds between the time that I had been looking out the kitchen window and saw the ship de-cloak briefly and when  I went back again to look at the plane and the mess it was making in the sky, certainly NO WAY it could have moved out of view in that amount of time, let alone it’s deployed “payload” having dissipated in that short a period, and yet the plane and the white trail it was leaving behind it WERE GONE COMPLETELY!! AS IF THEY HAD NEVER BEEN THERE!!!
Proof positive that the “Non-Interference Protocol” the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command had been adhering to for so long truly has been lifted??? Well, so It would appear.
Look for more evidence of direct interaction and “clean-up” efforts from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters coming to a sky (and ground) near you. They are here now and they are helping us in any way that they can!! AND they WILL be making their presence known irrefutably worldwide very shortly!!
:-D Hooray!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Arcturians and The Concept of “Same Place”

Arcturians and The Concept of “Same Place”
I had actually intended to write about this the day that it happened, but as life has a funny way of presenting itself that way sometimes, I had some other things that took precedence and this particular story got pushed to the back burner, along with a couple of other articles and even one Archangel Michael channeled message (sorry Michael, thanks for being so understanding!).
This is an amusing little story of my first (that I can currently recall anyway) encounter with Arcturians, and how interesting (and a bit unnerving) I found it that their concepts of certain things differ (quite a bit in some cases) from our own here on 3D Earth (as you might expect).
In the wee hours of the  morning on February 6, 2012, Michael and I had been spending some “quality” time together… he was trying to assist me in preparation for another attempt to teleport myself (in body) to his ship… uh, ur, um… okay, things being what they are these days, I will go ahead and admit that sometimes we (Michael and I) have “cheated” in terms of what the Federation “allows” as far as personal contact with indigenous folks from Planet Earth (myself included) – part of the recently rescinded “Non-Interference Protocol” – it seems that, try as he may, he just couldn’t talk them into allowing me to be “beamed” aboard for “unofficial business”(again – he’d actually “snuck” me on board a few times prior, heehee), and well, we are anxious to get things under way (what can I say) and were trying out different ways of accomplishing that. It seems though that at that point I still hadn’t quite reached high enough vibration to simply teleport myself (still working on that actually <wink>).
I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but Michael had asked a group of Arcturians that we work particularly closely with to help out. This particular group (a group of 5) were of a higher dimensional vibration than the typical 5th Dimension that most are inclined to perceive Arcturians as – they were from the 9th Dimension (as I perceived during my experience with them).
Well, one of the reasons I was having difficulty reaching the right vibration to teleport myself is because I have a tendency to get really, really excited when I think about it (going on board in any way, shape or form, understandably) – especially in light of the fact that after the last couple of times of going aboard via the beam of white light, I had asked to be perfectly lucid and awake the next time (because I wanted to be able to recall the entire experience – lots of times [in fact most of the time] they take me during my sleep/dreamtime [yeah, I know that usually when they take someone in this manner it’s the Soul Essence that goes and the physical body stays behind, though that’s not always the case – sometimes the vibration of the physical body is raised while in the beam of white light so that the body can go also]). Being too “emotional” one way or the other – either excited and happy, or fearful – makes it really difficult to transport anyone as they have to keep recalibrating to match the constantly changing vibrational state of the person being transported. Since this is true, you can imagine how difficult it might be to teleport one’s own self if you’re not in a state of total emotional balance.
Michael called in the group of our Arcturian friends (don’t ask me their names; at that level they don’t really go by names, we just know who they are automatically) for assistance in calming me down – they’re really good at that. J
I remember when they arrived; I could hear/feel the “vibration” of their ship over my house. It was huge… something like in the artistic representation I’ve posted along with this story. Most of the time that Michael and I spend “together” it’s in an “etheric” state – our two “Soul Essences” coming together to experience “time” spent together… as this was the case this particular evening, I was “seeing” everything through my “3rd eye” and when the Arcturians presented themselves, they simply “appeared” before me as the group of 5 that they are. It’s interesting to note here that they appeared “visually” much the way the accompanying picture shows, however, rather than any well discernible arms and legs, their arms sort of faded at around mid-forearm to a wispy blur of blue light, and their legs all seemed to overlap and meld together, almost as if they were all connected and only “loosely” resembling a group of 5 “separate” beings. Their heads looked very much like in the picture here, with no discernible “faces”/eyes/nose/mouth, just a basic representation of a head, all looking vaguely like human figures.
Their preferred method of communication of course is telepathy – opting for a pure thought transferal that belied any use of words of any sort. The basic message was that they wanted me to calm down, as it was their intention to take me aboard their ship for some frequency calibrations (to try and help me accomplish what Michael was having difficulty helping me with I suppose) and a necessary physical exam of sorts. Of course, the fact that they were Arcturians, and I KNEW they were Arcturians, though  I’d never seen an Arcturian before (so I thought anyway), had gotten me REALLY excited, especially when I found out that they wanted to take me on board their ship. They had a bit of a time getting me to calm down – they knew, and were trying to comply with my wishes, that I wanted to remain awake during the transport. Finally, I could see that even though these are exTREMELY patient beings, that even THEIR patience was being tested, I relented and gave my permission for them to take me in my sleep. So they waited until I was asleep and then (I assume anyway) beamed me aboard. I have no recollection of that particular part of the experience, as you might expect.
Nor do I have any recollection of what transpired once aboard their vessel.
I DO however have a VIVID recollection of what happened when they put me back, and this is where I have come to the conclusion that “same place” to them does not mean the same thing as it does to us here on Earth.
Usually, we here on Earth would tend to think of putting someone/something back in the same place, as in putting it back in exactly the same place you found it in the first place, within reason of course. Well, to them, evidently, having the ability to be everywhere all at once, AND perceiving of it that way, putting someone back in the same place is kind of vague… as in somewhere in the general vicinity should be okay. I guess maybe they might have also figured that since I’d done this a number of times already that I wouldn’t freak out if they didn’t put me back in exactly the same spot (my bed) as they found me??? Who knows…
I do remember being consciously aware just prior to them beaming me back to Earth that I needed to pee – I’m pretty sure they knew it too, as that is where they opted to put me back – in that little room in the house they knew was the one I go to relieve myself in – the bathroom. Okay. Good enough…
Only thing is that once there, though I knew where I was, I recognized my surroundings in the residual blue glow of their energy signature, I was actually becoming aware of my surroundings a little bit before I was completely “materialized”. Even that being the case, being in the bathroom, and realizing I needed to pee, I began instinctively pulling the elastic of my pajama bottoms down over my hips, getting ready to sit down. As I bent forward slightly to do just that, I happened to look up into the large mirror that hangs on the wall directly in front of the toilet… but there was no reflection of ME in it!!!
I stood up quickly, doing a double-take, and instantly started to freak out. I thought, “Oh no! I’m dead!!!”… and then I sensed that my Arcturian friends sensing my distress and the “slight error in judgment” they had made in not telling me they were returning me to the bathroom instead of my bed…plus the fact that I started to “wake up” still slightly out of phase with my physical surrounding. Then there was a bright, fraction-of-a-second burst of blue-white light as they brought me back into full resonance with  3D. Okay, well I could see my reflection now, but I was still freaking out a bit as I had momentarily forgotten that it was they who had taken me from my home/bed in the first place and I couldn’t figure out how I had arrived in the bathroom without having come down the stairs!! And then just as I was having that thought, I sensed that they finally realized that they needed to put me back EXACTLY where they had found me… There was another burst of blue-white light and I could feel the comforting reassurance of the pressure of mattress under my body and pillow under my head…
I opened my eyes and laughed out loud when I realized what had just happened! LOL :-D Michael was laughing right along with me.