Monday, April 16, 2012

Proof That the “Non-Interference Protocol” Has Been Lifted?

I witnessed a rather interesting (and exciting) occurrence earlier today…
While I was looking out the window this morning I noted aloud to my housemate Chris, what a beautiful blue sky there was… and he replied “yeah, and look, there’s a plane up there leaving a nice big trail of something behind it…” (party pooper! LOL) I told him “shhhhh, you’re not supposed to say anything about that… remember that what you focus on is what you get!” and he said “oh, yeah yeah that’s right”. I told him “I’m focusing on Beautiful blue skies”.
I walked over and looked out the window he’d been looking out (which was effectively right next to the one I was looking out, though with a section of wall in between; I had been looking out the window over the kitchen sink and he had been looking out the window in the back door… effectively about 18” separating the two) and saw the plane with white “stuff” trailing out behind it. Chris headed into the other room.
I went back to stand by the kitchen sink and looked out the kitchen window again, and just for a second, a “ship” fully de-cloaked (ovoid in shape – like one I’d seen a few nights ago flying East to West, fully de-cloaked, in the late afternoon) in the sky, right in front of my view out the window over the kitchen sink, and I got this really exhilarated feeling. I immediately went back and looked out the window in the door again.
There couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 seconds between the time that I had been looking out the kitchen window and saw the ship de-cloak briefly and when  I went back again to look at the plane and the mess it was making in the sky, certainly NO WAY it could have moved out of view in that amount of time, let alone it’s deployed “payload” having dissipated in that short a period, and yet the plane and the white trail it was leaving behind it WERE GONE COMPLETELY!! AS IF THEY HAD NEVER BEEN THERE!!!
Proof positive that the “Non-Interference Protocol” the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command had been adhering to for so long truly has been lifted??? Well, so It would appear.
Look for more evidence of direct interaction and “clean-up” efforts from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters coming to a sky (and ground) near you. They are here now and they are helping us in any way that they can!! AND they WILL be making their presence known irrefutably worldwide very shortly!!
:-D Hooray!!!


  1. November 18, 2011, President Obama and Hilary Clinton attended the Asian Summit in Bali, Indonesia, and on the last day of the summit, a vehicle appeared over the region near 'Sanur' not far from the area of the summit had taken place. It remained in place a couple of thousand feet above the area in clear skies, for an hour, as we videoed it. I do not believe this was an extraterrestrial vehicle but a reversed engineered United States military's version. It had appeared out of nowhere (clear blue skies) and also disappeared in the same way. This video is on Facebook.

  2. That's very interesting Mammoth - however,the thing that makes my own experience different from what you describe is that the jet that was clearly spraying chemtrails also disappeared ... into "thin air". Also if you take into consideration my own involvement with GFOL and Ashtar Command, you'll understand that the ship I saw was not a reverse engineered ship made by the US military...just sayin' ;-) Thanks for your comments. :-)

  3. Two days ago I saw them too. Lots of them. Cylinders, discs (you call them ovoid), and sort of wedgy ones like you see in Star Wars. They were not fully decloaked, but the cloud shapes were EXACTLY in the shapes I described. They were not looking like clouds! Like you, I was exhiliarated, and I said to them, 'I am not sure if you are what I think, but just in case, thank you for taking care of me and my community'. I felt lots of love in my heart center as a response.

    I blogged about it in my post, 'A Reiki Day'.

    Thanks so much for all your postings! Love and Light


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