Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ariel DeAngelis Talks About: Our Broken Financial System: What are we going to do to fix it?

Here is my newest video where I talk about the state of our world economy/financial system, how it is failing and what we can do to "fix it"... and how we will have "help" from our Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command if we'll just follow a simple protocol beginning NOW! If we do, then Disclosure, de-cloakings, landings and installation of a transitional system which will make our lives much, much easier and more enjoyable will begin to happen very soon afterward... Please watch and enjoy. (You can find a complete transcript below the video)

Our Broken Financial System – What Are We Going to Do [To Fix It]?

Hello, today is June 5th, 2012 and I’m coming to you today to talk about our broken financial system – what are we going to do to fix it?

1.    First, a little about our true nature as Human Beings:

a)    Many people on the Earth today have existed within a “perception of lack” – meaning that we’ve basically seen ourselves as never having enough of whatever it is we need

b)    This could perhaps be better illustrated as a “lack of perception” [namely of what our true nature is]

c)    We’ve tended to view ourselves as “bodies with Souls” inside of them (focusing more on what is external to our true nature instead of what is internal) only allowing ourselves to perceive our existence through our 5 physical senses.

d)    In reality we are Souls which exist inside of bodies –and until NOW, within a physical body which would eventually wear out and die. But the Soul lives on forever – the Soul is what we truly are! And once we achieve that state of Higher being again, ALL is once again known to us. We realize we never needed our 5 physical senses to tell us what was real and what wasn’t…

e)    We now, however have another option… we’ve been given a choice, an opportunity to allow the body to live on – forever if we wish – in a perfect state of health and happiness, Ascending to a Higher state of consciousness and being, and taking our physical bodies with us if we want to.

f)     It’s important to point out however that in order to do this the physical body needs to change to a state of existence which can withstand the higher vibration of that Higher state of being… that change can only take place within a state of True Love, Peace and Joy…

2.    Next, a short history lesson -

a)    About 13,000 years ago (give or take), during the time in which Atlantis still existed, Earth was populated (though not solely) by Humans who still possessed the original Human genome – a 12 strand DNA which in addition to allowing them to live VERY long lives, also allowed them to tap into their God-like creative powers quite readily.

b)    Through a “quirk of fate” (and I use that term loosely) those 12 strands of DNA were shattered, leaving only 2 strands whole and basically unaffected – the 10 shattered strands were then termed “junk” by our “modern day“ scientists…

c)    The original civilization in which these 12 strand Humans lived was destroyed, by the same quirk of fate. The survivors (of which contained only the two whole strands of DNA in their genome), scattered to the four winds.

d)    Most of the ones who remembered their previous God-like existence eventually died off –death of the physical body being one by-product of the shattered DNA. Only a handful of these people managed to record some semblance of what once was (by way of rock carvings, cave paintings, and story-telling) before their legacy dissolved through time. And one perception of reincarnation, as we’ve come to know it, was formed…

e)    Reincarnation IS real – but I propose that it is actually a choice that we make to come back in an effort to repair the damage that was done – in preparation for what now awaits us, which is our right to Ascend back to that Higher state of being - rather than a duty we must serve in order to right past wrongs, or inactions that we might have performed in past lives (as the modern day dogmatic perceptions of “karma”, or “original sin” would imply).

f)     Eventually all was forgotten (or was it?) until more recent times when evidence of these ancient civilizations was unearthed and their messages of what once was, were brought forth for all the world to see.

3.    How does our lack of perception perpetuate our perception of lack?

a)    Our lack of perception is another by-product of our shattered DNA, which was taken full advantage of by a select few who protected and kept the ancient knowledge of that bygone advanced civilization a secret, in hopes of restoring their own God-like existence, but leaving the rest of us in a state of shattered awareness, to live out our lives in servitude to them (it’s actually quite a bit more complex than that, but I want to keep this simple and not get into finger pointing, so I’ll just leave it at that).

b)    It’s long been said that “He who controls the money (or more aptly, the gold) controls the world … nuff said.

c)    We, the masses, had been convinced for a long time that we must live out our lives eking out a meager existence in order to merely survive, while, unbeknownst to us, those who controlled the money reaped the actual benefits of our labor.

d)    Essentially we had never escaped serfdom (the political system which existed in the middle ages), because even those who had the perception that they were wealthy, still only controlled a very small percentage of the actual wealth of the planet.

e)    Most of the world’s monetary wealth, for a very long time, had actually been controlled by about 1% of the world population – that’s about only 70 million out of somewhat more than 7 billion people worldwide today…

f)     On top of that, we had been coerced into believing that this fairly small percentage of people who controlled most of the world’s monetary wealth were there to take care of us – case in point our governments who we regularly pay taxes to. Do any of you actually receive the benefits from that which we have been promised? No, of course you don’t!  And that’s only one example… there are many others.

g)    In actuality, it is WE (the masses) who have been taking care of THEM (the would be controllers) all this time, by paying into the system that they created just for that purpose.

h)   This is one big reason why WE, the masses, had lived under the constant and consistent perception (or fear) that we’d never have enough, which had caused us to want more and more, so we would work harder and harder and pay more and more into the system, completely unaware of who was really benefiting from it.
i)     I could go into a lot more detail here but I won’t; I think you get the picture.

j)      That picture is now changing however…

4.    Now I have to ask you; in terms of numbers, we the masses, outnumber them, the would be controllers 100 to one, so, who is REALLY in control here?

a)    The masses (the other 6.93 billion people who populate the Earth) are now waking up to the fact that we had been used and abused for literally thousands of years. I think you can probably see that the “would be controllers” are soon to be “erstwhile” would be controllers.

b)    So many of us have discovered the secret that was so closely guarded for so long; that we once experienced a God-like existence (that WE once lived within a Divine state of being as Co-creators, within a 12 strand DNA matrix) that THIS knowledge is now enabling US to repair the damage that was done so long ago…

c)    We are in fact putting back together, by way of the power of Love, the shattered and wrongly termed “junk” DNA in our bodies, reestablishing our sovereignty of self - our Divinity - which will make us quite unstoppable in terms of reclaiming the Earth for Herself (She is a living Being also), and redistributing ALL wealth and abundance equally amongst All (plants animals and Earth as well as Humans Beings alike), as it was so long ago.

d)    Everyone will have enough to eat, and clean water to drink. Everyone will have a place to live and all the necessities of life without having to “pay” for them – or pay into a broken system to acquire them.

e)    No one will feel compelled to “own” anything outright, because they will know that all their needs, wants and desires will ALWAYS be met according to the Divine Law of Infinite Supply.

f)     This comes about upon realizing, as we reenter that state of Higher being based in Love and Joy, that we can once again manifest, as if by magic all we could ever imagine we would ever want, need or desire, simply by setting the intention and making it so… some of us are, in fact, already doing this! This is our Divine right!

g)    Eventually we will have completely reestablished a “moneyless” society based in Love and mutually beneficial cooperation, which will allow us to all live in Peace, and Joy… forever.

5.    How we can fix our broken financial system once and for all?

a)    All of what I’ve said so far has been a kind of lengthy “preamble” to what I really want to talk about in this video... it’s how we can all pitch in together to fix what’s broken in our world.

b)    Granted, I understand that the financial state of the world isn’t the only thing that is currently in need of fixing, but it’s a good place to start in terms of what we can do to put things on a path toward a more beneficial existence for All people.

c)    And we will have help, if we’ll just take up reins and help ourselves, it won’t take much… it’s been said that it takes as few as the square root of 1% of any given population (and if we’re talking about the population of the Earth that works out to around 8,500 people) all focusing on the same intention to manifest that intention into being – and THAT’S just the power of our HEARTS at work, no one has to lift a “physical” finger in order to accomplish that kind of manifestation.

d)    It’s also said that “Heaven helps he who helps himself”… now remember that in reality we are, EACH of us, God-like in our own right. So what does that mean? It means that WE are the “Heaven” in that statement who will help us, when we begin to help ourselves!

e)    It means that if we all pitch in together, we can EASILY affect a powerful and positive outcome to ANYTHING we set our hearts and minds to!!

f)     Now… which of you watching this video would like to live in Heaven on Earth? We have the power to create that right here, right now… the first thing we can do within the physical realm of our existence, and it’s very simple, you don’t even have to realize your God-like power and potential to do it, is to stop paying into the system which has failed us!!

6.    Here’s how I’m doing my part, and I encourage every one of you watching this to follow my example – many already are:

a)    I Don’t Pay… very simply stated, of the one credit card account I have, I have not made a payment on it since December of 2011. [show balanceof credit card account here] Sure I’ve been getting collections calls – I just don’t answer the phone for numbers that appear on my caller I.D. that I don’t recognize. I figure that if it’s someone who really needs to get in touch with me, they’ll leave a message – if not, it wasn’t important. Sure I still receive my monthly statements in the mail, along with notices from a collection agency telling me that I owe X amount of dollars to the bank that owns my account; the amazing thing is…

b)    …the tone of the messages in both statements each month is rather conciliatory …

c)    Without me having to say a word, they’re already offering to take pennies on the dollar to settle my “debt”… very interesting.

d)    Would that possibly imply that they themselves are scrambling for funds? That THEY see the writing on the wall that I’m not the only one (large corporations included) who has no intentions of paying them another red cent, EVER, and they’ll take whatever they can get because they know from personal experience what it’s like to live in “difficult times” as their messages to me would imply? It would seem so…

e)    This indicates to me, that it won’t take many of us following this protocol to make the whole system come crashing down.

f)     Other things we can and probably should refuse to pay into that would make it happen even faster are: home mortgages, rent, taxes, insurance of any kind, utilities (especially gas, oil and electric, but also water, sewer and garbage)… just to name a few... I’m sure that if you sit and think about it you’ll discover many more things in your world that should be a right instead of a privilege – the difference being that a right is something you are born into this world with, whereas a privilege is something you are granted by an outside influence, or as in most of our cases, pay for.

g)    I’ll point out here that in reality, in the Great Grand Scheme of things, the Big Universal Picture, NO ONE WHO LIVES HERE ON THIS  PLANET owns ANYTHING and they NEVER DID!! …  everything that you see before you – and I do mean EVERYTHING – was put here for our mutual benefit and the Greater Good of All…

h)   Do you realize that Human Beings are the only creatures on Earth who have to pay for the “privilege” of living here? It hasn’t always been that way.

7.    So what happens if we all stop paying and the system DOES come crashing down? Wouldn’t that spell rack and ruin for all who live here?

a)    No! And here’s why; remember earlier I mentioned that we have help. Well our own help that we would be providing to ourselves upon such an action isn’t the only help I was referring to – we aren’t the only God-like beings who dwell within the Universe.

b)    We have a whole host of “family members” from the Stars who are waiting just outside our atmosphere to step in and help us pick up the pieces once things start to fly apart.

c)    Yes a whole host of Benevolent and helpful Beings from various Star Nations all around the Universe are here now, to watch us, and more importantly to assist us in reaching that all-important stage of our Spiritual development which will enable us step across the threshold back into the Higher Dimensions to once and for all reclaim our true nature, which will result in us once again existing in a state of Heaven on Earth.

d)    They’ve actually been here for a very long time awaiting the moment, when a sufficient number of us would awaken to our Divinity, that they could effectively step in and help us to put into place a transitional system from the one that we would be leaving behind, assisting us in easing our way of life into that all-important state of Love and Joy, making it possible for the highest number of Souls to awaken to their true nature and take advantage of the opportunity to Ascend into the Higher Dimensions by way of raised vibrations and knowledge that Love (not money) is the most powerful force in the Universe.

e)    Already they have been working behind the scenes, by request of the majority, to incept and have ready to put into place at just the right moment, this transitional system.

f)     Many of you no doubt have heard of NESARA and “prosperity packages” which are slated to be parceled out in the very near future making a more even distribution of monetary wealth as it currently exists within our system (if you haven’t heard of this I encourage you to look it up and learn more about it). It is my understanding that this is a “tide-me-over”, a way of making “funds” available to the masses for life’s necessities until more permanent solutions and aspects of a “moneyless” society (such as advanced technologies) can be put into place…

g)    At the same time as these “prosperity packages” are to be distributed, we will also experience the complete absolution of all outstanding debt balances, including taxes. Meaning that where many of us currently perceive that we owe money to a financial institution, or the government, we will no longer be expected to pay on those accounts. Similarly, we will no longer pay for utilities such as oil, gas and electricity. These will gradually be phased out in favor of “zero-point power” energy resources, which is the free energy that has been talked about so much recently. Also, municipal water supplies will still be available, but at no charge. Food purchases will be supplemented through use of your prosperity funds until such a point as advanced technologies are installed which will take the place of current food and water distribution practices.

h)   Prosperity packages should not be looked upon in any way shape or form as your final opportunity to “get rich quick” so you can have everything you ever wanted… however, be assured that THAT state of being will soon follow.

8.    So, for those of you who have been wondering why the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command (our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars) keep telling us that they will reveal themselves to us completely “soon” rather than just going ahead and doing it NOW… now you know… it’s because THEY’VE been waiting for US to make that all important and crucial first move… the one that will start us moving in a direction that we’ll never want to look back from.

9.    I know what I’m going to do [start shredding docs here]… now what are YOU going to do?

Thank you for watching! I’m Ariel DeAngelis, and until next time, I leave you in Love and Light and Peace and Joy!

[Editorial Note: I just wanted to make mention here of the fact that the credit card account I mention in this video which I no longer make payments to was not in any case ever used frivolously. In fact, for many years I had been self-employed and in addition to other necessities of life and business expenses, my credit card was my “health insurance” as I could not afford to purchase health insurance; I paid for all of my health care expenses with my credit card. Also, for the last 3 months that I used it (September thru December, 2011), during a failed attempt to move to the state of Colorado, I used my credit card to barely avoid homelessness and keep a roof over my head and some food in my belly… that was not a fun existence, but a story for another time. Suffice it to say that these types of things are things that NO ONE should have to pay for on credit… One would wonder what has been wrong with our world for so long that anyone should have to resort to this.]


  1. Greetings from Romania Ariel...

    Let me send you our warmest best wishes from me and everybody here!
    I want to tell you that I'm very proud of what you do and I admire you very much!Although we are a very small country, to know that many start to wake up and increasingly orient us toward God,because for as many of us just love and faith we have left.
    Be as light and love to give us power to change this world

  2. Dearest Ariel...

    I also commend you for your service and for your dissemination of information vital to advancing life on earth, but I do have a few questions - as I'm sure many do.

    I'm wondering about the decision to no longer participate in the corrupt economic system that seems to keep us in servitude. If, as you say, we should all stop paying for things necessary and given as a show of independence from this system, what will happen to us? Stop paying mortgages, be forcelosed upon and evicted? Stop paying for energy, water and other municipal services and be cut off? Insurance? Credit cards I can see, the others I wonder about. We just lost our home to fire and, without insurance, our existence would become rather difficult to say the least.

    Please let me know how this would work, at this point in "time". I can't seem to meditate and, in my waking state, no one talks to me...

    Larry Fowler

    1. Dear Larry, I certainly understand your concerns. Many have written to me with exactly the same concerns, but I wonder how many truly understand that it is our very perception that something "bad" will happen to us as a result of standing up en masse and saying "NO MORE!!!" that keeps us where we are, quivering in a corner afraid of those who would control us simply because of what we've been told would happen to us if we don't follow the status quo. Quite in fact, we manifest into our lives exactly what it is that we are focusing on… we’ve proven that to ourselves time and time again, but have been taught that such things are figments of our imagination… they’re not real, only a fantasy. And I would have to ask, where does reality begin if not within the imagination? Where would we be right now without the forward thinkers in our lives who took a chance and used their imaginations to facilitate change for the better in our lives?

      Those who would control us have indeed done a very good job of pulling the wool over our eyes by making us "believe" that we're being "taken care of" ... but are we really? Or is it just a ruse, a clever disguise meant to keep us "in our place" in eternal servitude to them, "breaking our backs" and working our fingers to the bone and ourselves into an early grave (at the expense of our own happiness) just so some "fat cats" can sit in their ivory towers laughing down at all of us slaving away on THEIR behalf so that they can sit down to their champagne and caviar feasts every night lifting nary a finger to do so? How much is enough before you are willing to take it all back, to stand up and say, "NO MORE!!!"?

      I totally understand, in your current situation of having lost your home to fire, how you must view your “insurance” as a Godsend… but what about your heart Larry? Where’s your heart? I feel that many people have no idea where their heart is because they’ve been covered over in so much political and financial BS of the system for so long, they’ve lost heart, and when you lose heart (translated; let the system win) how can you have a home, since that is truly where home is? In the heart…

      You see Larry, what is happening here is that everyone has been conditioned to think that we are all separate from one another… but even those who are our would be controllers are even part of the great continuum which is Humanity… we are all One. We think to ourselves “but I am only one person, how is what I do going to affect the whole?” Again, we’ve been very well conditioned to believe that “of ourselves we can do nothing” that our singular action of ourselves, by ourselves, for ourselves will have no impact, no effect… but whatever happened to the concept of “Of the People, By the People, For the People”?

    2. Perhaps it may be true that “of myself I can do nothing”, but if we all stand up as a Unified Force we are invincible! United we stand, divided we fall… and look how far we’ve fallen with our current perceptions that we are each of us alone, on our own in this endeavor… that we are weak because maybe we are the “only one” doing something about it… Do you want to stay in “free fall” for the rest of eternity, or do you want to rise back up to the top to an existence where you can actually enjoy your life? Do you enjoy your life to the fullest currently? How any things would you be doing right now simply for the joy of doing them if you didn’t have to “work” for a living, to earn a wage to keep a roof over your head? What if everything you ever needed were free for the asking simply because we had all come together as that Unified and Invincible Force to make it happen for all Humanity? What would you be doing right this second? Would you still be thinking about paying your bills? Would you be thankful that you had paid into your insurance all those years so that you’d be able to replace your home after the fire if you knew that it would be replaced anyhow…. Free of charge?

      This is the existence we could all be enjoying at this very moment, if we didn’t have the perception that it’s perfectly okay for a very small percentage of the population of the Earth to have control over most of the wealth and abundance. In truth, we’ve all been left with the perception that there will never be enough, for that very reason, not really realizing that if it were all spread out evenly, equally among all the peoples of the Earth that there would be plenty for ALL and then some. So how DO we make it happen? We ALL stand up and do something about it, unanimously, because, God knows, one person can’t do it on his/her own… or could they? It only takes one snowflake falling in the beginning to create an avalanche…

      I thank you for your question Larry. I hope that my somewhat lengthy answer provides you with some clarity, and perhaps a little more initiative/incentive to inspire people with your own actions of standing up for what you know is right…  … and maybe in the beginning that could just be refusing to pay on credit cards… remember the snowflake falling?...


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