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Arcturians and The Concept of “Same Place”

Arcturians and The Concept of “Same Place”
I had actually intended to write about this the day that it happened, but as life has a funny way of presenting itself that way sometimes, I had some other things that took precedence and this particular story got pushed to the back burner, along with a couple of other articles and even one Archangel Michael channeled message (sorry Michael, thanks for being so understanding!).
This is an amusing little story of my first (that I can currently recall anyway) encounter with Arcturians, and how interesting (and a bit unnerving) I found it that their concepts of certain things differ (quite a bit in some cases) from our own here on 3D Earth (as you might expect).
In the wee hours of the  morning on February 6, 2012, Michael and I had been spending some “quality” time together… he was trying to assist me in preparation for another attempt to teleport myself (in body) to his ship… uh, ur, um… okay, things being what they are these days, I will go ahead and admit that sometimes we (Michael and I) have “cheated” in terms of what the Federation “allows” as far as personal contact with indigenous folks from Planet Earth (myself included) – part of the recently rescinded “Non-Interference Protocol” – it seems that, try as he may, he just couldn’t talk them into allowing me to be “beamed” aboard for “unofficial business”(again – he’d actually “snuck” me on board a few times prior, heehee), and well, we are anxious to get things under way (what can I say) and were trying out different ways of accomplishing that. It seems though that at that point I still hadn’t quite reached high enough vibration to simply teleport myself (still working on that actually <wink>).
I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but Michael had asked a group of Arcturians that we work particularly closely with to help out. This particular group (a group of 5) were of a higher dimensional vibration than the typical 5th Dimension that most are inclined to perceive Arcturians as – they were from the 9th Dimension (as I perceived during my experience with them).
Well, one of the reasons I was having difficulty reaching the right vibration to teleport myself is because I have a tendency to get really, really excited when I think about it (going on board in any way, shape or form, understandably) – especially in light of the fact that after the last couple of times of going aboard via the beam of white light, I had asked to be perfectly lucid and awake the next time (because I wanted to be able to recall the entire experience – lots of times [in fact most of the time] they take me during my sleep/dreamtime [yeah, I know that usually when they take someone in this manner it’s the Soul Essence that goes and the physical body stays behind, though that’s not always the case – sometimes the vibration of the physical body is raised while in the beam of white light so that the body can go also]). Being too “emotional” one way or the other – either excited and happy, or fearful – makes it really difficult to transport anyone as they have to keep recalibrating to match the constantly changing vibrational state of the person being transported. Since this is true, you can imagine how difficult it might be to teleport one’s own self if you’re not in a state of total emotional balance.
Michael called in the group of our Arcturian friends (don’t ask me their names; at that level they don’t really go by names, we just know who they are automatically) for assistance in calming me down – they’re really good at that. J
I remember when they arrived; I could hear/feel the “vibration” of their ship over my house. It was huge… something like in the artistic representation I’ve posted along with this story. Most of the time that Michael and I spend “together” it’s in an “etheric” state – our two “Soul Essences” coming together to experience “time” spent together… as this was the case this particular evening, I was “seeing” everything through my “3rd eye” and when the Arcturians presented themselves, they simply “appeared” before me as the group of 5 that they are. It’s interesting to note here that they appeared “visually” much the way the accompanying picture shows, however, rather than any well discernible arms and legs, their arms sort of faded at around mid-forearm to a wispy blur of blue light, and their legs all seemed to overlap and meld together, almost as if they were all connected and only “loosely” resembling a group of 5 “separate” beings. Their heads looked very much like in the picture here, with no discernible “faces”/eyes/nose/mouth, just a basic representation of a head, all looking vaguely like human figures.
Their preferred method of communication of course is telepathy – opting for a pure thought transferal that belied any use of words of any sort. The basic message was that they wanted me to calm down, as it was their intention to take me aboard their ship for some frequency calibrations (to try and help me accomplish what Michael was having difficulty helping me with I suppose) and a necessary physical exam of sorts. Of course, the fact that they were Arcturians, and I KNEW they were Arcturians, though  I’d never seen an Arcturian before (so I thought anyway), had gotten me REALLY excited, especially when I found out that they wanted to take me on board their ship. They had a bit of a time getting me to calm down – they knew, and were trying to comply with my wishes, that I wanted to remain awake during the transport. Finally, I could see that even though these are exTREMELY patient beings, that even THEIR patience was being tested, I relented and gave my permission for them to take me in my sleep. So they waited until I was asleep and then (I assume anyway) beamed me aboard. I have no recollection of that particular part of the experience, as you might expect.
Nor do I have any recollection of what transpired once aboard their vessel.
I DO however have a VIVID recollection of what happened when they put me back, and this is where I have come to the conclusion that “same place” to them does not mean the same thing as it does to us here on Earth.
Usually, we here on Earth would tend to think of putting someone/something back in the same place, as in putting it back in exactly the same place you found it in the first place, within reason of course. Well, to them, evidently, having the ability to be everywhere all at once, AND perceiving of it that way, putting someone back in the same place is kind of vague… as in somewhere in the general vicinity should be okay. I guess maybe they might have also figured that since I’d done this a number of times already that I wouldn’t freak out if they didn’t put me back in exactly the same spot (my bed) as they found me??? Who knows…
I do remember being consciously aware just prior to them beaming me back to Earth that I needed to pee – I’m pretty sure they knew it too, as that is where they opted to put me back – in that little room in the house they knew was the one I go to relieve myself in – the bathroom. Okay. Good enough…
Only thing is that once there, though I knew where I was, I recognized my surroundings in the residual blue glow of their energy signature, I was actually becoming aware of my surroundings a little bit before I was completely “materialized”. Even that being the case, being in the bathroom, and realizing I needed to pee, I began instinctively pulling the elastic of my pajama bottoms down over my hips, getting ready to sit down. As I bent forward slightly to do just that, I happened to look up into the large mirror that hangs on the wall directly in front of the toilet… but there was no reflection of ME in it!!!
I stood up quickly, doing a double-take, and instantly started to freak out. I thought, “Oh no! I’m dead!!!”… and then I sensed that my Arcturian friends sensing my distress and the “slight error in judgment” they had made in not telling me they were returning me to the bathroom instead of my bed…plus the fact that I started to “wake up” still slightly out of phase with my physical surrounding. Then there was a bright, fraction-of-a-second burst of blue-white light as they brought me back into full resonance with  3D. Okay, well I could see my reflection now, but I was still freaking out a bit as I had momentarily forgotten that it was they who had taken me from my home/bed in the first place and I couldn’t figure out how I had arrived in the bathroom without having come down the stairs!! And then just as I was having that thought, I sensed that they finally realized that they needed to put me back EXACTLY where they had found me… There was another burst of blue-white light and I could feel the comforting reassurance of the pressure of mattress under my body and pillow under my head…
I opened my eyes and laughed out loud when I realized what had just happened! LOL :-D Michael was laughing right along with me.


  1. who is archangel michael? is he arcturian?sirian?

  2. RE:Anonymous "Who is Archangel Michael?" Archangel Michael is typically thought of as the "head Angel" (as best I can describe him in as few words possible) ... if you want to know more about him, I would suggest you google him... there's a ton of info out there, though keep in mind that not all of it is going to be accurate.

    Archangel Michael is currently incarnate within a "Pleiadian" physical body as Ashtar Sheran... many people currently have the perception that he is Sirian, and I understand that because at one "time" the physical body which was representative of Ashtar Sheran (which Archangel Michael "inhabited" at the "time") was Sirian (of/from the star system we know as Sirius) but "swithed out" some time ago to a Pleiadian physical body... I hope this makes sense. ;-)It does have a tendency to be rather confusing...


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