Saturday, May 12, 2012


What if we could give
without fear of giving it all away?

What if we could receive
without fear of never having enough?

What if we could rest
in the Peaceful Knowingness
that at any one moment
The Universe knows
 exactly what we need and how much
And that It will provide for us
All we need whenever we need it,
no more no less, no sooner no later…?

What if?

Friday, May 4, 2012


So, I’m curious to know; how many of you out there have been noting fluctuations in your electrical services?…

A flicker of a light here, the random “searching for base” of a cordless phone there, and sometimes a digital clock that seems to have been shut off and then turned back on for no apparent reason flashing the ever present 12:00 of a clock that needs to be reset?

All these things, of course, can and do have logical explanations such as lightning storms, power surges due to solar activity and the like… but how many of you are aware that some of these power fluctuations and surges are due to the “new grid” being established and put into place…?

There is a new system of power which is beginning to be implemented even as I type this, which is not dependent on any of the conventional means of producing power, but rather taps directly into the Unified Field retrieving “zero point” power directly from the “space” in between “everything” in the Universe…  A vast majority of the fluctuations in power which we have all been experiencing, especially over the last several days, is due to existing power relay systems being hooked directly into this new power grid… that’s right! And you KNOW where it is all coming from… the new technologies that are finally being released to us as a result of work done behind the scenes by our Benevolent and Beneficent Brothers and Sisters from the stars … many implementations of new technologies will be quick to follow this new “power grid” - beginning with each dwelling/building being equipped with its own individual zero point power generator… no more dependence on fossil fuels and/or other forms of power generation that have been destructive to and polluting of Earth’s environment!

Of course, this is just the beginning… all of the other wonderful technologies which are coming will also make our lives infinitely easier and more enjoyable. They will insure that no one will ever go hungry, or be forced to live without a place to call home ever again!! The list of potential benefits is quite staggering!

So, over the next few days, each time you see the lights in your home flicker for no apparent reason, consider that we are on the verge of a bright new era of abundance and prosperity for All, and that little “flicker” is as of the candle flame of Love that lights each and every one of our hearts and burns on infinitely growing brighter into days filled with Joy and Peace! It’s your little signal that all our hopes and dreams are now coming on line, right here, right now… right NOW! :-D